Monday, July 18, 2011

inspiration monday: hot tub time machine

on friday, i kind of stepped into a hot tub time machine and turned 15 for the night. except the hot tub was an irish bar in downtown minneapolis, and i only acted like i was 15...cause let's face it, a 15-year old should never drink as much as i drank. but on the flip side, a 37-year old shouldn't scream i love you joey (or i love you brian) while at the NKOTBSB concert. oh, and also a 37-year old probably shouldn't even be at a NKOTBSB concert. but i have no regrets. none, i tell you.
onto the outfit....the beautiful america ferrera. i love how her outfit is casual and easy, yet so chic. i am on the lookout for this exact same if anyone sees one, feel free to pick it up for me. i'll pay you back.

megan bird

skirt ~ H&M
t-shirt, shoes ~ Marshalls
ring, earrings ~ F21
belt ~ thrifted
necklace ~ vintage, thrifted

nora bird
(ugh. megan's photos are of course gorgeous and outdoor shots and i am totally embarrassed to be posting mine. i am really sorry for the crappy indoor photos and horrible lighting. my hubby and i ventured outside to take the pics and it was so hot and muggy that the camera lens fogged up. gross. then, to top it off,  it started raining while still remaining sunny and humid and disgusting. so it was a total no-go on the outdoor photos...sorry sorry sorry!)

skirt/belt- H&M
t-shirt- vintage
shoes, delicious, $9.88 store
bracelets- H&M and thrifted

happy monday!!
two birds


  1. these photos actually remind me of Pretty in Pink... megan's all pink and nora's all cute mix match vintage like when .. what's her name.. made her own clothes

    i have that skirt, for $5, but i'm in australia!!! had i known 3 weeks ago i would have purchased one for you! (mine was on clearance, doubt if i could find one now)

  2. Megan, your best to date although, I love how you look in all of your shoots. Love the shoes to death and the the bubble umbrella is too cute. Nora stop being so hard on yourself, you are starting to sound like me...your outfit is adorable and I love the lighting. I am inspired by both... Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  3. what cute outfits, Megan's skirt and heels are adorable , can't miss her from miles away. Nora's printed skirt and belt are so chic. Both of you always look good in minis.

    love, mongs

  4. Megan, your heels and skirt are super cute!! And I love that umbrella! Nora, I love the tee and flowery skirt, especially with that green belt!

    You girls know how to rock a mini skirt!

  5. I love these outfits. I always like mixing t-shirts with pretty skirts!


  6. <3 <3 <3 love both outfits!

  7. Megan: I think I'll be shouting I love you to them even when I am 73(if I'm still alive) ;-) So screaming at 37 is perfectly ok. You look so cute! love the skirt and the belt! Nora: We look at you and you are cute no matter where you are clicked :) looking good! love the hair and the shoes!

  8. your skirt is so dreamy <3<3<3

  9. My lovely birds, I did not have anything close to what your inspiration was today so I will link up next time. I am very limited with my crappy clothing for the remix. Thank you for stopping in to visit me...I just looked at your photos again and you are both so inspiring to me. Dawnxo

  10. There's a skirt very similar at LOFT! They have all colors and some patterns--but I'm actually wearing mine today. :)


  11. You guys both look adorable! I wish I had been at the NKOTBSB concert!

  12. Love both your looks, especially both of your belts! Sounds like the concert was awesome :)


  13. Megan, I love the pink and how great are those floral heels!!! Nora, the pattern of your skirt is fabulous and that's a perfect little belt. You girls always look fantastic! Thanks for another fun and inspiring Monday!

  14. you look amazing! and i love all your shoes :P especially the first floral ones!

  15. I am SO JEALOUS you went to the NKOTB concert!!!

  16. adoring the floral shoes. I see inspiration Monday on Spinning Threads so thought I'd take a look. Now following

  17. too cute, both of you! I love the look!

  18. Megan, I love the pink. Umbrella is a cute touch.
    Nora, You are so cute! I really like the fabric your skirt is made out of.
    Oh, Megan you are as cute as a button also!

  19. you girls look so cute! i was going to post my first ever inspiration monday outfit and i realized i left my camera cord at home! so, hopefully late is better than never!

    i'm so glad you had a good time at the NKOTBSB concert. i saw a commercial the other day and my heart was literally pounding...i can't believe i didn't get tickets. biggest regret ever.

    awkwardly chic

  20. Megan and Nora, I love both of these skirts! The umbrella and the concert tee are both great touches. Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend! Debbie

  21. Megan - I am so jealous that you went to the concert! I wanted to go when they were in Atlanta, but tickets were ridiculously expensive for really crappy seats, so I ended up not going. So sad...

    I love the pink skirt, by the way!

    Nora - Your skirt is fantastic, too...and I LOVE the green belt :)

  22. I've been looking forward to an update on your weekend! How fun!

    Love both outfits, I am so frightened to try the t-shirt skirt thing and yet I always love how it looks!

  23. thank you for the kind words you left on my blog. love these outfits, esp the skirt with the pink floyd tshirt :) now following your blog! ps. awesome to connect with another local Minneapolitan!

  24. You guys look adorable as usual. I can't decide if I like the pink stripes or the high wasted floral better.

    I got hung up on the printed t-shirt and gave up, well I gave up more because I wasn't in the mood to take pictures...anyway, I'll be back next week.


  25. These are great, & love the Pink Floyd Tee. That umbrella is so adorable like you two. -xxoo