Wednesday, June 15, 2011

love*birds 6.15.11

blah blah blah. i had to leave that part in. nora emailed me last night and said, "i started the love*birds post, but my allergies and/or a cold are making me crazy and i can't even think straight. can you please write the intro?" so she actually typed, "blah blah blah." as a place marker. i wonder if when i talk, she just hears "blah blah blah"...kind of like the peanuts teacher. i imagine her to hear "blah blah blah" and her eyes would get glazed over (perhaps there would be a soundtrack of circus music playing in her head), and of course there would be a thought bubble over her head filled with all of the wonderful goodies below.

nora bird's picks

i was hard to pick a favorite ring from this shop. there are so so so many cool ones! i love this ring's mint green color and simple shape.

i am pretty sure mimi needs these cute little nesting birds! adorable.

this colorblock, floral dress is fabulous. i am especially mad about the open back. i want to wear this all summer long.

i am in the market for a cute one-piece swimsuit. and this one is super duper cute.

this free people tank is another piece i would like to wear all summer. it looks so flowy and airy and comfy. love it!

megan bird's picks

so much love platform
nora also sent me a link to these shoes, saying that she wanted to add them as one of her five picks...but apparently i've laid some sort of claim on jeffrey campbells on our blog. but really, who wouldn't love these?

reservations with a rose dress
modcloth is full of dresses that i want and would wear all year long. this one caught my's romantic and vintag-ey and beautiful. want!

70s rose bell bottoms
i lerrrrve high-waisted jeans. damn them for not looking good on me. i don't care, i will wear these anyways, cause look at the back...

vintage dazzling rhinestone necklace
i've always wanted a vintage rhinestone necklace to wear with jeans and a t-shirt. the bigger the better. this one is fabulous. then i can be like liz taylor in her white diamonds commercial...just walk up to some hottie, hand him my rhinestones and say, "these have always brought me luck." but then i'd take the necklace back, cause it's too cute to give away...even if he is a hottie.

art deco diamond and sapphire ring
and onto real diamonds. i love love love art deco diamond rings...especially ones with a touch of sapphire. this one does my liking justice!

what's on your list of favorite things today?

happy wednesday!

the birds


  1. i love antique rings. my engagement band is from my husband's great grandmother and inset diamond is from when his parents were married. i get so many compliments on how it isn't like every other engagement ring style popular right now.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous picks! As always, birds :)

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  3. Those jeans are RAD. I wish I could wear open-backed things, but there's that whole annoying business of having to wear a bra...

    The Marc Jacobs swimsuit is killer.

  4. As always, adore your picks ...that Lulu's dress is just gorg, may have to get it!! AND yes, yes I love that diamond ring. I'm a huge fan of art deco too. xx veronika

  5. Oooh that dress with the open back is calling my name!! And that ring is amazingly gorgeous!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  6. hahahaha, that intro made me laugh!!! And yep, those JC platforms are pretty much the shizzest of the shiz.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  7. I am totally in love with the retro swim line by MJ! nice post

  8. I'm a big Jeffrey Campbell fan too. Have you seen the Munroes? Duuuude. I have a new shoe crush. I also went and checked out the Etsy shop with the rings and I may have to buy something!


  9. Holy cow those rings!!! You both picked amazing ones! My fingers are feeling a bit naked...

  10. Love everything in this post. The manicure on those nails in the first image are perfection!

  11. I like the ring on the first picture!

  12. That pink dress is gorg. and I love the bell bottoms. Great this feature on your inspiring. Dawn Xo