Wednesday, July 13, 2011

love*birds 7.13.11

nora and i have been toying with the idea of taking sponsors. we don't want to overload our blog with ads, and we don't want every other post to be about how you should buy this dress or these shoes. we would, however, like to give some great businesses even a little bit of advertising. we oftentimes, in the past, have done love*birds posts of just local vendors, or just etsy vendors. maybe it got them some more business, maybe it got them a few more page views, maybe it got them nothing. we aren't trying to say we are so awesome that you will all buy whatever we tell you to buy. we want to make that clear. but, sometimes it's fun to share the love. so, when we got an email from Shabby Apple, asking us to be an affiliate, we decided to give it a try. we love their store and – bonus – they love's kind of a win/win. so, check out their site if you want. it's full of amazing vintage-inspired clothing. here are some of our favorites.

megan bird's picks
this dress is a mix of a bunch of favorites...kelly green, navy stripes, a full skirt and capped sleeves.

reba in poppy
how cute are these? the color, the platform, the unique banding. plus, i believe these would be even cute over a pair of tights and/or socks in the wintertime. just sayin'.

sweet charlotte necklace
i have never hid my love for all things doily-like. this necklace is absolutely gorgeous.

adelaide skirt
um, a pencil skirt with a bow? a built-in bow? loving it.

san gabriel dress
ruffles and buttons and bows (oh my!) beautiful.

nora bird's picks

i have been on the lookout for a sweet, white summer dress. i love this one. the pleats on the collar and bow belt! so pretty!

i thought this was a t-shirt and skirt at first glance, and i loved it. when i realized it was a dress, i loved it even more! i adore these colors together. and the flouncy, polka-dot skirt is so adorable!

what a gorgeous one piece swimsuit! the lovely teal color and the little ruffle skirt are my favorite! i really love this.

this statement cuff is pretty and cool all at once. i love the leaves and the tarnished gold color. i can see myself wearing this a lot!

the sophistication of a pencil skirt mixed with the playful color and pattern on this skirt makes me so happy!

so what do you all think of sponsors and affiliates? we'd love to hear your thoughts on blogs taking sponsors!

happy wednesday!!

two birds

Dresses from Shabby Apple


  1. Oooh, I love these picks, especially that first dress!!

    I think that as long as you believe in the product you are endorsing, sponsors are fine! Just don't do "sponsor highlights" posts everyday...those can get annoying!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  2. wow, i have never actually gone to shabby apple before, even though they are all over the fashion blogs. what great stuff! i love pretty much all of your picks, but the gondola dress totally made my heart skip a beat.

    congrats on your first sponsor! great choice!

    awkwardly chic

  3. Yeah I'm with the other commenter I'm ok with sponsors as long as they are genuinely places that you ladies would shop, and I don't have to hear about them every single day. (I really don't mind ads so much because I usually use an RSS reader). These picks are very cute as well!
    Your blog is so much fun, just go with your gut about sponsors and ads.

  4. sponsors are great way to sustain a blog, they look better than google ads. It's a win-win situation. Sponsors' give aways are also win-win for your blog and readers.


  5. I love these photos. That bathing suite is darling :)


  6. love all the picks!! and are we allowed to do requests? i would love to see an Emma Watson inspired look ... I'm a big dork and love Harry Potter, and Emma has such cute style!

  7. Congrats on being asked to be an affiliate. I have no idea what that means but I clicked on a bunch of links just in case ;)

  8. Great for you two lovely birds...yes this is a great choice...their items are beautiful and the way they market them is amazing...thanks for the inpiration. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo I have been following them on FB.

  9. I agree with Mongs, sponsor ads are better than google ads and it's a win-win if they sponsor giveaways or put a little money into your wallet since you work so hard on your blog already.

  10. All of your picks are wonderful, too bad I live in Germany and cannot order from most shops. I don't mind sponsors as long as they fit your style and your blog. You two have such a great blog why shouldn't that be rewarded by sponsors.