Wednesday, July 27, 2011

new loves and old friends: the blogger meet-up edition

i have mentioned a few times that i got to go to the fabulous minnesota blogger get together last saturday. it was a hot hot day, and for some reason, i decided to straighten my hair (gotta look cute for other bloggers, right?) however, it was so hot and humid, that i really wish i would have taken all my pictures the minute i got there because after about two minutes, the curls came out. and not the cute ones. regardless of my bad hair day, it was so much fun. i saw some old friends, some newer friends, and met some brand-spankin' new friends who will hopefully continue to be a part of my life, even beyond the great wide web. i'm sure you know how i feel...i felt that i knew most of these ladies already because i read their daily quips and see their daily wares. so when i met them, it wasn't awkward or was just plain fun. btw, i feel like i know most of you, too...let's do a meet up soon, k? warning, i'm a hugger.

the party was at this gorgeous barn. lori of girly muse has a seriously nice place. i asked her if she rented out for weddings, because i want to have mine there. i mean, i'm not engaged or anything, but if that day comes, this would be my dream spot. the barn was lovely (who doesn't love chinese lanterns?), the food was yummy, the drinks were delish (thanks, kimi for the whipped cream vodka/diet orange crush...who knew???), and the ladies were beautiful. beautiful inside and out. i know, i'm gushing...

here are a few pics from the day...

erin, kimi, annie, maria, amanda and becky
the night before, i made chris and a friend make 30 fans for everyone. i made erin pose with one!
erin and maggie up front. cate and jill in the background.
what i wore
kimi, amanda and i
lori, patty, amanda, me, maria, erin, annie and jill

i didn't get enough pictures...the vodka/crushes took their toll, along with the heat. there were so many more lovely ladies there, i wish i had pictures of everyone. there was a photographer who got a picture of us all, so i'm waiting too see that one. but really, i had a blast and am so lucky to live in a great state with so many beautiful and friendly women! thanks for the good times, ladies...can't wait for the next one (karaoke, you say?)

megan bird


  1. OMG I so wanted to go, although I don't think i can call myself a fashion blogger but still. Maybe I'll make it next time!

  2. Thank you again for putting this together, Megan! It was lovely to meet you, and the gathering was a blast!

  3. Love your pics! I need to get around to posting mine. I thought I took a bunch of pictures but I think I only have 5. Must have been with other people's cameras :)

  4. So sad I missed this one, but it looks like a blast. I definitely want to make the next one.
    And your hair does not look bad!

  5. Karaoke, yes please! Except I'm the worst kind of karaoke person- I love to watch but only participate when I've had waaaay too many drinks and then sound like shit (except in my mind I sound awesome because of the drinks!)

  6. once again, sad i don't live in minneapolis!! looks like you had a great time!!!

  7. You are adorable! Can we swap closets =)

  8. Oh, how fun. You all look fabulous!

  9. and i'm really happy i don't have to do the security word anymore, really slows down the process of trying to comment on 35 blogs before work everyday! lol

  10. There is a little Minnesota-shaped hole in my heart after reading this post... I wish I could have been there! You ladies all look so fabulous and I loved reading about your fabulous get together :) Maybe the next one will miraculously coincide with a weekend that I'm visiting! *fingers crossed* :)

  11. Had such a great time and love meeting you- that outfit is one I need to copy!

  12. You looked fabulous! And I love your pictures!

    What a fun day...can't wait 'til next time. xo

  13. Thanks again for planning this - it was a ton of fun (although what in the world I am actually doing in the background of that picture?!!). Totally in for karaoke sometime:)