Friday, July 1, 2011

style me: the bootleg diy

the kids went to grandma and grandpa's yesterday for a sleepover. when i got home from work, chris said, "let's do something that we can't do with the kids!" his suggestion was grocery shopping. he clearly hasn't seen me power shop with the kiddos before, so i ix-nayed that idea. instead, we cleaned their rooms. i know, we're wild like that!

normally, when we have the kids clean their rooms, they ask us, "do we have to clean under our beds?" some days we say yes, some days we say no. most days we say no. well not anymore. i don't know why i was so naive, but my six-year old got the best of me. you could have clothed a small village with what i found underneath his bed. i could never figure out why he told me every day that he didn't have any socks. i thought maybe i wasn't doing laundry fast enough. nope, it just turns out that they were all under his bed, along with about 20 books, one dirty tupperware (gross), an empty bag of baked lays that he snuck up there (also gross), and three bath towels. treasures, i tell you. so from now on, yes, they will have to clean under their beds. but i just know that when they get home tonight, they will be so excited to see their "new" rooms.

on to my outfit. i know that in the "style me" posts, we are supposed to take something extremely ugly and make them cute. well, i have to admit that this dress isn't that ugly. i also have to admit that belting it isn't styling, per say. and i also have to admit that tearing the sleeves off isn't a diy project. but cut me some slack, i just cleaned the underside of my son's bed.

the original "ugly" dress
the colors are great, the feel is fun...i knew it had potential.

and my "styling"
i also have to admit that i hate ironing.

i also have to admit that i am not a huge fan of straight-on face photos. can you tell?
dress ~ vintage, thrifted
belt ~ vintage, garage sale
earrings ~ F21
bracelets ~ (silver, F21 beaded, garage sale)
shoes ~ dots

have a great weekend!!
megan bird


  1. Seeing that dress on the hangar, I really wasn't a fan of it. I don't think it's something that I'd pick up and imagine the possibilities. But seeing it on you! Wow! I love it! It's so cute and tearing off the sleeves really was brilliant! So so cute!

  2. I like this so much better without the sleeves. I think it would have been a little costumey if you'd left them on.

  3. I will have to come thrifting with you sometime because I really like this dress! You find all the best treasures.

  4. I thrift amazing pieces but I haven't quite made it to the point where I'm thrifting pieces with amazing potential. This is so inspiring!


  5. It looks so much better without the sleeves - nicely done!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. I loled about your kids' rooms! And btw, cutting off the sleeves and belting it did make quiet an impact! Go Megan Bird!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  7. Okay, I was a fan of the dress BEFORE, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the AFTER! Great job.

    As for the kids beds, they are a cave for lost items! That's usually where we find the library books! I'm thinking of turning the boys beds into lofts, just to avoid this happening! It works well in my daughters' room!

  8. I think that the alterations look great, and the bright blue looks nice on you.

  9. This is a gorgeous "ugly dress!" I love how you've altered and styled it! :)
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  10. I LOVE what u did to it esp the gorgeous belt.


  11. I love this type of dress, I love what you did to it. Great job Megan bird. Great story about the kids too. I bet it was interesting finding all that stuff...Dawn xo Thank you for stopping by and for that awesome comment. Made my day!!! dawn xo

  12. i love the coloring and the design, great idea taking off the sleeves and belting it! belts do wonders~

  13. Since I was never a little boy, my room wasn't quite as messy as your son's, but since I was a little girl, my room did get pretty sloppy at times. My very favorite days were the ones when I would come home from school to find that my mom had sorted, organized, and rearranged my entire room. It is such a good treat for a kid. You are an awesome {and stylish} mama!

  14. Haha, the underside of your son's bed sounds a lot like what was under my cousins' beds as we were kids. No hiding under THOSE beds during hide and seek!

    I usually forgo ironing, because hey, it'll just get wrinkled again anyway right? This reminds me there's a shirt-dress who's sleeves I need to remove...