Tuesday, June 21, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

hello, all. happy tuesday! i blogged this while watching sunday night's "game of thrones". holy crap! does anyone else watch this show? so good. i have not read the books, but the show is pretty amazing. great acting, interesting storylines, crazy plot twists. check it out. why must this be the last episode of the season???

anyway, you probably didn't come here to listen to be jabber on about "game of thrones". it's remix time! this week i chose a recent h&m purchase. it is a navy blue cropped shirt with cream polka dots. i am crazy for anything navy blue. and polka dots? love 'em. and the loose fit and lightweight fabric is just my style. and it was less than $10. so, this was an obvious buy for me. it really is very versatile and i can picture it styled many ways. i was super excited to see how megan would wear it and i must say, i am very inspired by her styling...super cute! you might just see me in her exact outfit someday! let us know...would you wear this shirt? how would you style it? here's is how we wore it...

outfit one: orange you glad i didn't wear more polka dots?

jeans- calvin klein, thrifted
shoes- nine west, thrifted
necklace- thrifted
ring- heavenly soles (i miss that store)

outfit two: lovely layers and lots of bling

tank- h&m
jeans- F21
shoes- target
earrings- kohls
long necklace- two birds
other necklaces- vintage, thrifted
aqua bracelet- from amanda
gold bracelet- F21
red bracelet- vintage, thrifted
hair flower- garage sale

i told you there was a lot of bling! 

we hope you are all having a great week so far!

xoxo, the birds


  1. I would definitely buy that shirt! I would probably pair it with a bright yellow skirt - if I owned one!

    Thanks for the scamp info yesterday too!

  2. First of all, Game of Thrones: YES. I am obsessed. I even started reading the series. I'm about 100 pages into the first book, and so far it follows the TV series very closely (rather, the TV series follows the book). Anyway, it's a decent read. I'm enjoying it. Perfect for the beach or backyard.

    Now, clothes: That top is so versatile! Love the blue and white dots. Nora, brilliant pairing with the polka dot shoes; Megan, ZOMG, are those shoes still at Target? I NEED THEM.

  3. What a great and versatile top...and for less than $10?! What a score!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  4. This feature is so fun - I get new ideas for things I have laying around. I need to pair orange and navy in an outfit soon.


  5. I love the different accessories that you both chose!

  6. I also got hooked on Games of Thrones! My boyfriend and I actually discovered it two weeks ago, and caught up on all the episodes on demand, just in time to watch the final episode live. I'm not ready for the season to be over yet. That shirt is so fantastic! What a great piece, I just love the pattern! Paired with the orange necklace it looks so chic!

  7. I like Game of Thrones, but I am happy it is done so that I can watch True Blood. That polka dot top is super cute!

  8. Love love love both outfits! I can't believe you manage to thrift those jeans! They're fabulous!

  9. love the polka dots, that top is so cute! :)


  10. ugh, this is the one time i'm sad i don't have cable! everyone goes on and on about 'game of thrones' and i have to be a dinosaur and get the stupid books. just kidding. i love books. but i'm also still kind of a dinosaur.


    we kinda match today with our navy & white dots! you girls look so cute as always, one sophisticated, one funky, both awesome!

    awkwardly chic

  11. Oo, Outfit #1 is very flattering but #2 is just plain whimsical and beautiful. I'm in love with the drape&bling.

  12. Love, love, love both of these outfits. I was planning to head to H&M tomorrow but now I will be waiting for the store to open and hoping that I can find this top. It is perfect for our vacation which we leave on Saturday to take!

    LOVE Game of Thrones. I wasn't really impressed at first and liked Camelot better but as the season continued I ended up LOVING Game of Thrones and only liking Camelot. I cannot believe that it ended the way that it did and I am going to have to wait until Spring 2012 to watch it! ARGH!