Monday, August 15, 2011

inspiration monday: baby talk

the baby cardinals were born this weekend. we saw the papa cardinal cautiously fly to the nest with a worm to feed them. the nest was too high (and i didn't want to scare the papa away), so i couldn't get a good view of the babies...but i did however see their little beaks popping up out of the top of the nest to get their food. it was amazing. and it got me thinking about when my babies were, well, babies.

i pulled out a photo album and eva sat down next to me to page through it. one of the pictures is of me at about 41 weeks pregnant with henry. my belly is huge...and let's face it, so were my tatas. eva looked at the photo and she said, "is that henry in your belly?" and i said yes. then she pointed to my giant boobs resting on top of my belly and said, "then, is that where i am?"

today's inspiration includes neither a big belly nor double Fs (yep)...just a super relaxed summer to fall outfit.
karolina kurkova
and here are our takes.

megan bird

shirt ~ Target, thrifted
jeans ~ Land's End, thrifted
belt ~ thrifted
earrings ~ F21
shoes ~ Marshalls

nora bird

and speaking of cute babies..

shirt ~ Ms. Dibs, vintage, thrifted
jeans ~ Charlotte Russe, thrifted
shoes ~ We Who See, thrifted
rings ~ H&M and gifts from Mom and Kristin (l'il sister)
baby ~ cute

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two birds


  1. Hey! I have that white flowery shirt with the snaps from Target! It was part of my "honeymoon trousseau" for our big adventure out west last summer! I never manage to wear it 'round these parts, though!!

    And you guys are such a never-ending source of funny stories! You must giggle a lot when you're together!!

  2. Loving Megan's shirt. Lovely inspiration this week x

  3. Lovely birds, I really like this week's pick. I love to dress like this!! I especially love white pants and I am not afraid to wear them on my chubby legs. Megan this look is so fresh on you. I love the blouse it has such a great print! You look amazing. Nora, your shoes are too cute. I think I see polka dots on them??? What a great mix of polka dots and plaid. This outfit is super adorable on you. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes ...i better get my azz in gear.

  4. I wish I knew how to type a wolf whistle, cuz dayum!! Lookin' fine, sister-birds!

  5. Nora, I really really love your hair! If I were to grow mine out, I'd totally try a look like that. You sisters are looking fabulous!! Love both of your takes on the inspiration!

  6. I love how you two can totally glam up a casual look. That is one of the best things I've learned so far by doing the inspiration monday challenges. Debbie

  7. both of you look so good in your jeans. I love Meagan's floral shirt a lot, and Nora is so chic in her gingham shirt. Both of you are always stylish and trendy. And always so natural in front of the camera.


  8. I love Megan's white jeans and turquoise belt and Nora's shoes add a little twist of quirkiness to her outfit - SO cute!

  9. oh my goodness Megan- that picture is awesome! love that belly. double F's, really?? wowza!
    and i love these fall/summer looks on both of you! i can't wait for more fall weather.

  10. I think that both shirts are really cute, and I'm glad it is cool enough to wear sleeves snow.

  11. white pants are so cute. i love the crispness of them. there is a fine line between cute white pants and cougar-y white pants. you, dear megan, do a great job of NOT looking like a cougar :)

    nora, you look great, too! skinnies and a button down are such a wonderfully comfy and stylish combo.

    awkwardly chic

  12. great look, ladies! what a fun inspiration. Megan, love the floral shirt and that turquoise belt. Nora, love your blue skinnies and those shoes!

  13. I loved doing this laid-back look! And I love both of your (very different!) takes on it! Megan, I love the turquoise belt--it really pops! And Nora, I love how those cute heels dress up the look!

  14. aww, thanks for the kind words on my wall, this is one of the few inspiration outfits that is apart of my 'normal wardrobe' but i love that every other week you challenge me!

    as soon as i saw megan's outfit i thought, 'her pants are much better quality then mine' they look terrific and i love her pumps

    i wish i had a plaid shirt with a more bold print like nora's

  15. I love how each of you took a different part of the inspiration outfit (white pants and plaid button down) Each look is completely unique and sooo cute!
    Very excited to participating for the first time in Inspiration Mondays...(even though I was a day late) Checking out all the other ladies too!