Wednesday, June 29, 2011

love*birds 6.29.11: the stars and stripes edition

our dog is terrified of fireworks. so much so that we have to give him anti-anxiety pills every fourth of july. the problem is that fireworks aren't just on the fourth; kids are constantly setting off those ones that make the zing and the pop noise. you know what i'm talking about, right? like the sound of a cartoon bomb...immediately followed by some wacky animal with stars surrounding his head. or is that when he gets hit with a frying pan? i get my cartoon sounds confused! anyhow, back to desi (our dog). on such nights that these whipper snapper firecrakers (that's what i've decided to name them) are going off, we either have to give him pills, lock him in the basement where he can't hear anything, or cradle him like a newborn until his shaking subsides. but usually it doesn't. desi will jump on our bed and shake uncontrollably ~ chris and i call this the "quarter in the bed" syndrome.  that's the one not-so-good thing about the fourth of july. but there are oh so many good things. which is why we are dedicating this week's love*birds to all things patriotic!

megan bird's picks:
jeffrey campbells
i bet you didn't think i'd find patriotic jeffrey campbells, right? well i did...i found two! ok, i actually found three, but i didn't like one pair (gasp!!!)

american flag high-waisted shorts
can you think of a better way to say you love the usa than with some vintage high-waisted shorts?

stars and stripes romper
i love a great romper. and this is a great romper. it's stars and stripes without being tacky. i love it!

messenger bag
what's not to love about this bag? it's eco friendly, it's big, it's adorable! and, it's completely handmade. love.

vintage embroidery hoops with ticking
how cute are these? while i'm normally not a huge fan of american folk art sort of items, these really caught my eye. like the romper, they do not scream "i love america!" it's more like a quiet whisper...and i can appreciate that.

nora bird's picks:

i love this dress. the stripes, the shape...this is red, white and blue chic!

you know i love a headband. and this one is just so pretty! love love love.

i never ever thought i would actually like an american flag shirt...but this one is actually pretty cool. i would rock this baby.

this magnet made me smile. so cute!

baby shoes are almost always cute, but i really love these. i would even wear them if they made them in my size!

we hope you are having a happy week! i am already excited for the long weekend and it is only wednesday! if you celebrate it, we wish you a fun and safe fourth of july weekend!

xoxo, the birds


  1. I am thrilled with both of your choices..Nora that dress from topshop is to cute and Megan the striped bag is so perfect for me. I love these for them. Dawn xo

  2. Oh your poor puppy!! Hope Desi is able to get through the Holiday weekend okay. Love the messenger bag the most!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  3. i love the romper, the dress and those lil baby flats! i would totally wear them, too, if they made them in big girl size!

    happy early 4th to you two!

    awkwardly chic

  4. those high waisted shorts are pretty fantastic. and aren't baby shoes just the cutest thing?? love those seersucker flats!

  5. Love that Topshop dress - I'm sure all the stripes would be less than flattering on me but I love it all the same!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. Those Jeffrey Campbells are just insane. I'm planning on rocking red, white and blue all weekend. I can't wait! And I had a dog that was scared of fireworks too. We would have to sit outside with him the entire time fireworks were going off and the people in my neighborhood love fireworks!

  7. They are looking wonderful together !

    Thanks so much !

    Ikabags, Paris

  8. I love those shorts - too cute! And the headband has my creative juices flowing - I could make my own...Hmmm - thanks for the ideas!

  9. I like the messenger bag. My dog doesn't even notice fireworks. She's weird.

  10. I'm pretty sure I need to acquire that messenger bag.

  11. I am very much in love with that pretty!

  12. Those baby shoes are so, so, so precious!