Thursday, August 4, 2011

curious birds: age is just a number

lately, i have been thinking a lot about my age. not so much about how i'm getting older and all of that stereotypical stuff (gray hairs, wrinkles, slowing metabolism)...ok, now i'm thinking about that. eek! but really, i have been thinking more about age appropriateness. having this blog has given me a great opportunity to not only look back on my own style, but also to see other people's stylings, and to hear what they have to say about what works for them and what doesn't.

a few weeks ago, i was out with some friends. a woman that i had just met joined us, and i told her the waitress would be around in a few minutes if she wanted to order a drink. she promptly responded, "no thanks, i'm a mom." while i have no objection to the fact that she doesn't want to drink, it really got me thinking. i'm a mom. i have two wonderful kids. in fact, i think i'm a really great mom. i am responsible, i have a job, i pay my bills. i feed my family healthy dinners every night (ok, there is the occasional chicken nugget thrown in), i make sure they get enough sleep, enough play, enough love. i'm a mom, but i'm also a (kind of) wife, a daughter, a friend, a sister. i also like to have a few drinks here and there. chris and i make sure that we have our time together...and i have to admit, we probably have more than most parents have. we have generous parents who live close and ask us if they can watch the kids many weekends. and when the kids are home, we have an open door policy on friday nights. we love to have friends over, we love to sit around, listen to music, drink some beers, enjoy each other's company. but the next day, you can bet your butt that i am up at 6 with the kids to spend time with them. i guess that what i am trying to say is that i make no apologies for being a mom, and for also being a super fun young woman. there, i said it, young woman.

i digress, this isn't the point of my curious birds question...what i am really trying to ask you all is this, if you could assign yourself any age, what would it be? i am 37. but i feel like i am about 27, some days younger, some days older (most days younger). i like to wear short skirts (when appropriate) and tall heels. i sometimes get drunk and sing karaoke. i forget that i am older than most of the people that i work with, and when i meet people who are younger than me, i just assume we are the same age. i feel young. i don't feel old. so, while i know my limitations, i know what is appropriate – the whens and the wheres – i also don't limit myself to certain things because i am 37 and shouldn't be doing this or that because i'm too old. so i want to hear from old do you feel? how old do you act? do you limit yourself because of your age, or are you limitless? i can't wait to hear what you all have to say.

and to honor my young's a few pics of myself in the aforementioned short skirts and high heels.

dress ~ F21
shoes ~ Dots
earrings ~ Heartbreaker
bracelets ~ F21, Dots, gifted

i hope you all feel young today!
megan bird


  1. "No thanks, I'm a mom"? Really??? What an annoying thing to say. Also - did she not realize you, too, are a mom? If so, that was pointedly insulting.

    Anyway. Most of the time I feel somewhere in the range of 22-27. On mornings after Friday night dance parties I feel about 100.

    You look so frickin' hawt here, it kills me. You can teach those little miss 20-somethings a thing or two about style.

  2. You are stunning, you are you!

  3. Maybe she meant she was a NEW mom and is breast feeding? That is the only reason I can think of where that phrase isn't just terribly condecending. I know plenty of older ladies who look great in new fashions. But even more women who are concerned they will look out of place in terendy pieces.
    I recently convinced one of my retired friends that she should absolutely look for a pair of skinny jeans if she thought they were cool :)
    I think it's just as much about attitude as it is about looks. You attitude AND looks are fantastic. This dress and heels are awesome.

  4. Love this dress...

    My favorite age was 22, but on most days I feel more like 27, 28.

    My mother-in-law is 78 and she was just saying last night she's JUST NOW feeling a LITTLE more around her age and that was around 65... :)

  5. you look nothing near 37, serious! You can definitely carry short skirts. So far I haven't seen you in anything not age appropriate, well like you said to me before, anything can work as long as we can carry it well. We have an uncle, he is in his sixties, he has a good muscular body shape and still wears a nice fitting Abercombie fraying Polo with straight cut jeans and a pair of converse shoes, he looks cool! I still hang out with my girl friends sometimes for drinks and good food, all of us in our thirties and forties, married with kids, dancing like we are still in our twenties. chill out! You're a good mommy!


  6. For one thing, you looks fabulous in the short skirts and heels, and you do it tastefully, so I see no problem with it, 37 or not!

    I am currently 22 years old, but the age I feel rather fluctuates. For the longest time (as of age 19) people have assumed I am always several years older than I actually am (I've gotten from 23-29), saying I am more mature and worldly than most girls my age.

    I might be mature, but I do still love to have fun, and my sense of fun might even be called childish. I like to chase butterflies and blow bubbles and lay in fields of flowers. Call me a carefree 22 year old and I guess for once in my life, I actually feel my own age.

  7. Hmmm....this really makes you think. I'm 31 and a mom of 3. I did change a lot of my wardrobe when I became a mother and am now more conscious of things I say and do. My husband and I have a standing date once a month (he works 14 hours days 6 days a week, so he wants to spend a lot of time with the kids too) and I do drink with him :)

    I know I'm a great mom and my kids are well adjusted and actually pretty bright for their ages (skipped grades, I'm not just saying that! haha)

    I do send them to an ultra conservative private school though and I realize that even if I tamed my wardrobe a little bit, my tops are still a little too low and my skirt lengths are a bit too high. I'm not walking around like a street walker by far, but with how conservative they are (below the knee skirts with knee high socks and covered hair) I find myself feeling a little out of place sometimes. I'm also the youngest parent there by far.

    Once I was able to cast my fears aside, I fit right in and actually in only 1 year i have become president of the PTA and of course am friends with all the parents.

    I guess all I want to say in this long and rambling post that no one will read is that sometimes we put more judgement and thought into words in comments ourselves than what anyone really means. :)

    Great dress by the way!

  8. Oh and at 4ft 10, my heels are always high :) hahaha!!

  9. You are hot and can pull off that look any day of the week!

    I'm 32 and (with the exception of how early the hubs and I like to hit the sack) I typically feel about 25. I like to go out with my girls every once in a while. The hubs and I like to have "date night" which is basically dinner and drinks at home after the kids are in bed once or twice a week. I borrow clothes from my 25 year old sister... And even though I have two kids, a husband and a job, most days, I don't feel like a responsible 30-something year old! lol

  10. Love the lace detail on the dress!
    xo Cara

  11. That dress looks great on you. Most of the time I am happy being 31, unless I stay up too late because then I feel incredibly old in the morning. I need my sleep, unlike in my 20s.

  12. I always feel that everything is what you decide to make it! I am 30 and love me age, do I feel 30 .... I am not sure, I just spend as much of my time enjoying life!! It sounds as though you have an amazing life!! Love getting drunk and singing karaoke!! Not sure if I will ever be able to give that one up ..hahah!!

  13. love the outfit! You look fantastic!

    And I can't believe that lady said that!

  14. You look absolutely fabulous! I'll be 27 in October but most days I still feel like I'm 15! I run around my parents yard with my dog when I'm over to visit and I still jump on the trampoline with my little sister, who's 19. I think it's sad that that lady has that attitude about her life. In the words of Matthew McConaughey "Just keep living!"

  15. I have to agree with another commenter, unless she was a breastfeeding mom that was a really obnoxious statement. Reminds me of the annoying Judgy McJudgersons in the mom's group here that I avoid like the plague. Always having to find something to trumpet around to make themselves feel better about their own parenting.

    I love being in my 30s. I'm young enough to wear the aforementioned heels and shorts or skirts but old enough to know that I'm wearing them for myself and not trying to impress anyone else.

    Secondhand Stylist Thrifted - Three Ways

  16. I agree with what Jen said that comment comes across as very condescending. As long as you're responsible and don't have a problem then drinking alcohol is fine. Besides Im willing to bet your kids will have a healthier attitude towards spirits (lol) than kids raised in a no alcohol house

    I'm 29 and feel my age and people always seem to think I'm younger. Probably the way I dress. My tastes have changed and that influences what I wear more than thinking I can't wear something due to my age. BUT I do think it looks incredibly trashy when I see people who are middle aged but squeezing into their
    kids cheap bar wear clothes. I think that's a small town thing though.

  17. I've ben thinking a lot about that lately! I'm trying not to put myself in a box age-wise, and just enjoy every bit of life. In many ways, I feel younger than I did even in high school! I think it's great that you are a responsible Wife, Mother, etc, but you still allow yourself to enjoy life to the fullest. =) And all that crap about not wearing short skirts after a certain age? Whatever. You rock it! =D

  18. First, you do not look 37 at all! But really, I wouldn't let age limit me either. 37 is way too young to give up on all the fun things you want to do just because people, for whatever reason, don't think it's appropriate. I'm sure they wish they were having as much fun as you!

  19. you ARE young, lady! and i love your attitude about living life (open door Friday nights sound awesome, the kind of household my husband and i want to have). at the age of 33, becoming a mom for the first time, i still feel like a kid sometimes. but according to the pregnancy books, i'm "old" for becoming a mother. what a funny thing age is... i say you are whatever age you FEEL. the older we get, the less age seems to really matter. i now have friends who are ten years younger than me, which would have been unheard of in my 20s.

  20. LOVE this post. I am abut to turn 37 and have been thinking a lot about the points you mentioned. Well, I thought about them and then decided that I am an almost 37 year old woman! I am a fun loving lady who loves to hang out have a few drinks and sing karaoke. I have fun loving kids who will grow to be fun loving adults because of this. I have confident kids who see their mom and dad loving life and want to love life to. I didn't grow up in a fun loving household so it has been important to have this be a part of our life. While there are high expectations for personal success and choices in our house that is balanced out.

    I feel more confidant in my mid thirties than I ever have in my entire life so bring on the short skirts and high heels. I feel great and am proud of who I am so why not flaunt it:)I do tend to actually "enjoy" life a lot more because I rarely get a break. Mama night out tend to be crazy times but then I am up with my kids in the morning and back to enjoying motherhood in a better state of mind.

    This is my personal opinion, taking a break from motherhood makes you a BETTER mother. A little breath of fresh air helps to make life sweeter not more sour. As a woman I feel I need to connect with who I am as an individual outside of the many other roles I have. Remembering who I am gives my kids the ability to see that they can have everything they want out of life and do anything they put their minds to. When O and A are sad when I am leaving I remind them that I will always be back and that just like they like having their own time by themselves so do I. Than we will talk about what we will do the next day and they feel happy and so do I.

    As far as what age I feel? I am not really sure. Once I turned 30 I actually kind of forget how old I was! I guess I feel ageless most of the time. I to feel like all of my coworkers are my same age who are younger than I am. It is actually hilarious to me because I think of the fact that I wouldn't have been friends with them in high school because I wouldn't have even known them but as an adult it doesn't matter. The same thing can be said for my friends who are in their mid 40's. It is like a time warp happens in adulthood. A really cool time warp!


  21. Biologically, I am 57, but I feel like I'm in my late 20s. When I began blogging, I worried about things being age appropriate and yet as time goes by, whatever feels right works. I don't worry about it now. Actually, I suspect that younger bloggers worry more about aging than older ones do.

  22. I love the dress! You look awesome. I definitely don't think you should limit yourself because of your age. Just do what feels right.


  23. You are crazy hot and I never would have guessed 37 so keep up whatever it is you are doing! Age is all relative and just a number. I am almost 30 and when people ask my age I actually have to think about it! I still see myself as barely legal!

  24. Love it!! You go girl!! I found your blog via GS Lillian's site!! I just turned 40 and feel so fab and finally comfy in my own skin. Congrats to you and your sis on a beautiful blog. I am just beginning my blog and hope that it will be as wonderful as yours.

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  26. Wow, you look amazing! I love this outfit, it's my favourite especially with the accessories. Wear what you like, despite the age? :) -xxoo