Wednesday, June 8, 2011

love*birds: 6.8.11

you all know we love our beautiful state. one of the things we really love about minnesota are all of the wonderful local artists and crafters living here and making our already beautiful state even more so. there are some seriously talented people here. that is why today we wanted to focus all of our attention on minnesota artists for our love*birds post. we searched etsy high and low and found some amazing pieces to show you (it was hard to narrow it down so we may have to make this a semi-regular thing)! here are some of our favorite (and local!) things this week...

nora bird's picks:

how adorable is this little pair of chickadees? i love this! a tiny framed photo to wear! be sure to check out the rest of her store, too. she has some really amazing pieces.

erin is not only a friend and fellow awesome minnesota blogger, but she is also an amazing photographer. this photo of the state fair midway at sunset makes me smile.

um, i am pretty sure that my daughter needs this dress. it is so sweet! i love the vintage look and pretty floral fabric.

this MN/WI pendant is adorable. my hubby is originally from wisconsin, so i think this one is a must for me!

i am in love with oliver the shy owl. these coasters are just so cheerful and sweet! i want them on my coffee table.

megan bird's picks:

mint medallion crochet bracelet
from summertime fingerless gloves to some of the most beautiful rings i have ever seen, these crocheted items should all be in my jewelry box. swoon.

vintage pink elephant mother and babies

i have a soft spot in my heart for vintage animal figurines. weird? maybe. but one look at these cuties, and you have to at least kind of agree with me. i mean come on, they are all wearing bow ties!

vintage inspired dress
i love the audrey hepburn feel of this dress, and then bam, you turn around and there is this gorgeous cut out. love

brass whale ring
i love whimsical rings. enough said.

welcome to mn print
if you all know anything about me, it's that i love me some cute prints. and this is one that i really, really want! check them all out, though (especially if you live in minnesota) because there is also a grain belt one that will knock your socks off!

there you have it. some of our home state faves. are you as proud of your home as we are? who are some of your favorite local sellers?

the birds


  1. Ladies, you have such great taste!! Adore all of these gorgeous picks! The bird pendant + tile coasters + ALL the dresses.... eeee, love them!! xx veronika

  2. Ah, love the chikadee necklace and that DRESS...swoon!!!! Great picks, ladies! :D

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  3. Ohhhh my. I NEED that pendant! So great! Good thing my birthday is coming
    up soon-- I'm putting it on my list for sure :)

  4. You guys are too sweet. I have a craft show in July, you should totally come! You might get a discount ;)

  5. i love whale ring - so cute! i wonder how it looks on . . . and i also have a soft spot for animal figurines but can never bring myself to actually buy any. my mom always gives me knick knacks and i don't like a lot of stuff in my house, so they get donated more often than not (sorry mommy).

    thanks for sharing these awesome finds! i need to get out to that part of the country sometime soon!

    awkwardly chic

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that crocheted bracelet!

  7. thank you guys for featuring my owl tile coasters! I LOVE all your picks!!!

    Ellie, the head chick

  8. OMG I love this post!
    I love your blog too <3
    Thanks for stopping by my blog - I really appreciate it!
    I'm following you now :)

    Can't wait to get to know you!

  9. I lobe them all, buy especially the welcome to MN print.

  10. Such a cool feature. These are all great but I especially covet the owl coasters and that whale ring!