Wednesday, August 24, 2011

inspiration picture for august 29: olivia wilde

i feel like we might cycle back and forth among a few very fashionable ladies. have we used olivia wilde before? i feel like we have...i will have to check the archives. either way, this outfit is fabulous. and that's what matters...not who's wearing it, right? unless the person wearing it is you!
olivia wilde
so join us for inspiration monday! we promise you, it's fun!
two birds


  1. a dress, fringe, boots and a fall jacket?? i'm SO in!

  2. She looks great, I'm a huge fan of the striped maxi dresses and the jacket is perfect for moving into fall. Definitely like this look!


  3. Great choice! I was just looking for an excuse to wear my moto jacket.

  4. Love this outfit- stripes are going to be one of my staples this fall.

    Liv @

  5. fringe, boots, stripes, moto jacket! this will be fun. and yeah, we did Olivia Wilde last month maybe? it was a long black skirt she was wearing. it was during Kendi's remix!

  6. you have used olivia wilde before in a black and white outfit, it was my second inspiration monday, i think

    hrm... i own hardly anything like this, always a challenge :)