Wednesday, August 10, 2011

eighth grade mixer

when i heard that it was pattern mixing day at ebew, i thought to myself...self, this is pretty much how you dress every day. nora, too. we've come a long way from 8th grade, when we used to match our socks (scrunchy socks) to our skirt to our actual scrunchy. gross. and don't forget the matching esprit bag (if you were lucky enough to actually have one. i wasn't.) now we just like to take things that most people would consider hideous together, and mix them together. some days it works, some days it doesn't. but hey, we do it anyways. here are a few of my faves...

see, fun stuff. how about you? how do you like to mix it up?
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megan bird


  1. the last photo is my fav! you know, I am such a wimp when it comes to pattern mixing ... I need to work on that! you ladies always look so lovely!!

  2. That last photo is also my favorite. I'm something of a wimp when it comes to pattern mixing too. But it's less about fear and more about ignorance/ability. I need to work on adding some serious patterns to my wardrobe before I can rock looks like these.
    You guys rock the mixing so thoroughly. Can I be your padawan?

  3. I'm like Jessica and Loren- I'm such a wimp with pattern mixing. And, like Loren said, your pics have inspired me to try to incorporate more patterns into my wardrobe! I love all of the looks, but the 3rd and 4th ones in particular. :)Ally @ Fever Thrift

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog! i think the last photo is my favorite!

  5. fun pattern mixing going on here! I seem to be stuck in the florals/stripes mode.

    I remember the Esprit bags too! I was working a part time job at that time, so I saved until I bought one. That brought back some memories :)


  6. Love love love the pattern mixing...You guys rock it very well!!
    The last two outfits are my fav

    p.s. my mom would always match my scrunchy to whatever I was wearing as well as my socks. It was usually in the lime green color. Very cute ;)

  7. How all of your mixes! Megan, the one with the orange shirt is my favorite ever on you and I remember when you did that post. Nora, the one right under that one is my favorite on you just fabulousness. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  8. Great mixes! I love that 2nd one the best, so unexpected...


  9. I am officially obsessed with these mix ups! print mixing is my new fashion goal in life :) Thanks for the inspiration!


  10. Megan, The orange t-shirt (does it say Minnesota on it? if so, it's even MORE awesome!) and red floral skirt combo is so so great. I love it!
    In fact, all these pattern mixes look great on you ladies. I've done small floral with stripes but that's about as brave as I get.
    Ps. I didn't have an Esprit bag either. My mom made me a fake one and stenciled the Esprit logo on it. But I was always too embarassed to carry it. Now that I'm an adult I think it was a pretty hilarious DIY project.

  11. The last look is my favorite. It's something that one could wear for a date night.

  12. I used to match my socks to my scrunchy, but instead of a skirt I would usually wear leggings as pants.

  13. Some fabulously fierce print mixing!

  14. Loving the third and fourth looks in particular!!! they are soooooo FIERCE. great job love

  15. perfectly, mixed up patterns is such a fabulous accomplishment! Love it dears!