Thursday, June 2, 2011

new loves and old friends: coffee spoons

forget measuring life in coffee spoons, i think i could measure my life by my shopping sprees . 2001 was the year of the express v-neck t-shirt (i bought one in practically every color). then there was the year (or two) of target long and lean tanks (still own about a million of them – they are perfect for layering). black dress pants, check; short flowy skirts, check. when i like an item of clothing, i look for it in every color. seriously, i go a little crazy, it's a titch pathetic.

my newest craze is vintage tees. and not even vintage; as long as they are soft and the sleeve hits me in just the right spot, we're on. the fact that i can get them at thrift stores for under $1 doesn't hurt either. i have found a few that i love (see here), and surprisingly, i have told myself that i can stop shopping for them now. after all, i don't need 30 t-shirts, five will do!

i found this one at a garage sale last weekend. of course, it's a minnesota (zoo) tee, so i love it...because i love all things minnesota (another shopping obsession). i love tees paired with skirts. i love the casual, yet chic feel to it. to see awesome examples, check out kimi at all the fuss. she rocks vintage tees and it! i have this skirt that i normally wear as a dress...but today i decided to fold it over a few times and wear it as a shorter skirt. how original huh? a skirt worn as a skirt! avant garde!

new loves:
t-shirt ~ garage sale
shoes ~ thrifted
belt ~ thrifted
earrings ~ F21

old friends:
skirt ~ vintage, thrifted

megan bird


  1. this outfit is killer, megan you look fab!!

  2. I love how brave you are with fashion. I would never have thought to pair the vintage tee with anything other than jeans. Yet somehow, you pull off this look flawlessly, nice job!

  3. super cute t-shirt ... i agree with Jen, if it was me it would be a boring pair of jeans and sandals :-/

  4. love your skirt, the colours are amazing!

  5. Love that shirt!! Great find :)

  6. Again, fantastic outfit. Absolutely love that skirt.

  7. I'm honored to serve as inspiration for this outfit! You gals inspire me daily. Love your ensemble! I gotta get myself one of those tees. SO cute.

  8. I don't own any vintage tees, but they certainly look cute on you and Kimi.

  9. I love these colors! Way to be bold and do two powerful shades right next to each other. Excellent thrifting finds :)

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  10. Your skirt is darling! The red is so rich! And that shirt is so cute! I like MN Zoo tees-- and toys-- but they're expensive (for me) haha The design on this one in particular is so nice, one wouldn't think it's from the zoo at all! :)

  11. oh...i adore this look.
    I am so excited to wear a belted skirt again! (it simply doesn't look right with a baby bump!)

    i will definitely be borrowing this look after my sweet Olive makes her debut!

  12. Megan this is my all time fav. outfit on you...fantastic mix of color and print. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xoxoxo

  13. Um, I love this outfit down to your cute blue toes! And I want that t-shirt. Seriously. I may just stuff it in your new pink suitcase (maybe squeeze Dezzie in, too) and be on my happy thrifting way!

  14. I am insanely jealous of that tee. And that skirt. And those sandals.

  15. LOVE this look, you are genius and incredibly adorable, as usual!!!