Thursday, July 14, 2011

curious birds: the perfect wedding gift

i am stepping away from the thought provoking curious birds question today. i had a bunch of great ones to ask (which i will ask in later weeks), but i realized a more "practical" question has been on my mind since yesterday and i would love your opinions. i have a few weddings that i will be attending in the late summer and and early part of september. a friend was over the other day who is also attending one of the weddings and we were discussing wedding gifts. what should we get the couple? should we purchase something off the registry or go with something more from the heart? now, i am married and i did register for gifts at a few places. i know some people love having a registry to choose from. it is super easy and you know you are getting something the couple really wants. but i have never been a "buy off the registry" type of gal. i always like to try and find that perfect gift that i just know the couple will love and they didn't even know they wanted it! some of my favorite wedding gifts that i received were not purchased from our registry. three of my dearest friends gave jim and i a painting of a photo of us that was taken on our first date. i absolutely cherish that painting. i love it so much. another group of our awesome friends went in together and bought us vouchers for airline tickets. amazing, right? they pretty much paid for the tickets for our honeymoon in rome. one of the many gifts my sisters gave us was a framed painting of both of our irish family crests, side by side. i think it is so cool and it hangs right in the entryway of our home. a couple of my girlfriends gave us a collection of some of our favorite wines. never a bad gift, in my opinion! and i wasn't going to complain when my uncle gave us a set of tiffany wine glasses. i mean, i needed something to drink the wine from, right? we loved all of our gifts that we registered for, as well. of course we did! i mean, we registered for them, right?

okay, so now is where you come in. do you think, when it comes to wedding gifts, that you should always stick with the registry? it is obviously going to be something the happy couple wants and/or needs. what do you do if you happen to find what is, in your opinion, the perfect gift, but it was not registered for? do you buy it and save it for an anniversary? a birthday? perhaps a shower gift? or do you just go ahead and give it to them on the big day? i say go ahead! but i could be wrong. what do you think?

i have no pictures to go with this post, so i thought i would share a few photos from our happy day...

just married!

first dance!

the most beautiful sisters and bridesmaids!

have a happy day!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. I think it depends how well you know the couple. If you are immediate family, or good friends, I think it can be totally appropriate to buy off the registry. But if they aren't close friends, or I only really know one member of the couple, then generally I stick to the registry.
    But if you find something you KNOW they will love, I think you can just make it a wedding present.

  2. Registries are convenient, but I prefer to be a little more creative - if I have the time and inclination to do so.

    Your off the registry gift are a perfect example of why registries can be so limiting. I mean, those gifts sound amazing (especially the painting and the framed crests), and you wouldn't have been able to register for most of them.

    Your wedding dress is stunning!! You and your sisters look beautiful and happy together.

  3. I think you need to do what you feel would work best! I like registries, but sometimes they lack a certain spark of creativity. When one of my good friends got married, I called on their families and got all kinds of pictures of the bride and groom throughout their lives and made a scrapbook. It wasn't ready for the wedding, so I had it shipped to their new apartment. I also had a blanket made with their names and wedding date on it.

    I like to theme presents too, so I might buy one thing off the registry and then build a bigger present off of it.

    But really, I just love to browse until I find the perfect thing! :)

  4. i love your dress, i want something fresh and flowy like that!

  5. i feel like registries are for 1) people that may not know the couple that well or 2) people that want to spend a good amount of money on a gift for the couple so want to get them something specific. i also think that registeries are for the less creative; those that don't want to (or can't) come up with a creative gift to give people. some people are just practical and want to get the couple exactly what they know they need.

    my mom is the best wedding-gift-giver because she always gives kitchenaid mixers. how awesome is that? usually that item is on the registry, but my mom definitely takes pride in being able to provide that big of a gift to a young couple. she follows her heart, and the registry! can't get much better than that.

    you look absolutely lovely in your wedding pictures! i love that your dress is unique but still classic. thank you for sharing your pictures with us!

    awkwardly chic

  6. First of all you look lovely and glowing on your wedding day! The flowers are gorgeous and so simple.

    I think it depends on how well you know the couple if you go off the registry. If it is a close friend or family member, I think something from the heart is just as great if not better than a registry gift. It could mean something or be a sentimental item. For example your Irish Crests. That is a great gift!

  7. I say if you are creative and thoughtful enough to think of a gift off the registry (which you obviously are!) then go for it! Those tend to be the most meaningful gifts anyway.
    And ps. I saw these adorable forks on a blog yesterday and I was thinking what a great wedding gift they would make.

  8. I always buy one thing off the registry then add something personal. For instance, if they have dish towels on the registry, I'd get that, then throw in one of the amazing wooden spoons made by this guy in Lanesboro.

  9. Awww! I love the pics! You've got a new follower!

  10. both are looking gorgeous !!! Congratulations on their wedding! Let all their dreams come true and every minute be a feast!

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