Monday, June 27, 2011

our weekend in pictures

mean faces for the race
awkward bus kit
the cleanest part of my body (my leg) after the race
see you later, shoes!
hello, tiny beers!
creepy and cool tree swamp
as my kids call it, the festibal
one year, one of these carriages fell off (in another city). i think everyone was ok, but you will never catch me on the zipper!
more carny rides!
feeding the ducks
lake pepin (the widest part of the mississippi)
heart art
leftover popcorn for the ducks
the bad, but oh so fun, band
street style – kelsey (sorry for the bad phone/1 AM photo skills)
street style – vera
bar time, goodnight!!

megan bird


  1. I love this type of post with photos of random things people do. Did you tell the street style girls about your blog...I hope you did. I give out my business cards to strangers that I meet along the way. Your children are so little and cute! Congratulations on finishing the race and thank you for all of your wonderful comment on my blog...Dawn xo

  2. Love the photos!! Such a fun and wonderful weekend!

  3. Super fun! You should do more posts like this. Hopefully, I will be included sometime in the future!