Thursday, July 21, 2011

frugal feathers+everybody, everywear

i haven't participated in everybody, everywear in a long while. so, when i found out that today was thrift day over there, i knew i would have to do it. let's face it, i love me some thriftin'. and i have been wanting to wear these cute little denim, vintage shorts for a while now. since it has cooled off considerably here and i could finally put on clothes that actually touch my skin (it has been a long week of very very light and loose dresses and a lot of sweat), i thought, now is my chance! you also get to see a new side of me today on the blog. i am wearing (gasp!) flats! let me tell you, people, i love my heels! don't get me wrong, i wear flats all the time. but i do not believe i have ever purposely put a photo of me in a flat shoe on this blog. until today. it may not seem like a big deal to you, but trust me, it is. actually, no, it really isn't.

(yay for thrifting!!!)

it is a common sign that a bird is hungry when they start to eat their hat. so i had better go have some lunch. but be sure to check out all of the other cute and thrifty looks over at everybody, everywear! fun fun fun!

shirt- banana republic, free from erin (thanks, girl!)
shorts- vintage, Salvation Army, $3.99
belt- vintage, Savers. $0.99
shoes- Matiko, Everyday People, $12.00
hat- Family Dollar, $1.00
bracelets- H&M and thrifted, price???

xoxo, nora bird


  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE this outfit! It's so sweet and summery! And those lime green flats? to die for :)

  2. Oh you're welcome for the shirt. I like to provide clothing in exchange for the promise of other clothing. I think we should host a swap! :)

  3. Love the hat! It's such a cute look on you :)

  4. Adorable! I love this outfit. And those lime green flats are perfect.

    Also, I have to say that you have fantastic hair - it's all artfully touseled and cool.

  5. Awesome blog! It's so fun!

    Thanks for the comment on my "Hobo With A Shotgun" post! You are so right, the should just keep going with different weapons!

    Following now~

  6. I am wearing a thrifted BR shirt on the blog today that has the same (or VERY similar) print! Awesome! High five! I love the shorts and that hat is adorable! I'm weird about flats too... I am short and have muscle-y calves, so I'm all about the heels!

  7. u look amazing! I love that outfit


  8. You have very nice legs so flats work well for you. Don't ever, ever get fat!
    Your outfit is adorable and you are a nut!
    Hope your hat survived lunchtime.

  9. this is a great summer outfit. i want a hat like that so badly... i really need to just "accessory shop" one day

    i love the lime green flats too

  10. Ooh i LOVE thrifting too, i cant stress it enough! just did it today :)
    your blog sounds amazing, two sisters who love deals? yes please!
    follow each other?

  11. Beyond adorable, as always!

  12. cute! The shirt is the best because it's free! Hurray for thrifting!


  13. Nora the vintage shorts are great on you and I love you in flats. When you have great legs you can look great in heels and flats. Have a great weekend! Dawn xo

  14. Your look in the shorts is great. I only wear shorts with flats and they so good with your shorts. Show us more outfits with flats.

  15. Love the top you are rocking in these pics. It goes so well with the thrifted jean shorts! - Katy

  16. I love this outfit too!! You look sooo hot and your hair is gorgeous! I think you look perfectly fine in flats btw!!