Tuesday, July 19, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

hello, friends. i hope you are all doing well and staying cool. okay, i don't want to talk about the weather, but let's just say that if buster poindexter were to ask me, "how you feelin'"? i would likely respond with, "hot hot hot!". sorry. that was bad. i'm trying here people. it was a long, very fun weekend, filled with donnie wahlberg serenading me (yes, me!) with love songs, a bit of camping in the scamp (scamping!), and megan and i coming up with some hi-larious sketch comedy bits (yes, we are not only fashion bloggers, people. tina fey has got some fierce competition!). needless to say, i am still recovering. 

okay. enough is enough. on to the remix. i thrifted this cute, ruffly american rag top a few months ago and i really love it. it is bright and easy and comfy and i wear it quite a bit, but i usually always wear it the same way (untucked with skinny jeans, cute wedges and a long necklace). i was in need of some inspiration for ways in which it could be remixed. so, of course, i threw it in the remix machine*! i am now inspired! let us know what you think...

outfit one: hippy dippy

(i know four pictures is a bit much, but i wanted you to see the shoes!)

jeans- F21
belt- vintage, thrifted
necklace- vintage, thrifted
ring- H&M
shoes- Qupid, $9.88 store

outfit two: hot (hot hot) mama

skirt/earrings- F21
shoes- Target
ring- H&M
belt- Dots
necklace- Shop in the City

have a happy happy tuesday!

xoxo, two birds

*there is no actual machine, yet. we are still working on a few details until it it completely finished and ready for public distribution. but someday you too could be the proud owner of the two birds remixer 5000**.
**this is all lies.


  1. Ha! That is hilarious, a remix machine! I love both looks, but you are definitely one hot mama in your second outfit. And you got that belt at Dots? That is pretty cool!

  2. Nora, I'm pretty sure Donnie was singing to me - or at least thrusting his groin in my general direction. But that's okay - there's clearly enough Donnie to go around. ;)

    I love both these looks!! And I'm still seething with jealousy over Megan's shoes - every Target I've been to is sold out (that's a grand total of two Targets, mind you).

  3. I love this feature on your blog my lovely birds! I am buying a plane ticket and coming there to do a remix with y'all. We need a blogger meet up with thrifting and scamping and remixing, drunk bike riding and fashion shows. I just need a night light on wherever you put me up for the evening. The blouse is a great find and is remixed perfectly on both. Megan, hair and make-up are stunning....who is your stylist? Ha!

  4. Love that top! It has such a great vibe to it!

  5. Love both of these remixes! The red skirt is fantastic, as are the wide leg jeans. Love that they both go so well with this top!

  6. I seriously love both ways you wore that top! So cute :)

  7. Both remixes are great! It just depends on the occasion :)


  8. Oh both outfits are amazing. I love the way you accessorize. It makes gives me inspiration to layer on that long necklace to complete an outfit.

    xx- AlbeeLucky.blogspot.com

  9. Wow, I adore both looks so much! The 70s vibe with those amazing jeans looks great, and I love the flirty skirt and heels in the 2nd look-both so chic!
    xo Cara

  10. thats it! i'm gettin' me a short red skirt!

  11. you girls look smokin'! i love this feature - i think it's one of the best parts of your blog! it's a great way to show us how versatile our closets can be!

    awkwardly chic

  12. I love both outfit remixes. I only wish we could see the way you usually wear the top (I'm new to your blog). those heels in first outfit are HOT! I love it when jeans cover the whole shoe so that you get a peak of them when you sit down.

  13. Both outfits are so adorable! Such a cute top to remix. And I am in love with your hairstyles! That bouncy, bombshell hair is so glam!