Thursday, August 25, 2011

frugal feathers: it's been a flats kind of week

i don't know what my problem is this week. i think it's hormones. or lack of sleep. or the fact that we have a sale this weekend that i am excited about mixed in with the fact that our son starts school on monday and we are not at all ready. a lot going on and so little time to fit it all in. i am tired, and moody and have probably cried 75 times this week already. before you go on feeling sorry for me, i should tell you that it doesn't take much to make me cry. remember that i told you i have been watching old episodes of the voice? cried. at all of them. yep, a good voice makes me cry. or those cute pampers commercials with the baby animals. or has anyone seen the commercial where the little boy sneaks away from his parents at a piano concert and he ends up on stage playing twinkle, twinkle? bawl baby. seriously, i cry all the time. i can't help it, i can't stop it. sometimes at work, i have to pretend i am having a coughing fit so that when people see my eyes watering, they just assume i was choking on something. it's a bit embarrassing. just yesterday, i discovered a website called makes me think. if you feel like crying, check it out. unless you don't cry at every single thing like me.

a few other things that topped of my week....this morning i made my kids breakfast (ok, ok, i threw some french toast sticks in the microwave) and i forgot to give them to them before they left. great mom. they each grabbed a cheese stick and some grapes as they ran out the door. that's a complete breakfast, right? so i ended up eating all six sticks myself. can't let them go to waste. and then i wanted a cup of coffee so badly that i put my mug straight under the dripping machine...and then forgot about it. coffee all over. and my ankle, which i stupidly hurt in a drinking and biking incident (never bike in heels), still hurts, but i refuse to stop running. nora so kindly emailed me the other day encouraging me to go see a doctor. i know she's right, but i am waiting because there are still a few months left of outdoor running. dumb, i know. and do you want to know what my concession is? wearing flats to work. because it's not the running that is hurting my ankle, it's the heels at work. right?
my concession
and don't even get me started on these following pictures. i forgot all about this dress that i love so much. so i pulled it out of the closet and asked chris to take pictures for me. and he said no. he was busy. so i angrily (i told you i was moody) pulled out the tripod and stomped outside. the dumb camera was on a setting that takes three pictures at a time, and i couldn't figure out how to turn it off. and then it was so humid that half of them were foggy. so my son kindly asked if he could help. but every time he tried to press the button to take a picture, the camera would move and they all turned out blurry. bless his heart for trying, though. so i finally gave up and went back inside to check the pictures. out of about 30 pictures, i found two that were even remotely usable. so here they are. the pictures that sum up my week.
dress ~ vintage (handmade), thrifted, $2.00
sandals (the bad biking sandals) ~ Target, $19.99
earrings ~ F21, $2.80
bracelets ~ Dots, vintage, thrifted, $2.50 total

i'm sorry for the negative nelly post. i am truly a glass half full kinda lady. and i'm feeling better already after typing all of this. and i have tomorrow off, which will be filled with trampoline jumping with the kids, nora and mimi, followed by the best sale of the weekend! i am incredibly excited.

happy thursday...i hope you are all having a high heels kind of day!

megan bird


  1. Megan, I love how you and Nora share your life with your readers. I always read your stories and laugh or imagine myself in the same situations. I am totally grateful for you both. I love, love, love your handmade dress and 70's inspired shoes. You look amazing wearing it! Also, crying cleanses the eyes and the spirit. I cry over neglected children animals and inspiring stories. So keep crying, sharing and inspiring your readers with your love for vintage fashion. lots of love, Dawn xo

  2. That dress is too cute! Sending you lots of hugs!



  3. i meant to put a comma in between children and animals...ooops!!! Bol (busted out laughing)!

  4. You JUST described my week, M! I have been *yelling* and *crying* and crabby and *sobbing* and being an all-around Queen B. C-R-A-Z-Y. Cayla can't even deal with it anymore. I had her pick me up from work yesterday and the minute I got in the car I was sobbing and we went straight to a patio for big cans of CIDER. Which helped. A lot. We should have gone out for wine! I know we will have a fabulous weekend/sale...I can't wait to see you and give you a big hug! Love you!

  5. that site . . . wow! if it makes you feel better, i'm totally tearing up at work right now reading MMT. it's so encouraging to know that there still are great people in the world that have a mutual respect for their fellow human beings (and their furry friends!).

    i hope your week gets better! we all have those - nothing sounds better than crawling back in bed and no one can do anything right (including ourselves). but, i'll quote MMT for you right now, "Regardless of how filthy your past has been, your future is still spotless." yeah, i'm a sap! but there's always tomorrow! and you look adorable, and i didn't even notice the blurry pictures :)


  6. Oh, not your best week! I know how that funk can feel and I think you're fully allowed to wallow for a day or two so that you can pull yourself out and feel better for the journey. Hang in there, little Bird!

  7. Don't worry about being a negative nelly, I'm glad you "keep it real"! We all have ups and downs and I'm glad you're not just faking a great day for a post. If it makes you feel better, you look great in those two pictures! Hope your week brightens up soon! :D

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  8. Sometimes, we all just have a poopy day. Or a poopy week. And that's the way the coffee spills over the mug and all over your counter top. 'Cause cookies don't crumble, they fall into my mouth :p

    You look fantastic though, even if it wasn't a great day.

  9. That is a lovely dress, and I hope your sale goes wonderfully well.

  10. thats okay, i think flats are cute. just remember everything is balanced so for every bad day i have i think of a good day ill have in the future...kinda weird i guess?

  11. hahaha at the least the 2 you salvaged turned out great! I loooove that dress and those sandals (target - seriously!) are amazing, they must go with everything! love love love this look!