Friday, July 29, 2011

frugal feathers friday

hey all! how are you? i get a little paranoid sometimes and worry that people read things the wrong way. so for everyone who read my last post about pugs, macaroons and nail polish, i hope you weren't offended at all. i really wasn't trying to be mean, i just think it's cute that we all see and read certain trends on fashion blogs. i happen to notice a lot of those three things, so i wrote a little post. again, sorry if you thought it came off as snotty...not my intention at all. or maybe i'm just being paranoid.

so nora and i are starting a new little bloggy post on fridays. we read so many wonderful blogs, so many of them focused on thrifting and fabulous wardrobes on a budget. so we want to share the love. we would love to feature different bloggers and outfits that she (or he) has either completely or partially thrifted. we are so inspired by you all that we want to spread the love and feature some of you on our blog. so, if you are interested, or if you know someone who might be (or if you want to nominate someone), email us at what we will need from you is pictures, outfit details (prices, where you bought each piece) and a little snippet about yourself. sound fun? we hope so!

to start off frugal feathers friday, i thought i'd share a few things in my house and in my wardbrobe that are thrifted.

i needed a place to put all of my rings, so i thrifted a wooden pineapple dish and an old oil can. luckily, between the two, i fit them all! cost, $5.

i am a sucker for wall collages. i have mentioned this before. it's somewhat of an addiction that i am aware of. after last night (when i did this wall), i will stop. i promise. every single piece on this wall (aside from my kid's art and the little orange bird) is thrifted. total cost: $17.

the whole outfit isn't thrifted...the main reason i am posting this pic is because i got these 7 for all mankind jeans for $5.99. not too shabby!
shirt ~ marshalls $9.99
necklace ~ F21 $5.99
shoes ~ thrifted $4.99
jeans ~ 7 for all mankind, thrifted $5.99
earrings ~ heartbreaker $2.99
bracelet ~ free (gift from amanda!)

so there you have it. we hope that you will join us on fridays to show off your thrifty finds!

megan bird

things fashion bloggers love...

why wouldn't you?
and stick-on nail polish
i plan on posting later this morning...but i thought i'd leave you with this little post for now. i finally fell for the stick-on nail polish. and i gotta tell you, i love it. i only had time to do one, so i shoddily painted the rest of my nails a light green. i think i'm hooked.

how about you, anything else that you have noticed that fashion bloggers love?

megan bird

Thursday, July 28, 2011

curious birds: are you a fashion risk taker?

i am not a risk taker in the classic sense. we talked a bit about that here. you won't see me jumping out of a plane for fun (fun? really?) anytime soon. but if there is one place i do like to take some risks it is with fashion. now, i am not claiming to be daphne guiness or lady gaga or anything. but i do believe in dressing fearlessly and wearing what i love. even if no one else does. when it comes to fashion, i feel like i can think outside of the box. while out thrifting i may see something truly hideous and think, i might be able to make that cute. it's fun for me. a challenge. i am also this way when i comes to my hair. my hair has been almost every length, style and color. okay, i have never been a platinum blond and i never will be. that would just look ridiculous. and i most definitely would not love it. but i love experimenting with cuts and styles. sometimes i will just go to my stylist and say, do something fun! whatever! which is pretty much just what i did yesterday. i know, i know! i was growing out my hair! and you were all so nice to try and talk me out of cutting it. but i think i always knew, deep down, that i would. once i get that itch, i need to scratch it. and maybe, just maybe, i have finally come to realize that i am not a long hair gal. of course i see those girls with the gorgeous, long beachy waves and and i think, that is so me. i am growing my hair out this instant. but, inevitably, i always chop it off. every time. and it is not usually something i think about too deeply or for too long. there are definitely emails back and forth to my sisters asking, should i? really? and they say yes and that is all i really need. it also helps that i have an amazing stylist. seriously the best. and really, it's just hair, right? so, what i want to know is, do you take fashion risks? do you wear what you love or cut your hair the way you want to no matter what others might think or say? i like to think that, for the most part, i do. so, while you'll never see me wingsuit flying (really people???), i'll always have the clothes in my closet and the hair on my head to have fun with!

alright. enough talk. i took a few pics of the new do while mimi and i were out playing yesterday. i hope you like it! but even if you don't, i do. and that is what really counts!

xoxo, nora bird

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

inspiration picture for august 1 – alexa chung

we would choose her every week if we didn't think you guys would get sick of it. neither nora nor i have anything like this in our wardrobe, so it's time to get original (or go shopping!) have fun! for a quick "how to" for inspiration monday, click here.

alexa chung

two birds

new loves and old friends: the blogger meet-up edition

i have mentioned a few times that i got to go to the fabulous minnesota blogger get together last saturday. it was a hot hot day, and for some reason, i decided to straighten my hair (gotta look cute for other bloggers, right?) however, it was so hot and humid, that i really wish i would have taken all my pictures the minute i got there because after about two minutes, the curls came out. and not the cute ones. regardless of my bad hair day, it was so much fun. i saw some old friends, some newer friends, and met some brand-spankin' new friends who will hopefully continue to be a part of my life, even beyond the great wide web. i'm sure you know how i feel...i felt that i knew most of these ladies already because i read their daily quips and see their daily wares. so when i met them, it wasn't awkward or was just plain fun. btw, i feel like i know most of you, too...let's do a meet up soon, k? warning, i'm a hugger.

the party was at this gorgeous barn. lori of girly muse has a seriously nice place. i asked her if she rented out for weddings, because i want to have mine there. i mean, i'm not engaged or anything, but if that day comes, this would be my dream spot. the barn was lovely (who doesn't love chinese lanterns?), the food was yummy, the drinks were delish (thanks, kimi for the whipped cream vodka/diet orange crush...who knew???), and the ladies were beautiful. beautiful inside and out. i know, i'm gushing...

here are a few pics from the day...

erin, kimi, annie, maria, amanda and becky
the night before, i made chris and a friend make 30 fans for everyone. i made erin pose with one!
erin and maggie up front. cate and jill in the background.
what i wore
kimi, amanda and i
lori, patty, amanda, me, maria, erin, annie and jill

i didn't get enough pictures...the vodka/crushes took their toll, along with the heat. there were so many more lovely ladies there, i wish i had pictures of everyone. there was a photographer who got a picture of us all, so i'm waiting too see that one. but really, i had a blast and am so lucky to live in a great state with so many beautiful and friendly women! thanks for the good times, ladies...can't wait for the next one (karaoke, you say?)

megan bird

love*birds: 7.27.11

last night chris and i had a super mellow night. the kids were at grandma and grandpa's (that happens a lot in the summer) so we went out to eat. i had the biggest, best bowl of vegetarian noodle soup with steamed tofu, and chris had a yummy mock duck stir fry. if you live in (or ever visit) the twin cities area, make it a point to go to jasmine deli. it is cheap, delicious and the service is great. then we headed over to the ice cream shop owned by jasmine deli and got a pistachio gelato. and then we leisurely drove around each lake in the chain of lakes near our house. it was a gorgeous night. driving around the lakes made me laugh because i always thought of a date consisting of merely driving was something old people do...i guess i'm on my way! nevertheless, it was a wonderful night. one of the top things that i love: date nights. here are a few other things that i love...
megan bird's picks
vintage polka dot pin-up dress
 i can see this dress in the summer with sandals, and in the winter with a cardigan. cause it's too cute to just wear for one season! and it has the cutest little cut-out detail in the back. so cute!

green sleeves maxi dress

i have been on the look out for a long-sleeved maxi dress. this might be the one. the color is fabulous. the sleeves are beautiful. and the detailing at the bust is gorgeous! in love.
jeffrey campbell for-sure rainbow platforms
i love you, lulus...please send me all of your shoes! summer is not over yet, and like the polka dot dress, i'm pretty sure i'd wear these even in the coldest of winter days.

sassy pants vintage overalls
i have been toying with the idea of buying some vintage overalls. i was thinking high-waisted pants, but then i saw these. they'd look cute with those rainbow platforms...

hey jade modcloth necklace
what can i say about this necklace? it's a perfect color, a perfect size, a perfect statement. love.

nora bird's picks

all i have to say about these pants is that they are gorgeous. and i love them so. and i think i need them.

i have been on the lookout for the perfect one piece swimsuit and i think i may have found it! i love the red and white stripes and the black sash detail. just lovely.

love. these. shoes. i agree with megan. lulu's can send me all of their vegan shoes! thank you!

this necklace would be such a great statement piece. and it come in turquoise and lime! i think i want both.

the perfect thrifting bag! small and lightweight but looks like it could fit all the necessities. and i just love the cross body strap and the color. 

have a happy wednesday!

xoxo, two birds

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

heyo! happy tuesday, all! last night i was having a glass of wine, watching "the bachelorette" (anyone else? let's talk...), and painting my nails a bright white. pretty much a perfect night, right? until the hubs looks over at my polished nails and says, "that's a weird color". i'm all, "what"? and he's all, "white. weird". i just scoffed and continued painting away. clearly, obviously, he has no idea. right? but then i googled it (i know. what? i am telling you, i am weird) and apparently there is a huge debate over whether white nail polish is trashy or cute. and by huge debate i mean i found one or two links questioning it. i am sticking with cute (although i am the worst nail painter ever, so mine are a bit of a hot mess). what do you think?

anyhoo...i am super excited to show you the remix today. megan picked the cutest vintage, sequined vest for us to style. i had some fun with this one. i actually chose two dresses to pair it with. i used the same shoes and accessories with each, but i couldn't choose which to post. for some reason i left it up to jim to decide (i know. even after the whole nail polish comment. what was i thinking?). he, of course, chose the shorter dress over the maxi. so that is what you get. perhaps i will post the other outfit someday in the future...but for now, here is the remix!

outfit one: vintage on vintage

dress- vintage. Up Six
shoes- Steve Madden
necklace- vintage
rings- Etsy and Heartbreaker

outfit two- pop of red

pants- Target
shoes (i want! why must we have different sized feet???))- Pink Duchess, Marshalls
tank- Banana Republic, thrifted
bracelets- Dots, F21
watch- vintage, Blacklist
Earrings- Express
ring- vintage, flea market

have a fabulous day! 

p.s. i have a haircut appointment tomorrow! eeeek! stay tuned...

xoxo, two birds

Monday, July 25, 2011

inspiration monday: i love you man

i had the best time yesterday. amanda and i went to an arc 50% off sale (a local thrift store near my house) and i got so many goodies! then we went to the best blogger meet-up! i met some of the most amazingly fashionable ladies and had such a great time. it was in the cutest barn, owned by lori of girly muse...and it actually had a bridge to connect the barn and her house. seriously, who doesn't want a bridge in their house? unfortunately, nora wasn't able to make it, but the next time we all get together, i hope she will get a chance to meet all of the fabulous ladies i met. more on the party later...

when i got home, i went straight to bed. i have been so tired lately, that it was nice to just lay in bed and relax. i actually was asleep by 8:30...until chris got home. he had been at a golf tournament all day, followed by a dinner and drinks. apparently a few drinks. he and his friend showed up at about midnight, and both came upstairs laughing and singing, at the top of their lungs. this is the conversation that followed (because at this point, i am wide awake).

joby (chris' friend): i had the best night. seriously, it was so fun. and day, too. the whole day was so fun.
chris: i know, man. the funnest day and night!
joby: seriously, that was the most fun i've had in a long time. what a great day.
chris: i know, man, so fun!
joby: i love you, bro!
chris: i love you too, man.
joby: if you wake up and i'm gone, just know that i had a really good time.
chris: goodnight, bro. love you.

and then chris walked into our room speaking some mix of french and spanish. "parlaix vious francais? cual es tu problema?" and then he promptly fell asleep. all i could do was laugh...

and now, onto the inspiration for today. the always-lovely heidi klum. she's rocking the casual skinnies and cute top. gotta love this outfit.

and my take (unlike nora, i will most likely not be seen in flats on this blog)

megan bird

and check out the new sunglasses i got for $1.50!

jeans ~ target
shoes ~ bcbg, thrifted
cardi ~ thrifted
necklaces, etsy, H&M, F21
earrings ~ F21
sunglasses ~ vintage, thrifted
scarf ~ vintage, thrifted

nora bird

hi, friends. i am so so so sad that i missed the blogger get together. megan told me all about it and said it was tons of fun and that all the ladies were amazing! however, my weekend was quite fun as well. it was my and the hubby's 6-year wedding anniversary on saturday so we stole away up to a cottage in northern wisconsin with mimi some of our very dear friends. swimming, eating, boating, waterskiing, drinking, board gaming and lots of laughs. we had a blast and i will be sharing some pictures later on. i do really hope there will be another minnesota blogger party soon, though. i totally missed out!

oh, right! the outfit...i love heidi's loose, comfy and casual ensemble. and here is my take...

shirt- hand-me-down from megan, of course!
jeans- F21
shoes- Charles Albert, Delias
necklace- vintage, Rewind NE
sunglasses, vintage- Rewind NE

happy monday, all!!

two birds

Friday, July 22, 2011

new loves and old friends: nothing comes between me and my calvins

(except maybe a pair of granny panties)
a few months ago, i asked you all the question, "what is the perfect pair of jeans?" well, i think i found them. i was thrifting the other day...i had had a bad day, and needed a little retail therapy. really, i needed to buy dog food, and i used that as an excuse to go to a thrift store. they're related, right? anyways, i saw these jeans on the 50% off rack and thought they looked adorable. they also looked teeny. but i grabbed them, because, hey...if they don't fit me, i can always donate them to the shop! but lo and behold, they were like the sisterhood of the traveling pants. they fit. and not only did they fit, but they were pure comfort. waist line just high enough to cover my l'il tummy, hips wide enough to fit, but not so snug that they make me uncomfortable. sure, they were a little short, but nothing that a little cuffing can't fix. voila, the perfect jean. plus they are vintage calvin klein, so i can totally pretend i'm a blue lagoon era brooke shields when i wear them.

new loves
t-shirt ~ marshalls
necklace ~ F21
earrings ~ F21

old friends
sandals ~ vintage, thrifted
jeans ~ vintage calvin klein, thrifted

happy friday, all! i hope your weekend are full of fun!

megan bird