Monday, July 11, 2011

inspiration monday: a rolling stone gathers no moss

i was definitely a rolling stone this weekend. it was a non-stop kind of weekend. one where i kind of feel like i need a vacation day to catch up. don't get me wrong, it was so fun. we spent a ton of time with family and friends, ate great food, drank great drinks, and took great pictures (if i do say so myself) of great clothes. this morning, we were having family sunday funday and i turned to chris and said that i absolutely had to go home and take a quick nap. i was fortunate enough to get about 30 minutes in...and then is started all over again with a totally impromptu dinner/grill party at our house. i love that people randomly stop over at our house to hang out. it makes me feel like a mother hen, and being a mother hen, in my book, is a great thing!

sorry guys, i got nothing. i tried and tried to come up with a funny story or a nice little quip to give you, but i got nothing. i'm too tired. so hopefully today, our inspiration pictures will be enough.

today's inspiration:
kate moss
megan bird

blazer, tee ~ target
shorts ~ express, thrifted
shoes ~ urban original
necklace ~ vintage, thrifted
earrings ~ F21
watch ~ chris', target
bracelets ~ Dots

nora bird

pants ~ Theory, thrifted
shirt ~ Old Navy
vest ~ vintage, thrifted
shoes ~ F21 brand, $9.88 store
necklace ~ gift, Etsy
bracelets ~ Dots

hopefully you are all rested and relaxed after the weekend!!

two birds


  1. i think you two hit the nail on the head! you both made it summery and all your own~

    i love the blazer with the shorts and vest with capris. i wonder if anyone would notice the similarities in your wardrobe if you two were walking down the street together?

  2. Both of you did a great job with the inspiration today! You both look way better than Kate Moss :)

  3. Megan, I like your look better than kate's. It is so right now and after all the fun and partying, you look gorgeous. Nora, this is what I had in mind for my take. Love the vest on you and the relaxed cool vibe of the outfit. You both should have been fit models because you wear everything so darn beautifully. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  4. As usual, you both look amazing!! I'm going to have to get my sister in on the action...


  5. Oooh, I'm specially loving your look Megan. LOve the blazer with the shorts!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  6. i love the looks, ladies. the shorts are great, megan. and nora, love the vest!

  7. love your cool outfits! Megan's shorts are hot! And nora's vest is cute. It's always interesting to see how one outfit can inspire so many different looks. Thank you for hosting!


  8. Love your outfits, cool blog! Thank you for your comment on my little blog! Following!


  9. I am loving the short combo as the best interpretation of the inspiration. But the longer pants and vest combo is a great outfit as well.

  10. You two both always look awesome. I especially like Megan's shorts and Nora's vest.

  11. Megan, Love those shorts and your look is dead on! Nora, Love you did it your way and I had to, too! Debbie

  12. love these clean looks. i like that you both used basic colors. white tops are so perfect for summer

  13. Both of your looks are fantastic. I want those shorts!!!


  14. BOTH of you look adorable, but Megan, I'm gonna totes copy that outfit. I have all the pieces but never paired them!