Monday, June 20, 2011

inspiration monday: ovo

first of all, thanks to jill for my awesome four pack of tickets to ovo, the latest cirque du soleil show. we have a camping tradition every father's day, and this year was no different. ok, it was. 1. we brought our brand new (to us) scamp out for camping this year. don't know what a scamp is? ask me, and i will tell you all about it. and, i plan on doing a blog post about it soon. basically, a scamp (our scamp) is a super awesome retro camper. it is just enough to sleep our family of four.  it also has a fridge, a stove top and a sink...all three of which we did not use this weekend. this weekend, it was a glorified tent, and we loved every minute of it. scamp, i love you. but back to jill. reason number 2 that made this weekend different was that we won tickets to see ovo. it was a-mazing. if you haven't had a chance to see one of these shows, buy some tickets. the sheer strength of the people in these shows is worth the price of admission. imagine the most amazing yogi in the world, and then imagine her performing her yogi skills in costume, to music, and with props and loads of other people. if i could have one quarter of the strength of these people in cirque du soleil, i could kick all of your asses. not that i want to, but i could.

anyhow, the show was amazing, so amazing that we drove from our camp site to see it, and then back to the camp. again, if you don't know about cirque du soleil, imagine this...a man on a tight rope, on a unicycle, on his hands, riding the unicycle. you think i'm making this up, but i'm not ~ i saw it. i also saw a woman bend herself in half and then cross her legs like a true lady while she was pretzeled in half. i could go on and on about how amazing these people are. i think it's impressive that at 37 i can still do the splits, but it's not really. these people are walk sideways up a wall impressive. again, i saw that, really.

ok enough about these crazy cats. on to the inspiration. gotta love olivia wilde. she is gorgeous, and she gets to work with greg house. don't watch house? you should. but really, this outfit is's simple and easy, while at the same time being beautiful and classy.


megan bird

pants ~ kohls
tank ~ thrifted
shoes ~ target
earrings, necklace ~ F21
ring ~ heartbreaker

nora bird

skirt ~ thrifted, talbots petites
shirt ~ thrifted, theory
shoes ~ pink duchess, dsw
rings ~ h&m
belt ~ vintage, thrifted

happy monday all! be inspired today!

the birds


  1. Gorgeous spin on the style, both of you!

  2. i love both outfits, i wish i had pants like megan, you'll see why on Winter In Sydney

  3. Your thrifted skirt is gorgeous! Love the sound of the scamp, I've always wanted to go around in a vintage camper! xx

  4. Both takes on the style are lovely. nora bird's heels are so killer with the cone shape heel and the ruffle t-strap. I want them :)

  5. Megan, I love how your necklace kicks the whole outfit up a notch, and the pants look great on you.

    Nora, I must echo the last comment - those shoes are perfect. The shape of the skirt and the style of the blouse give the whole look a sort of flamenco-esque flair.

    I love camping. We have a 10-person tent, which is ridiculously spacious for two adults, but it was 80% off and we just couldn't resist.

  6. wohoo...that's two very cute casual chic looks. Very refreshing!

    The shows sounds amazing, it's great that you got to see it free. The tickets must be expensive. Thanks for hosting once again.


  7. I love both these looks. Thanks for always inspiring me to wear something different and to think outside my normal outfit range! Also, I saw Ovo last year and it's really good! You're sure to love it!

  8. Ok - you ladies look great!

    And what is scamp? We are going camping soon and I am dying to know!

  9. You guys look great! Sounds like an amazing show!

  10. thank you for keeping it relatively easy for all of us on the remix. megan i love the necklace and the pants! nora, that midi skirt is fabulous and like how you wore it with an off the shoulder top!

  11. You both look amazing! I WANT those heels. AMAZING! Thanks so much for motivating me to actually get dressed today and not just sit around in my swimsuit and cover up. I am going to need to have the motivation continue to keep me going while school is out;)


  12. I like the high waisted pants and Nora's shoes. I saw Cirque du Soleil once several years ago, but it was really fun.

  13. These looks are great! And truly, I love Cirque du Soleil -- the first time I went, I wash shocked at the end to find myself crying! Even though I don't speak the language, I think we could all understand the emotion of the story and just got swept away by it.

  14. Owning a Scamp had been a dream of mine... so envious you have one! Can't wait to see a post about it!
    ps. LOVE those black linen(?) pants! They look stylish AND comfy, the perfect combo!

  15. I want to see Ovo so much...I'm glad you guys had such an amazing time!

    Megan, I absolutely adore those pants! I love the pants spin on the outfit.

    Nora, the shoes are ridiculously adorable, especially paired with that skirt. I need a pair of t-straps, immediately!

  16. Megan, Love the necklace and that you wore pants. Nora, I love how you both style it your way. Birds, you are great as always. And thanks for thinking of the tiny closets of those who are remixing. I actually tried to think ahead to what you might throw at us so I could get my bases covered! Debbie

  17. How cute! Sounds like so much fun, except for the small fact that I hate camping. HOWEVER, you girls both look stunning.

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  18. Lovely! I love your pants, Nora!

    Now, I'm intrigued by the scamp. I love camping, too! But only if there are showers close by hehe. Ovo sounds really good now... maybe I should make my way over there.

  19. I love those pants Megan! Please tell me they were a recent Kohl's purchase because I have been looking all over for a pair of airy black pants like those. DIVINE!

    Nora, you look fabulous as always. The neckline on that top is so flattering, especially with your hair. Your bangs make me want to head to my hairdressers right now.

    Thanks again ladies for hosting the par-tay! :)

  20. Dear two birds, I left you a comment this morning with my critique of your outfits. I don't see it here so I must not have finished typing in that wonky word at the end. sorry!Megan your outfit is hot and the that necklace is beautiful. Nora, I love your hair pulled up which frames your face perfectly. Your shoes are gorgeous and are paired so nicely with your are both equally amazing. Dawn xo

  21. You girls both look stunning as usual. I love both of your takes on this look! I would wear both to work or for drinks, super cute!

  22. It' so nice to be back again, and both of your outfits are great. I would wear both of your outfits anyday. I would love to have my sister living closer so we could share our things like we used to. I would love to see pictures of your scamp. The cirque du soleil show has toured through Europe but we have not been to see it yet.
    Have a nice week!

  23. Now, I know I tell you that you are both the prettiest birds I've ever seen, all the time. But you both look EXCEPTIONALLY beautiful in this post.

  24. Oh miss megan, I sure do likey that necklace!