Monday, July 25, 2011

inspiration monday: i love you man

i had the best time yesterday. amanda and i went to an arc 50% off sale (a local thrift store near my house) and i got so many goodies! then we went to the best blogger meet-up! i met some of the most amazingly fashionable ladies and had such a great time. it was in the cutest barn, owned by lori of girly muse...and it actually had a bridge to connect the barn and her house. seriously, who doesn't want a bridge in their house? unfortunately, nora wasn't able to make it, but the next time we all get together, i hope she will get a chance to meet all of the fabulous ladies i met. more on the party later...

when i got home, i went straight to bed. i have been so tired lately, that it was nice to just lay in bed and relax. i actually was asleep by 8:30...until chris got home. he had been at a golf tournament all day, followed by a dinner and drinks. apparently a few drinks. he and his friend showed up at about midnight, and both came upstairs laughing and singing, at the top of their lungs. this is the conversation that followed (because at this point, i am wide awake).

joby (chris' friend): i had the best night. seriously, it was so fun. and day, too. the whole day was so fun.
chris: i know, man. the funnest day and night!
joby: seriously, that was the most fun i've had in a long time. what a great day.
chris: i know, man, so fun!
joby: i love you, bro!
chris: i love you too, man.
joby: if you wake up and i'm gone, just know that i had a really good time.
chris: goodnight, bro. love you.

and then chris walked into our room speaking some mix of french and spanish. "parlaix vious francais? cual es tu problema?" and then he promptly fell asleep. all i could do was laugh...

and now, onto the inspiration for today. the always-lovely heidi klum. she's rocking the casual skinnies and cute top. gotta love this outfit.

and my take (unlike nora, i will most likely not be seen in flats on this blog)

megan bird

and check out the new sunglasses i got for $1.50!

jeans ~ target
shoes ~ bcbg, thrifted
cardi ~ thrifted
necklaces, etsy, H&M, F21
earrings ~ F21
sunglasses ~ vintage, thrifted
scarf ~ vintage, thrifted

nora bird

hi, friends. i am so so so sad that i missed the blogger get together. megan told me all about it and said it was tons of fun and that all the ladies were amazing! however, my weekend was quite fun as well. it was my and the hubby's 6-year wedding anniversary on saturday so we stole away up to a cottage in northern wisconsin with mimi some of our very dear friends. swimming, eating, boating, waterskiing, drinking, board gaming and lots of laughs. we had a blast and i will be sharing some pictures later on. i do really hope there will be another minnesota blogger party soon, though. i totally missed out!

oh, right! the outfit...i love heidi's loose, comfy and casual ensemble. and here is my take...

shirt- hand-me-down from megan, of course!
jeans- F21
shoes- Charles Albert, Delias
necklace- vintage, Rewind NE
sunglasses, vintage- Rewind NE

happy monday, all!!

two birds


  1. both of your outfits are more australian than mine! good on ya'

    i love megan's monochromatic outfit, very nautical, let's go on a boat ride past the opera house!

    i love nora's pop of bright red sunnies, chic enough for an espresso through the fashion district?

  2. Hi lovely birds, you both look so chic. You are so hip and inspiring. I admire your drive. I have had a lot going on lately and just realized that I have not posted since thursday last week. Wow...I won't burden you with the details plus its a combination of hormones and other crap anyway. It is still so stinkin hot that I can't get dressed. I am thinking about stopping my remix and diving in to my vintage clothing. What do ya think? Megan I am so happy for you that you went to the meet up. Can't wait to hear about it. Nora happy anniversary..sounds wonderful. My critique, you are both rock stars to me. Dawn xo

  3. it just so happens i'm posting a scarf tutorial within the next 2 weeks!

  4. Love both of your takes on Heidi's outfit! My interpretation turned out to be a lot more comfort/casual than your stylish ones.
    And Megan, yes it was SO great to meet you! I was nervous on my way there but instantly felt right at home when I walked in and saw you! Thanks girl! I hope to do it again soon!
    Nora, so sorry you missed it. Looking forward to meeting you! Sounds like you had a perfect summer weekend.

  5. love both of the outfits so much ladies, they are both right up my alley ... love the sunnies too, what a find!! you both look amazing as always!!

  6. happy anniversary Nora! Sounds like such a great blogger meet up. Megan's story of Chris and his friend is hilarious. Both of your outfits are great of course, it's interesting that two of you chose the striped top as the focal point. I guess great minds think alike. I love Megan's floral headband especially and the cool cute shades. Nora's red string necklace is so adorable with the red shades. Thanks for the cool inspirations and the fun monday challenges.


  7. oh, i love those thrift store 50% off sales! i can't wait to see all of your loot! and a cabin getaway sounds perfect! i'm glad both of you ladies had such a great weekend! and your outfits are lovely as well!

    awkwardly chic

  8. You guys always look so great! I wish our thrift stores here did 50% off sales! And I can't believe Megan let go of that adorable shirt!

  9. I honestly love how both looks turned out! Consistent with the photo used for inspiration, but definitely a mix of own personal style. You both look lovely! I think a cardigan paired with skinny jeans is always a great go-to casual look, since it's still very trim and chic!

    - Callie

  10. Such a fun week! I am glad to be back in the challenge with this outfit.

  11. I adore both of you takes on her outfit. I actually like both of them better than Heidi's. I love the wedges instead of flats.


  12. Megan - it was great to meet you in person on Saturday. Nora - I'm looking forward to meeting you at the next one!:)

  13. happy anniversary, nora! can't wait to meet you the next time we all get together.

    megan, i'm still giggling about the fans. so cute. thanks again for getting us all together. it was such a treat.

  14. I've discovered your Inspiration Monday from a couple of my bloggy buds, and now I'm hooked! I can't wait join in next Monday! I love this idea, and both of your interpretations of this weeks look!

  15. megan, i'm with you on the heels and love the head scarf. nora, love that striped top. very cute!

  16. M, I LOVE those glasses! I can't believe how much cute stuff we found! Thank you for an amazing day. xo..Dearest N, we missed you for the shopping and the meet-up, of course. I am glad you had a good weekend! Happy five-year anniversary!! That's awesome. Love you both.

  17. You too need to change your name to two hot chickies!
    I always enjoy reading your blog and (my husband has been know to do the same thing) Oh wait, was that me singing in the kitchen???????
    Adorable outfits. And I won't wear flats either!

  18. cute cute cute! It was great to meet you on Saturday, Megan... and Nora - I hope to meet you soon! More blogger meetups simply must happen.

    I'm so excited about these inspiration posts as well! We have all week to do them, correct? If so... I may have to jump in on this one!

  19. That story made me laugh out loud...although I may not have been as understanding as you were if I'd had to hear it after I'd been asleep for a few hours :)

    You both look completely fabulous in your inspiration outfits today!

  20. you guys look great. I like the second outfit even more.

  21. I love Nora's necklace and wedges.

    I'm wondering if Megan is married to Seth Rogen!

  22. Megan, love the sunglasses and the scarf...AND the funny story! Nora, Love the red accents with your outfit. I love that kind of top...all loose and comfy! Debbie

  23. Love the Bromance story! :). And you both look super cute in your outfits!


  24. Blogger meet ups sound so fun, I always hear of bloggers in the states planning them but not Canadians.

    I think you guys both nailed Heidi Klums laid back style in your own way :)

  25. Awesome! I just found your blog via Spunky Chateau and am now a new follower! Can't wait to participate in all the "Inspiration Monday"s to come!!! Love your styles and the concept of your blog!

  26. Sounds like you both had a wonderful weekend. I would have enjoyed meeting and thrifting with all if you.
    Megan, your jeans have a perfect fit and the striped top ist a great match.
    Nora, another great pair of jeans nad I love the red on your wedges.