Thursday, July 14, 2011

frugal feathers: hiker heels

first things first. nora and i want to give a big thanks and shout out to the beautiful albee lucky and julie from oagj for our fun awards. you guys are awesome and we are honored!

secondly, i want to talk about this little black dress i thrifted. when i say little, i mean it. it's pretty short. a while back i did a snarky post about short skirts and dresses, and then i realized how many short skirts and dresses i actually own. granted, they are longer than britney spear's dresses (aka shirt that barely covers her butt), but they are short nonetheless. i like to think that i wear them in appropriate places, like not to work, but then i inadvertently wore this whole outfit hiking. let me explain...we were having family fun day, and we had planned on going down to the minnehaha falls to have lunch and watch the river from afar. then all of a sudden, we ended up on a beautiful hiking trail, and we followed it. it was no mt. everest or anything, but i still got some funny looks for what i was wearing. too bad. i hike in heels, people. deal with it!

dress ~ thrifted, $2.99
shoes ~ thrifted, $2.99
belt ~ Dots, $6.99
earrings ~ H&M, $4.99
bracelets ~ vintage, Dots, $2.00 total

anyways, i have to say...these shoes only have a two-inch heel. and in my book, that's not a heel. (imagine me now saying it like crocodile dundee, "that's not a heel, this is a heel!" as i pull out a five-inch stiletto.) no? am i aging myself again?

proof of me on the "hiking" trail.

happy thursday! one more day 'til nkotbsb!!!

megan nkotbird (or, new bird on the block)


  1. the crocodile dundee reference just made me laugh so hard my coworkers made faces at me. what, you don't blog at the office? oops... my bad!

  2. Cute dress...since I entered the 3rd decade of my existence I have a tendency to take a second look at my hemlines. Lately everything is starting to hit the knee, but I am feeling inspired to revisit shorter lengths ;)

  3. love the dress...especially the neckline :)

    Now following you! x

  4. Haha at first glance I thought your title said "Hooker Heels." =) I love the cute little dress! You're adorable!!

  5. Nothing wrong with short skirts when you've got gams like that! I love the ruffle detail on the front of this dress :)
    I haven't been hiking for ages but I distinctly remember last time I went that I was incorrectly dressed. (Cowboy boots, to tight skirt.) We didn't go far though. I would never venture out in heels (two inches is still a lot in my mind)

  6. You're too funny! I love that you ended up hiking in not heels heels! my motto about heels is, if you can't go anywhere in them then you'd better not be wearing them. clearly you very much SHOULD be wearing heels!! love the dress too!

  7. great dress to you too! love jumping pictures!!!

  8. I love short hemlines. In my 30's and after two kids, my limbs are the only thing I can show off! Hee hee!

    I think you're rocking it. I also like that the top is a little looser - it gives it an easy vibe. Perfect for, uh, hiking. :)

    Secondhand Stylist Thrifted - Three Ways

  9. Stunning! XOXO,

  10. love it! and OMG you're going to go see NKOTBSB? i really wanted to see them in concert, but mostly Joey McIntyre, LOL!

  11. I say, if you've got "it", flaunt it. "It" being the attitude, of course!
    xo, f
    The House in the Clouds

  12. Bwaha! I love the Croc Dundee reference. I'm stealing that.

    I love, love this dress. Your whole outfit is extra special today, and the fact that you wore it hiking is a cherry on top. X)

  13. I love this dress!! so cute...and the brown
    I love mixing black and brown together.
    And girl you pull off that short dress well! Kudos!


  14. I am absolutely in love with the dress, even more so that you thrifted it! Super cute and it works so great as the main focus of the outfit!

  15. Very pretty belt. Totally pops over the black dress.
    Cool jumping shot!

  16. LOVE that you went hiking in heels and love the expression on the girl's face in the last picture! Both are priceless!

  17. Megan you look hotter than ever in that dress, that is why people were looking. love the jump!! Congrats to you and Nora for hitting glad to be a follower. Dawn Xo

  18. That is a fabulous outfit! So chic, so stylish.