Monday, August 1, 2011

inspiration monday: my evil twin

you thought the sketch comedy stylings of two birds were over, didn't you? too get to read yet one more dumb idea nora and i thought was hilarious. it all started with a stupid here's where i get embarrassed. it was mine. and it wasn't on my face. ok, that makes it sound worse that it was on my hip, and i'm still not convinced it was a pimple. i don't get body pimples...honest! anyways, enough of the embarrassing details. long story short, i asked nora what she thought it was, and she told me it was my parasitic twin. you know what i'm talking about, right? when people find tumors with hair and teeth in weird. so, of course nora and i had to make a sketch about it. where my parasitic twin is also a fashion blogger, and every time you see a picture of me, you also see my parasitic twin, toes pointed in, hands on hips, wearing a top knot (all the while attached to my hip). at the end of each post, i have to say where i bought my clothes, and also what the twin is wearing. "parasitic twin's dress, c/o modcloth." because of course my parasitic twin would get free clothes from modcloth.

my parasitic twin decided not to participate in today's inspiration monday. she just doesn't look good in rompers. but nora and i here's our takes.

the inspiration:
alexa chung
megan bird

romper ~ target
wrap ~ vintage, thrifted
shoes ~ thrifted
necklace ~ vintage, thrifted
earrings ~ kohls
headband ~ claire's

nora bird

romper ~ MODA International, thrifted
shirt ~ vintage, thrifted
shoes ~ Bamboo, Heartbreaker

we are excited to see how you were inspired!!!

xoxo, two birds


  1. what cute outfits! I like especially Megan's lacy wrap and nora's leopard romper. Two very similar outfits but very different looks, Nora's wild and sexy and Megan's sweet and feminine. Thank you for the inspirations. Thank you once again for the link up, I've made so many great bloggy friends and gain followers through this.


  2. Love the lace, M...Love the animal print, N. You both look gorgeous as usual! Nora, I still can't get over your haircut. I am obsessed with it and I think it looks amazing. A-ma-zing.

  3. Very cute ladies! I love your interpretations and you always look like you're having fun, which is the whole point right?!!? I keep learing and making new friends via your Monday linkups - keep it going! Thanks!

  4. Wow I love both of your looks! Megan--that lace jacket is beautiful, what a find! Nora--I love the way the chambray shirt looks as a jacket over that sassy romper!

  5. You gals both look amazing in rompers!
    And Nora, that hair! It's awesome!!

  6. You two are beautiful as always. I love your blue romper megan, and nora's leopard romper is just as cute. If I could choose one it would be a difficult decision.!

  7. I WISH I could wear rompers! Actually I haven't tried one on, but I've tried on enough things to know that this is one I'm not going to pull off! You guys, on the other hand, totally get it right!! I love seeing everyone's interpretation of a single look.


  8. I had fun on my first go at this challenge! I love that leopard playsuit!

  9. You all always do great on these challenges. I'm loving the leopard romper and the lace wrap!

  10. I LOVE your rompers!!! I feel like I've been trying to find one at the thrift stores for decades now, lol. Yours are so beautiful! I think it's cool that you both have some sort of chambray goin' on in your outfits :) Thanks so much for such a fun linkup!

  11. Loving the rompers:) You both look fantastic.

    I had sister silly time this weekend to!! Man it is such a fantastic thing to have a sister who is also your friend:) Feeling so lucky!


  12. i love your look! and your blog is great too!

  13. loving your rompers, ladies! megan the lace looks so cute with that denim romper. and nora i'm loving the animal prints!!!

  14. Hey Nora bird- I am going to steal your hairstyle m'kay?

  15. High fives to you ladies who can pull of rompers! I believe I tried and failed, haha. Can't win 'em all!

  16. Very funny post! And I love your guys rompers. I have not pulled off the romper look, but you two are rocking them! Debbie

  17. Cute sisters!! I wish I had a sis!! I actually just got a romper, it's my first ever!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!

    xoxo, Maryam

  18. of course i love your outfits, but straight to my question... since you two are The Fashionistas of my Mondays what is the proper term for wearing a shirt open like that over a romper or tank top? is there one? or is it "open outerwear thing" "unbuttoned big shirt"

  19. amazing outfit, i love how u styled it, and ur choice of colours, love all the lace and the animal print

  20. I'm linking up a little late... =)

    You are both so cute!! I love the lacy sweater and the mix of denim and leopard print!

  21. Love your blog your style and this post thanks for the the comment on my blog a while back, now if I could just get you to come sort my clothes that would be great lol

  22. You guys look great! Jealous you can wear shorts...startin' to get cold out here :)

    The Other Side of Gray