Monday, July 4, 2011

inspiration monday: the dangers of thrifting

to all of you in the u.s. of a., happy independence day! i hope you are celebrating this long weekend in style! to those in canada, happy (late) canada day, and a happy long weekend to you, as well. to those of you outside america and canada, happy monday!! while your weekend might not have been a long one, i still hope it was wonderful!

i did plenty of thrifting this weekend. and i had two funny experiences that make thrifting even more exciting. or at least they make for a decent story after the fact. the first story is kind of dumb, but it made me laugh. i was shopping, and had a cart full of clothes and shoes. i went to the changing room to try on my stack of clothes and left the cart outside my room, shoes still in it. when i got back out, the shoes were still in the cart (in the exact same position as i left them), yet there was also a ton of romance novels and two large bags of silverware. i asked a man who worked there if he by chance put these items in my cart. he replied no....and at the same time, a woman walked over and very matter of factly said, "this is my cart." "oh," said i, "that's odd because my shoes are in this cart." " cart" she said. "well, did you put your things in my here while the shoes were already in here?" "no!" "well why are my shoes in your cart?" (in the exact same position, remember) "no clue. but this is my cart." at this point i laughed, grabbed my beloved shoes and walked away.

the other story is way better. i was in line to pay at another store, and a woman walks up with one of those lawn chairs that comes in a bag. she walks right up to the counter and says, "yeah, i bought this chair about an hour ago, and the bag was just full of bricks and some drugs." funny enough, right? but even funnier is that the cashier said, "again??? that's the second time this week!" apparently some drug cartel has been smuggling "some" drugs (and bricks) in camping bags across the city! i didn't stick around long enough to see if they gave her her money back. i'm guessing they did.

there's really no way to segue in to the inspiration picture except to just get on with it. so here it is.
gwyneth paltrow
megan bird

two things about these pictures. one, i tried to take more face-on photos. two, as i was taking outside pictures by myself, my neighbors decided to all come out and have a party. i was too embarrassed to stay out there, so i went inside. sorry for the lame-o inside pics!

desi has also decided to take more face-on pictures. blog dog.

dress ~ target
shoes ~ trend report, thrifted
earrings ~ kohls
belts ~ both vintage, thrifted
ring ~ F21

nora bird

i love her patriotic nails!

dress ~ H&M, thrifted
shoes ~ Mossimo, Target
belt ~ vintage, thrifted
bracelet ~ H&M

happy monday, everyone!

two birds


  1. Both your outfits are so cute! love nora's fringe, so cute x

  2. I love the print of Megan's dress but I'm so jealous of Nora for owning a shirt dress~ I have yet to find my perfect one

    Have a great week ladies~

  3. I love both dresses, Megan's is fun and boho chic and Nora's is smart and casual chic. Your encounter at the thrift store is funny, especially the lady who took your cart. I don't trust anybody at the thrift store, I lug my cart everywhere I go and bring everything with me into the changing room. There's only one piece of everything so got to guard your stuff like a vulture.


  4. LOL at the drugs!! And the crazy lady stealing your cart! Ha!!

    I love both your dresses. And Megan, I love how you wore two different colored belts! You two are just so cute!

  5. A woman in the change room next to myself at a thrift store had left her cart outside the room with her small son's clothing and... her purse. She assumed her husband would keep watch. Anywho, her husband wandered off and staff came and removed the cart... TWICE. This is why I bring everything with me into the room no matter how tiny it is hah.

    Wah, the drugs in the bag thing is pretty freaky. I'm surprised she returned it though hah, a lot of people would likely have kept it!

  6. I love both looks - and the both stories. That drug cartel has a hell of a business model.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  7. Okay, LOVE both of those stories!! Great outfits, those red shoes are fantastic and the wide khaki colored belt is sweeeet!

  8. I'm loving the dresses! Very pretty!

  9. I love how you both styled based on the inspiration picture! I had the perfect outfit picked out based on the pic, but...yeah, I didn't get dressed today. Hazards of the day off, I guess :)

    And also, I think the thrifting stories are hilarious...but, wouldn't you think to check the chair before you bought it? I don't get it...

  10. Megan, Love the red shoes and I think your indoor photos look great. Nora, I love your nails...I just took my polish off last night and said that I'm trying the different color nail trend the next time I paint my nails. That second story is hilarious. The first lady just wanted to steal a buggy when she had the chance, didn't she? Happy 4th! Debbie

  11. Hi lovely birds, it's late and I am exhausted but just wanted to say thank you for hosting. I will visit you tomorrow for my critique. You both look gorgeous as always. Dawn xoxo

  12. I love the thrifting stories, especially the second one which made me laugh a lot.

  13. megan, your house is seriously amazing. that little nook is even better than an outdoor shot!

  14. This week I was actually inspired by nora's dress, nora you look lovely in your blue dress. I do wish I had a dress like megan's, such a wonderful pattern.

  15. I know, it's Friday, but I finally got around to Monday's Inspiration! lovely looks, ladies. Megan, love that dress and the red belt. Nora, so classic and fresh!

  16. Very cute :9
    I am loving both dresses !