Tuesday, June 7, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style


two birds here, playing the remix game again. we took our remix photos this weekend at our mom and dad's house (everyone was laughing at us for showing up in the same skirt). they have this cool, giant garden in their backyard that made for a very pretty backdrop. we were there to celebrate our lovely big sister, carrie's, birthday. it was so much fun. every time i hang out with my whole family i just leave happy. they are seriously the coolest family a couple of birds could ask for. we ate copious amounts of mexican food cooked by my mother, who is the best cook i know (followed closely by megan bird). and my dad made me the strongest martini! after two sips i was dancing around like a crazy woman. luckily we took these pictures before all of that occurred...anyway, before we took our outfit photos, my hubby was nice enough to take some photos of megan and i together, being dorky, as usual. two little birds, sitting in a tree...

this week's item was a cute little cotton mini skirt that we both happened to purchase at forever 21 (while we were out shopping for carrie's birthday gifts). it is super colorful and airy and fun. the perfect summer skirt! and here is how we both styled it...let us know what you think!!!

outfit one: somewhere over the rainbow


shirt- calvin klein, marshalls
belt- vintage, thrifted
bracelets- made especially for me by my sister, izzy
shoes- delicious, $9.88 store

outfit two: chantilly lace and a pretty face

tank- F21
belt- target
bracelets- thrifted
shoes- ebay
earrings- kohls

it's supposed to be 100 degrees today! hello, summer!

have a fantastic tuesday, everyone!!!

xoxo, the birds


  1. I love how both of you've worn your outfits,so summery & fun! Happy Birthday to the lovely sister! :)


  2. You guys are so cute! I love that first picture! And I think I might just go looking for that skirt too at F21, hope you both don't mind!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  3. You two are so cute!! I was just in F21 the other day... They had SO many adorable skirts!

  4. you both always have the cutest shoes!!

  5. Ha! I love that you both own the skirt, that it wasn't just passed back and forth! They're both really cute outfits!

  6. It is so cute that you have matching skirts!

  7. You guys are adorable and I am so glad I stopped by! Chris Ann and I will definitely be back to your Table, and hopefully we can meet IRL at one of our MN BlogLove Events!

  8. You two are positively lovely! Very cool concept for a fashion blog.

  9. You guys are just too adorable! I love that you bought the same skirt, then proceeded to put your own individual twist on it :)

  10. that skirt is awesome! i love bright colors (i think you two know that by now:) ) and both of you styled it really well. and now i could really go for a dance-off caused by martini consumption.

    awkwardly chic

  11. So cute! :)) I preferred outfit 1 but they're both quite nice! :)) That skirt is pretty :))

    If you find the time, come visit me at http://www.sabinasupernova.com <3

  12. I really love your skirts. This is so adorable. The bangles of outfit #2 is so cute


  13. The skirt is perfect on both of you aaaannnd I need a sister to play with. I have 2 of them but they don't have an interest in the same things at this point in their lives. I am the middle child. I really look forward to your posts and they always spark inspiration and make me want to jump on the treadmill everytime I see both sets of your legs. Fabulous remixes...so current and pretty. Have a great day...stay cool. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xoxo

  14. oh my goodness, you two are adorbs! and wowsa i am LOVIN your hair!!! so perfectly frames your faces! <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  15. I really love print mixing, however, I still haven't figured it out for myself...