Friday, August 12, 2011

frugal feathers friday: babes in thriftland

i need to start of with a follow-up to yesterday's crazy bike story. this morning, i saw a johnny depp look-a-like biking down the road. seriously, look-a-like...and i'm not exaggerating. i had to double take to make sure it wasn't him. and i went a completely different kind of crazy. just sayin'...

ok now on to this week's featured blogger. again, it's a friend. i know it seems like favoritism, but really, we have some super thrifty and fashionable friends! erin from Babes in Thriftland is an all around sweetheart. she dresses like a modern day lucille ball and is just about as funny. she can sit and drink beers with us, and accept that we tell crude and not always funny stories (and she still laughs). and did i mention that she's cute and thrifty and fashionable? check her out for yourself. here are a few of my favorite pics of her.
i need to mention that she got this skirt from Salvaged Strawberry at our last sale!
and this lovely skirt is a two birds original!
what is your best/favorite thrifting find?
wow, this is hard. i would say i love my tan shoes and a couple of skirts I've gotten that are really versatile.
what s the first section of the store you visit?
i usually visit the skirt section first because i have good luck there.  then head over to blouses and dresses.
do you have a thrifting tip?
my tip is to go in the right mood.  if you head there and aren't in the mood to browse, you will feel overwhelmed and frustrated. if i'm already at the thrift store and that is the mood i'm in, i just scan for nice fabric or pretty patterns instead of looking at each rack in depth.
who is your style icon?
i don't really have a style icon per se.  i get a lot of inspiration from bloggers and people i see out and about (pronounced ooot and abooot). (see, i told you she's funny)
share the love – recommend a blog for us to check out?
i'm sure a lot of people know about her but in terms of thrifting i really like My Edit. she has great tips and is super funny!

there you have it, another super thrifty and fabulous blogger. check her out and say hi! in the meantime, have a fabulous friday!

two birds


  1. You should also mention that the green skirt is a Two Birds find too :) I am totally a big deal now! Thanks for featuring me!

  2. Love the title of this post. Cute outfits.

  3. GREAT feature! Love her first skirt especially as well as those fab oxfords she is sporting!! Gonna check out her blog now...