Thursday, August 11, 2011

curious birds: you're never fully dressed without a smile

hello, friends! sorry sorry sorry for the very late post this morning. i am sleepy and it took me a minute (okay, maybe a couple hours) to get motivated this morning. mimi, who usually sleeps through the night beautifully and has for most of her 15+ months, was wide wide wide awake from 1:00am-4:30am. it is during that time that i, like most of you i'm sure, like to be sound asleep and dreaming. but, alas, i was not. i was awake and frustrated, trying to figure out how to get my kid to go back to sleep! and she was not having it. not one bit. she wasn't mad or sad (unless i tried to put her back in her crib and go to bed), she was just wide awake and ready for the day! i feel like everything i tried just made her more awake and alert. i sang her lullaby after lullaby and rocked her. she danced. i gave her her special monkey blanket that she sleeps with every night. she threw it on the floor and then wanted it back immediately, only to throw it on the floor again. i tried bringing her into bed with me, which i never do. she just crawled around the bed wanting to play and wake up her dad (who, to be fair, was not exactly sleeping either). i changed her dry diaper, which she thought was hilariously funny. needless to say, nothing worked. it was a long night. and then, once she, jim and i finally got back to sleep, she woke up again at her usual time of 6:45am. apparently being awake half the night does not equate to her sleeping in. of course not. fun times.

so, i am tired. and i should be cranky and crabby. but let me tell you, the minute i saw her little face smiling up at me this morning that was all i needed. her smile makes me smile and smiling makes our days so much better. i can't let that one bad night ruin our whole day. that's not fair to her or to me! no matter what, i always have to get up, put on a happy face and take care of my little girl. and it is always totally worth it. she makes me so joyful every day. even if all i want is one more minute of sleep, getting up and sharing our drinks in the morning, hers milk, mine coffee (much needed!), is one of my favorite times of the day. it always makes me smile, her little face looking up at mine. her tiny hand reaching out to hold mine. yep. smiles. let the day begin!

so, after that nice long ramble (did it even make sense? i have no idea. my brain is not quite at it's top functioning mode yet) i will ask you this. what makes you smile? no matter what kind of day (or night) you had? when you come home, what always puts a smile on your face and makes you realize that none of the bad stuff matters? this always does it for me...

i hope you are smiling today!

"a smile confuses an approaching frown" -author unknown

xoxo, nora bird


  1. Haha, so cute!! And I can see how you can't help but feel happy with that little cutie pie smiling back at you! Have a wonderful day hun, thank goodness for coffee. ;-) xo

  2. Wow! she is darling! hmmmm, what makes me smile?... this is weird, but i make myself make my bed every morning before i leave for work. when i come home at night to a made bed with cool sheets, you CANNOT wipe the smile off of my face!

    Love your blog, keep em' coming!


  3. Sorry about the lack of sleep but OMG she is so cute. I'm not ready for babies yet but I'm pretty sure you just described everything I fear and hope for when am ready for that type of responsibility.

  4. Pretty much the same thing for me. I love hugs from my girls. It'll put a smile on my face even if I've spent the last hours cleaning up an epic blowout plus a potty-training accident (ahem, yesterday).


  5. Mimi makes us all smile. What makes me smile is my rescue kitty Timothy Winter. Since I am not a mom, he is the light in my day. Great post Nora bird. Mimi is precious. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  6. She's a cutie. How could you not smile at that face?