Wednesday, July 20, 2011

love*birds 7.20.11

ay yai yai! okay, people, you are here to talk me down. i am getting that urge that i get every time i grow my hair out and it gets to this annoying shoulder length point. you know what i mean, right? it doesn't quite fit in a ponytail, my bangs are out of control and i just feel like giving up and chopping it all off. and to top it off i just read two featuring the gorgeous and short cropped ginnifer goodwin and the other showing off the adorable, pixied emma watson. it is all i can do to not walk into my bathroom and take the scissors to my own frizzy and out of control mane. okay. deep breaths. i will not do it. and i will not call my stylist, zoe, right this minute and demand a cut appointment asap. i have been here before and i will get through it. okay, perhaps i won't. i usually don't. but i have you to help me now, right? so, please, talk me out of it!

and now, the perfect distraction to get my mind off my hair (which may be my least favorite thing right now) are our favorite things this week...

nora bird's picks

sailboat shorts
yes. you saw correctly. adorable black shorts with tiny white sailboats all over them! and a scalloped hem! i had no idea i was looking for these, but now i have to have them!

crush sunglasses
i just found out about crush sunglasses from the adorable jessica. being a sunglasses addict myself, of course i had to check them out. apparently they have a lifetime warranty. amazing. plus, they are super cute and totally reasonably priced. i especially love these ones. sold!

ming dress
crisp white and navy blue are always a winning combo, in my opinion. throw in puff sleeves and a flower detail, all in one dress, and i am in love.

printed trousers
these printed trousers are chic, sophisticated and fun all at once. and they're on sale! i think that is a sign that i must have them.

qupid ankle boots
it may be silly of me to be thinking about fall shoes right now. but these are way too cute to not be thinking about!

megan bird's picks

heart hinge head
i have to have these. what an unexpected little way to add some fun to your house. they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, including sailboats, bunnies and this adorable heart. plus, they are affordable and oh so cute!

jeffrey campbell foxy striped espadrilles
here's what i see in my head...a crisp white halter dress, a huge floppy hat and these shoes. that's all you need for the perfect summer outfit!

custom made summer charm dress
we all have that super pretty vintage slip that we just wish we could wear as a dress, right? well look at's like a gorgeous slip over a beautiful dress. why didn't i think of this?

lulu's tante mame dress
the front is cute enough, but it's the back that sold me.

modcloth pep in your step shorts
polka dots, shorts, shorts that look like a skirt...i'm in love!

happy wednesday, all. we hope your day is full of favorite things!

ps i think nora should cut her hair would be so cute!

two birds


  1. Don't do it! Remember hair grows more quickly during summer so give it time. I know how you feel, but just stick with it!


  2. I know how you're feeling but DON"T do it!! Here's an idea: Make an appointment with your stylists to get a clear gloss/glaze and that way you'll have the "salon experience" (The scalp massage!). The gorgeous shiny hair and a lovely blow out will take the edge off!

    I need the heart hinges too!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  3. I always end up cutting my hair, i'm too weak!
    I want those hinge tops! That is AWESOME!

  4. I always end up cutting my hair, too. If I want long hair I have to get extensions. :)

    I love those Zara trousers and wish we had a Zara close as I would LOVE a pair of those pointy black pumps they carry too. And the overslip? What a cute idea to transform a dress!

    Secondhand Stylist Thrifted - Three Ways

  5. Go Google some cute braids and longer hairstyles to keep you from reaching for the scissors!

  6. I'm growing my hair out, too and was really tempted to chop it off again when I saw Brooklyn Decker's bob. Stay strong!


  7. both pairs of shorts look amazing!!! and super cute!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  8. ya, I forgot to tell you how reasonable the sunnies are!! crazy right?!? that's for giving me a little link love, I really love the little heart at the top of the door hinge, so sweet!!

  9. The slip over the dress is brilliant - I'm going to have to see if I can try that. And I love the ankle boots - the little rugged sole is perfect.

    I would try to talk you down, but I have been wanting to cut my hair too. Stay strong though, I know you can do it!

  10. great finds, love all the patterns and shapes, you two are too much fun

  11. Nora, I've in the same phase with my hair and I totally want to chop it! But all my pregnancy books say not to do anything drastic with your hair until the hormones have calmed down ;) As for you, think of fall (as hard as it is on a day like today) and how lovely LONG hair will be.
    Megan, Those hinge heads are so awesome! I'm ordering some owl and deer ones for our baby's room.

  12. N, your hair will look beautiful. I hated that stage, too. :) Also, we just got Cayla a pair of bathing suit shorts with anchors all over them from sal army. Very cute. I think I had the guy that rang you guys up because he only cahrged us for one thing and we bought like 4. Love it. Also, I would love lil sailboat shorts...They had some at sal army but they only covered half my a$$. Hot. xo

  13. Yay for spotty, drapey shorts!!!!!!!!! OK stay away from the scissors! Treat yourself to a new set of nutty hair slides or headband:)) xo

  14. LOVE the striped JC´s! awesome

  15. Thanks so much for your lovely comment,it means so much.I know what you mean,I actually have bought the sheer blouse,I loved it so much!
    I love your fab blog and these gorgeous fashion finds,i especially love those jeffery campbell shoes,amazing!
    Im following your blog,hope you enjoyed mine too <3