Thursday, July 7, 2011

curious birds: gray skies are gonna clear up

i was in a mood yesterday. it was mainly that hormone-based craze that i get into at least once a month. i get grumpy and moody and short with people. and the most annoying question i get (from chris) is, "are you grumpy for some reason?" i don't know why that bothers me so much. maybe because i can't explain my mood, or maybe because all i really want is for him to know i'm in a bad mood for no reason whatsoever and to take care of me and tell me everything's going to be ok. that's not so much to ask for, is it? a little tlc. instead last night, i sent this email to my sisters. i laugh at it this morning because i'm in a better mood...

"if you break a glass in the bathroom, throw it away. don't leave it on the shelf. if you take a shower, use a bath mat and dry yourself off. don't walk all over the house dripping wet. if i make dinner, even if I'm not home to eat with you, clean up. don't take the time to move all the dishes from the table to the sink and not into the dishwasher. and wipe the table off. bbq sauce is a lot easier to clean wet than it is dry. vent over." ( i feel like this is the part of the post where i need to tell you that chris really does a ton around the house. he just didn't last night.)

i got lucky last night, i happened to have a haircut appointment. happened to. (my hair stylist had just gotten back from maternity leave...yep, it's been a good 25 weeks since i've had my hair cut!) normally on these kinds of days, i try cutting my own bangs, or i color my hair some weird color. i'm an odd duck. apparently making myself look worse makes me feel better. who knew? usually it's these days where i end up calling zoe to see if she has any openings, like, right now, which she never does because she's awesome and books up for weeks ahead of time. so the haircut helped...last night.

but this got me to thinking, what do i do to make myself feel better? zoe can't be there for me all the time (i wish). and i only have so many bangs to cut and so many boxes of hair color to go through. so what else do i do? i have narrowed it down to a few things.

1. shopping
shopping pretty much always make me feel better. the only time it doesn't make me feel better is when it makes me feel worse. you know those days...when nothing fits and everything makes you look worse. most days, though, i can at least find a loosey goosey dress that is cute and comfy. job well done.
2. exercise
a nice long run, some meditative yoga, or a punching bag can always make me feel better. sometimes i need to throw a picture of someone on the punching bag, but that's normal, right?
3. wine
or beer, or a margarita. you get the idea. i'm not talking binge drinking, i'm talking a glass of wine and a good book sort of night.
4. a girly movie
any sappy movie will do. sometimes when i'm in a bad mood for no reason, i just need a reason to cry. i can pop in "p.s. i love you" and i will literally cry for the whole movie. and then for about 45 minutes after it's over. but then i am ok. i cried all the bad away, and it feels great.
5. law & order marathons
i don't know why this makes me feel better, but it does. it's indulgent and lazy, but a few hours of this show makes my mood brighten. plus, you can pretty much watch law & order any time of the day. true story.

these things will almost always make me feel better. i'm pretty easy, it doesn't take much. but if for some reason, they don't work, i can always count on these munchkins.

instant happiness
so today's question for you is, what pulls you out of a rut? what makes your gray skies clear up? i could use a few new ideas that don't involve money, booze or boxed hair dye!

i hope that today's mood is happy!
in the mean time, i will leave you with a song from p.s. i love you that always makes me do a happy dance.

megan bird


  1. Switch out 'Law & Order' for nearly any cheesy Sci-fi television show and I am totally with you. Also sometimes cleaning house. Throwing stuff out + the physical exercise of mopping the entire house I think gives me the same endorphins as working out.
    I had a 'whatever I don't care' day this weekend too. And just watched 'Ghost Whisperer' and played video games all day. :)

  2. Cleaning, organizing, and alcohol make me happy. My kids make me REALLY happy and a walk with my dog. But you know, shopping is pretty fun too! Anything to burn off some energy.

    Glad you were able to get out of your funk. I feel your pain :)

  3. My hub always asks me "Are you crampy?" at that time of the month which I hate and always correct him - "I'm not CRAMPY, I HAVE cramps!" There's a difference. I don't know why it bugs me - LOL! Shopping almost always makes me feel better (retail therapy!) and I'm surprised Blogging didn't make your list. I'm also hooked on Angry Birds...very relaxing!

  4. Oh I try to cut my own bangs on days like that too...always a bad idea! Hmm, usually I like to hang out with four fabulous friends, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. They always make me feel better! ;) Cookies/chocolate ice cream/any dessert also bring a smile to my face. Reading a magazine/blogs. And I'm not going to lie RETAIL THERAPY always helps...'til you see your bank account statement...then returns make me feel better!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  5. Music cheers me up! I have my favourite "happy" albums or songs I know will always perk me up.

  6. that is the world's cutest mama + munchkins picture!

  7. is definitely at the top of my list as well..thrifting in particular. It's just something about getting a massive quatntity of stuff for cheap! Writing helps too-maybe even in a journal because some things are just too personal to blog about. Lastly, crafting helps. I love scrapbooking because it takes me to the most cherished moments of my life!

    Great post. I'm gonna share this on my FB page!

  8. I throw a spontaneous dance party in my place. Blast my favorite music and dance. The only person to watch is Ace and he doesn't mind (most of the time). You can come over and dance anytime!

  9. I like Law and Order marathons too! I tried cutting my own bangs last month because I didn't have time for a trim, and I definitely learned my lesson.

  10. this is a weird one, but when I am feeling down my hubby takes to this place in our mall where we can play with little tiny puppies, I always want to take one home but at the same time they sure can cheer a person up fast!

  11. Here are some things that make me happy: wearing a bright happy color (whether it be on my toes, an accessories, or a dress), getting out of the house (sitting outside just to think or planning a night out with friends), taking a project for fun (stressful tasks need not apply), and writing. <3

  12. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I'm so happy to meet a fellow sisters blog! Woot! :) To cheer myself up, I usually do something productive. It seems like when I accomplish something it pulls me out of my rut... I also like a girly movie, though, too. :)

    Notes She Wrote