Monday, August 22, 2011

inspiration monday: the dog days are over (for now)

we had our last hurrah for the summer this weekend. aside from our sale next weekend, this was officially our last weekend of summer before the kids start school again. yikes, huh? so we made the most of it. we went camping. and we went full out. six adults, eight kids, six bikes, three campers, three coolers, 24 raccoons, lots of beers, and a little prosecco...and some m&ms. it was so fun.

my sister was also in town. she left on sunday. so we had a planned brunch at my parents' house on sunday at noon. we left camping as early as we could and i texted my mom and said, "we are on our way. we haven't showered for two days and we smell like campfire." however, we made better time than we thought, so i was able to come home, change into my inspiration outfit, and head over to my parents' house for the brunch/photo shoot. imagine my mom's face when i showed up wearing the following outfit after i had just told her that i hadn't showered for two days and smelled like campfire. awesome camping.

here's the inspiration:
olivia palermo

megan bird

shorts ~ F21
shirt ~ Target
shoes ~ $9.88 Store
necklaces ~ vintage, thrifted
vest ~ vintage, blacklist
earrings ~ Kohls

nora bird

jacket ~ vintage, birthday gift from sisters
dress ~ Rendez-Vous by Paul and Joe Sister, UO
shirt ~ Old Navy
boots ~ vintage, thrifted
watch ring ~ vintage, gift from jim

what did you do this weekend? will you miss summer or are you excited for fall? maybe a little of both???

megan bird


  1. wow, the shimmery vest and vintage embellished jacket are totally stunning! I love Megan's accessories too. It's amazing how one piece of fabulous item can add pizzaz to the entire outfit. You two look glamorous. Thanks for hosting agin.


  2. love both your jackets. I went for a bit of bling too :)

  3. Megan, I love the vest; pieces like this are great to remix. Nora, I love the ankle boots; you make me want to try the summer outfit with boots look! Debbie

  4. Yeah she probably thought you guys were doing some pretty fancy camping. :) Summer got such a late start here this year that I'm torn if I'm ready for fall or not!

    Secondhand Stylist Thrifted - Three Ways

  5. Love the looks, ladies! Megan, those necklaces are gorgeous, and Nora, I love the jacket!

  6. Sequin are amazing! Love both of your takes on Olivia's look.

    I head back to work next week and cannot believe it is already that time of year again. So very exciting though!


  7. Love the sequin jacket!!! I just got one from Savers!!! and I love that guys are hot ;O) great inspiration pieces!!

    Thrifters Anonymous Monday Link Up

  8. 24 raccoons?! What? Haha... I really love camping though, what a great way to end the school-free summer. And hey, you can still look fantastic and be a camper, heh.

    I went horseback riding, swimming in a provincial park, and rode a ski lift for the view on Saturday... it was a good day.

    I am NOT looking forward to the summer being over. I spend most of it trapped inside an office so it always seems to slip away so fast.

  9. I think both of your takes on this look are even more fun than the original! Megan--I LOVE that vest. I have a vest in my closet I kind of forgot about so now I want to wear it! And that jacket you found is fantastic, Nora!

  10. isn't that the vest worn in a past tuesday remix? i would have never seen the potential of that on the rack, great job picking it!

    and the colors of the blazer are amazing!

    i'm personally scared of sparkle, that's changing though

  11. Sorry so late with my comment lovely birds. I really enjoyed the camping stories. I love camping and I am so jealous of the Scamp. Megan, your look is hot, hot, hot! I love your hair like that. Nora your jacket is gorgeous and I love the layering of the entire look. YOu are both totally inspiring me. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  12. I had so much fun on my first Inspiration Monday- can't wait to join in again next week! I love how you both added some glitz and glam to your looks- you both look stunning! I'm dreading fall because that means winter and in Canada that means hibernation!