Tuesday, July 26, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

heyo! happy tuesday, all! last night i was having a glass of wine, watching "the bachelorette" (anyone else? let's talk...), and painting my nails a bright white. pretty much a perfect night, right? until the hubs looks over at my polished nails and says, "that's a weird color". i'm all, "what"? and he's all, "white. weird". i just scoffed and continued painting away. clearly, obviously, he has no idea. right? but then i googled it (i know. what? i am telling you, i am weird) and apparently there is a huge debate over whether white nail polish is trashy or cute. and by huge debate i mean i found one or two links questioning it. i am sticking with cute (although i am the worst nail painter ever, so mine are a bit of a hot mess). what do you think?

anyhoo...i am super excited to show you the remix today. megan picked the cutest vintage, sequined vest for us to style. i had some fun with this one. i actually chose two dresses to pair it with. i used the same shoes and accessories with each, but i couldn't choose which to post. for some reason i left it up to jim to decide (i know. even after the whole nail polish comment. what was i thinking?). he, of course, chose the shorter dress over the maxi. so that is what you get. perhaps i will post the other outfit someday in the future...but for now, here is the remix!

outfit one: vintage on vintage

dress- vintage. Up Six
shoes- Steve Madden
necklace- vintage
rings- Etsy and Heartbreaker

outfit two- pop of red

pants- Target
shoes (i want! why must we have different sized feet???))- Pink Duchess, Marshalls
tank- Banana Republic, thrifted
bracelets- Dots, F21
watch- vintage, Blacklist
Earrings- Express
ring- vintage, flea market

have a fabulous day! 

p.s. i have a haircut appointment tomorrow! eeeek! stay tuned...

xoxo, two birds


  1. Both outfits are great. I love that dress though!!


  2. My vote goes white nail polish = cute. Also cute? These two remixes! I don't know if I've ever said it, but these remixing posts are my absolute FAVORITE of yours! I get so stuck in my ways with wearing certain things with certain things, so it's nice to see two totally different takes on one piece. Also also-- I totally watch the bachelorette (shhh, don't tell) and I kind of love it regardless of how ridiculous it is!

  3. ummm can i travel to Minnesota and raid both of your closets???

  4. I think the white nail polish is cute for sure. My friend gave me 20 colours for my birthday and I really need to practice a steady hand because it always looks awful, no matter what shade!
    I love your remixes. You always look fantastic. I adore the vintage dress. It is a super short length but looks so quirky and floaty at the same time. Gorgeous :)
    Amy xxx

  5. I love vests and this looks edgy and perfect on both of you. What a great wardrobe you both have. I wish I could do the remix with you. Megan I swear you could get away with skulls added to those jeans, and Nora you look 60's mod. Great on both. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes..I am over myself now...feeling better today. Thanks for the inspiration. xo

  6. Husband's just don't understand style sometimes. I watch the Bachelorette too, but I haven't liked this season very much.

  7. As always, you ladies look fabulous. I honestly love the sisterly blogging idea - I am always so happy to see a new post from the two of you. Also, I love those rust colored pumps in the second look - want!


  8. That sequined vest is fab! You ladies can make anything look cute!

  9. I think white nail polish looks very fresh. Even my husband telling me it looks like I painted White-Out on my fingernails doesn't stop me from loving it. :)

    Do you read This Free Bird's Bachelorette recaps? They are hilarious. Ashley is such a twit.


  10. great outfits, i love the dress but i also love the coral underneath the dark vest

  11. you look awesome with your colorful dress !


  12. I'd have to wear the dress as a tunic, but what a great tunic it would be.

  13. This piece is to DIE for. I have a serious thing for sparkles. I love it both ways; I could never pick!
    xo Josie

  14. I need both of these outfits ASAP!

  15. Is that the vest we got at blacklist? it's so cute! what a great find! I love the way you both styled it! can't wait to see you Friday. xo