Wednesday, July 6, 2011

love*birds 7.6.11

i had a "speed" moment yesterday. the movie, not the drug. ok, not really. ok, not at all. i was on a bus, and that's about as far as the comparisons go. i was on a bus riding home from work, pleasantly reading freakonomics (i know, i'm about seven years behind), when all of a sudden one of the windows pops out. the guy in the seat is frantically trying to pop it back in, all the while holding it as tight as he can so it doesn't go flying off the bus...and then we found out that if the bus driver dropped below 50 mph, the bus would explode. wait...that wasn't me...but really, this guy was freaking out. raising his hand to try to get the bus driver's attention. (probably not his best idea because a) the bus driver is not facing him, and b) there is a huge bus window in his other hand, and two hands probably would be best to keep said window from flying on to the freeway.) the drama ensues for about five more stops until i get to my stop. i walk up to the bus driver (who clearly has now heard this man yelling about the window. yes, he stopped using hand gestures and started using his best urgent keanu reaves voice. "dude, this window totally popped out!") and i say, "apparently a window popped out." and you know what he did? he rolled his eyes at me, said, "yeah i heard." and then told the guy to move to another seat. and scene. credits rolling.

things i don't love...snobby bus drivers who roll their eyes at you. things i do love....this stuff:

megan bird's picks
colorful striped top
it's colorful, it's striped (hence the name), it's loose, it's cute. what's not to love. oh, did i mention that it's only $15.80? score!

polka dot pin-up bikini
it looks vintage, but it's brand new, and hand made (custom!!)! does the body come with the suit? cause if so... sold!!

black and white chevron dress
i pretty much love anything nautical and almost everything with chevrons. so, one might say this would be the perfect dress for me!

ringaling nude pink platform sandals
they're high, they're platform, they're pink, of course they're jeffrey campbell. love.

amphitrite lace teal dress
i adore lulu's (beautiful dresses and jeffrey campbell shoes!) and i adore this dress. the color is amazing, and the lace gives it such a romantic feel. i wish it was at my doorstep right now.

nora bird's picks

this dress is so pretty. i just love the draped overlay on the top. and the bow! it looks chic, classic and comfortable.

what a fabulous and colorful tote! and it looks to be the perfect size to lug around all the kiddo supplies i need every day. cute and practical? bonus!

i have been on the lookout, every time i go thrifting, for chunky, cool metal bracelets to stack on my wrist. i love the look. this bracelet would give me that cool, edgy look all in one! i love it!

i know. another bag. but this one is edgy and structured with cool hardware and it's vegan! i think i need.

i love a statement ring. and this one is so pretty.

what are some of your favorite things today? 
happy wednesday!

two birds


  1. What a freak out moment on the bus. I am sure those bus drivers have seen it all, so what's a popped out window right?

    The pin up bathing suit is amazing!

  2. I love the black and white dress...and the arrow ring...and the Forever 21 striped top...I might love it all.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. I love the Colorful Striped Top (what a clever name!), the striped tote, and of course, the Jeffrey Campbells.


  4. I always like your picks, but right now that swim suit is calling my name.

  5. great picks, love the chevron dress and house of harlow arrow ring. A few weeks ago I was actually looking at House of Harlow stuff at Holt Renfrew and if I remember correctly the rings are a lot bigger than what they seem on the website. just an fyi if you are ordering online :)

  6. great graphic prints at the top there, i would have sworn j. crew did a bracelet just like that because i own the necklace (to be featured in a future post for sure)... i like that bracelet's price much better than the j. crew one though :)