Tuesday, July 12, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

hey, all! how is everyone??? i know you didn't ask, but let me tell you how i am. i am so excited! i am counting down the days until friday. why, you ask? megan and i have tickets to NKOTBSB! that's right. don't be too jealous. seriously. every time i think about it i get butterflies! how lame am i? i must admit, i have never been much of a backstreet boys fan. they're fine and all, but new kids on the block? yeah. they have been my boyfriends since, like, the fifth grade. especially donnie. i heart donnie. i never got to see them live in the late 80s/early 90s (when donnie and i first fell in love). once, in sixth grade, a girl in my class told me and all the other girls that her dad had bought us all new kids tickets and backstage passes and that we were all going. and guess what? it turned out to be lies, all lies i say! imagine the heartbreak. but now is my chance! i feel like i am twelve years old again, reading all about the new kids in the latest teen beat magazine and wondering where donnnie and i will go on our first date.

oh man, this concert is going to make me very nostalgic. now the only question is, what am i going to wear? but more on that later. okay, now that you have learned that i am a little crazy (in case you hadn't already figured that out), let's take a look at the remix...

this week's item is a navy blue, vintage blouse with a tie neck. i recently scored it at savers' half-off fourth of july sale. i haven't had a chance to really wear it yet, so i wanted to give it a try and also see what megan would do with it. i must say, i am pretty inspired having seen her ensemble. i think i will get a lot of wear out of this top. especially when the weather starts to cool off a bit (which, hopefully, will not be any time soon)! let us know what you think of our remix!

outfit one: chain chain chain

jeans- F21
shoes- Madden Girl
necklaces- vintage (3), Etsy, Express, H&M

outfit two: red, white and blue all over

jeans- Old Navy, thrifted
shoes- Target
belt- vintage, thrifted
earrings- F21
bracelet- vintage, thrifted
ring- Kayd Design

xoxo, the birds


  1. Ohhh I like how you've both styled it today, pretty x

  2. Love how both of you styled it. And I like that in outfit #1 the tie isn't even tied and in outfit #2 it's an unexpected tie. Not a bow like I would have done. So cute!

    Oh and I was a HUGE NKOTB fan in the day. Donnie was my fave! He's still the cutest one even today :)

  3. Giiiiirl - I am SO excited for the NKOTB concert this Friday (couldn't agree more about BSB).

    I already know what I'm wearing - at least top-wise. I bought a vintage Joe shirt off ebay MONTHS ago, in anticipation of Friday's concert. I had the same shirt when I was twelve. I wish i would have kept it and saved myself some $$.

    Maybe we should grab drinks together beforehand, and I can share the story of the time Donnie gave me a hug at the MOA. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. For reals.

  4. Oh, I just love both of these outfits! You sisters are so cute!

    Have fun at the concert! I can't wait to hear all about it. And maybe even get to see a few pictures? =)

  5. I can only imagine how much fun you two are going to have at that concert! Eeee, enjoy!! Love the top, btw!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  6. one top and two different looks, brilliant! Have a fun time at the concert


  7. I hear the concert is a good one, KNOTB was my very first concert I ever went to, ah, those where the days!! have a great time, love the way both of ya look in these outfits, you rocked it!

  8. Oooo what a great concert!! Have fun!
    Love both outfits, leaning more towards the last one because I am a fan of white pants :)

  9. I'm so jealous. I wanted to go so badly but I've been pretty broke since I went on the BSB cruise.

    I think you'll have a whole new appreciation for Backstreet after this show.

    I'm hoping so badly for a second leg of the tour.

  10. take lots of pictures!! i really wanted to go but my schedule just wouldn't allow for it. so lame! you guys are going to have such a great time! i hope your husband understands when you meet Donnie and you run off into the sunset together; i mean, it's destiny, right?

    awkwardly chic

  11. Love the top! Both looks are relaxed, yet chic! My 10 yr old self is very jealous of your NKOTB plans!

  12. I can't decide which I like better so I am not going to choose:) Both of you are rocking that shirt. I am hoping to convince my sister, now that we are the same size, to start remixing with me. Having a sister is the best thing in the world:)



  13. loving the remixed looks. that's a great top! the monochromatic looks is gorgeous but i might even love the patriotic look even more! white pants can't be beat and it's a perfect addition to have that red belt!

    i too LOVED NKOTB!!! i was so crazy and i did go to their concerts cuz i would stand in line at Tower records at all hours so i could buy tickets. i loved them so much. i was in love with Jonathan.


  14. I am excited to see NKOTB on Friday. BSB came out when I was a surly teenager, so I kind of missed their music. I got to meet Donnie when I was at a concert in 2009, which was pretty neat.

  15. You are as excited as a good friend of mine at work! She bought a vintage NKOTB t-shirt from Ebay and a pair of neon pink leggings to with it! She rocked it and someone from our office lent her some vintage NKOTB pins!!!

    I am excited for you and hope Donnie will look you in the eye as he serenades you on stage!

  16. i love what both of you did with this top! pretty inventive to not even tie it traditionally in either outfit! i would have never, never, never thought of that because i live and think in a box, it's a nice box, but a box nonetheless

  17. Nice remix ladies. Megan..you know I love nautical colors and this outfit looks great on you. Nora, I love how you did not tie the blouse but just let it hang along with your necklaces...very chic. Great on both birds...Dawnxo

  18. one blouse and two very different looks and both are great, i have a similar blouse in blue and haven't really worn it and now with two great inspirations i will give it a try, thank-you.