Wednesday, June 22, 2011

love*birds: 6.22.11

i am sitting here right now with two overflowing laundry baskets in front of me, full of clothes that need folding. getting nice and wrinkly as we speak...and what am i doing about it? well, i am drinking a glass of wine and blogging about all of my laundry, of course. ugh. i just hate folding laundry. i don't know why. it is one of my least favorite chores. i don't mind actually doing the laundry. just folding it. and our little household of three sure makes a lot of dirty clothes. you wouldn't think adding one little tiny person to the family would add that much laundry. but, let me tell you, babies go through a lot of clothes. sometimes i have to change her outfit after every meal. she is a messy little eater. i remember when megan's kids were smaller, before i had mimi and was clueless about such things, i would go over to her house and she would be folding piles and piles of laundry. and i would sit there cooing over how cute the teeny little socks were and how adorable the tiny pants were. and megan would just roll her eyes at me and sigh and continue folding tiny pants and pairing baby-sized socks. i don't think she likes folding laundry, either. but enough talk about things we don't like. (seriously, nora, quit talking about your laundry). let's talk about the things we are loving this week!

nora bird's picks

i am in love with this mobile. i wouldn't even hang it over the crib. this baby would hang right over my bed. so gorgeous.

i want these shoes. nude platform pumps with a detachable lace bow tie (although why would you ever detach it???). these would make every outfit just that much cuter!

this dress looks so comfy. and it is green! and striped! i think i need this so i can wear it every day this summer.

this ring is so sweet and adorable. such a great little statement piece.

sophisticated and cool. i would love to own this bag.

megan bird's picks

jeffrey campbell be well in red

of course i have to add a pair of jeffrey campbells. these red shoes are perfect for any season, any outfit and any day as far as i'm concerned!

all natural moss and wood pendant

i love this all natural pendant. it's like a little slice of outside hanging around your neck.

mara hoffman beach cover up

i am in love with this beach cover up. i saw it on an episode of cougartown (kind of embarrassed to admit that, but not really cause it's actually a pretty funny show) and knew i wanted it. i am on a thrifting hunt!

the evolution dress

this is the perfect summer dress. jammie comfy and so cute. plus it has a hood and kangaroo pockets. dreamy!

vintage white mesh shirt

i know you probably think i'm going a little heavy on the beach cover ups today. and this would certainly make a lovely beach cover up. but ya know what? i'd throw on a cute vintage slip and wear this with my new red jeffrey campbells for a night on the town! done and done.

megan here, responding to nora's laundry comments. i don't so much hate folding laundry as much as i hate putting it away. i actually like sitting in front of the tv (apparently watching cougartown) and folding laundry. but then of course there are days when it then stays on the basement couch. days, people, as in two to three to four days. that's a perk of having a lot of clothes. laundry can sit clean and folded for a week before i need to put it away! enough about laundry...have a great day, all!!

two birds


  1. Ooo I'm sold on anything with pockets! hahaha!!

  2. I also HATE folding laundry. I'm happy as a lark to wash it. I also hate putting it away. Stuff will sit in the basket for a week before it gets put away. Stupid laundry.

  3. I HATE putting laundry away. The folding part doesn't bother me. Nobody in my house can fold anyway. I just think they PRETEND to not know how to fold so they don't have to do it.

    And that teacup ring is just absolutely the cutest thing ever!

  4. Do you want to know a horrible secret? I love doing laundry. Especially my boyfriend's laundry. He came home from class during my last visit to find his bedroom spotless and all his laundry either in the machine or in my hands being folded hah. There's just something about warm, clean smelling clothes that appeal to me. It's like a hamper full of comfort that I get to dig through, and it reminds me of the last time I wore each item and what I was up to while wearing it, which can be fun.

    I love that little moss necklace!

  5. I love that maxi dress- it's pretty cheap, too! I love folding and doing laundry, but I only started liking it once we moved into a townhome with a washer/dryer upstairs by the bedroom instead of the basement :)

  6. I desperately want a pair of Jeffrey Campell wedges. Or several pairs.

  7. nude pumps are on my list of "to-gets"

  8. Wow, what a lovely selection of summer items!! I'm so honored to be part of this entry with my evolution dress!!

    Thank you!!

  9. Thanks so much for such a great feature on my antler mobile! I think I must have those beautiful shoes with the detachable goodness! I adore them ;-)