Monday, June 13, 2011

inspiration monday: liv a little

i felt like a college student this weekend. the weekend consisted of:
1. having a garage sale with nora and amanda
2. drinking high life mimosas
3. saving the lives of seven baby bunnies (seriously, amanda found a bundle of bunnies that a woman was about to drown)
4. laughing at amanda crying because she wanted to keep seven wild newborn bunnies as pets
5. discovering that my mother/father-in-law were watching our kids
6. an impromptu trip to the local dive bar, which parlayed into...
7. drinking nordeasts and key lime shots at said dive bar
8. drunk biking
9. more laughing at amanda because she fell off her bike trying to take a picture of my butt
10. house parties and fire pits
11. laughing at cayla because she had enough bikes to let us all ride one
12. riding home at midnight with all four of us singing kansas songs at the top of our lungs
13. biking back to our car after filling up on pancakes and breakfast burritos (mmmm, lingonberry butter)
14. afternoon naps with the kids

ok, number 14 isn't really college material, but the rest is. i felt very young this weekend, it was a blast. except for the slight headache and swollen ankle. it turns out biking in heels after drinking all day isn't the smartest thing to do.

anywho, on to today's inspiration. the lovely liv tyler. as nora mentioned earlier, she is effortlessly cool. case in point, check her out here:

and here are our inspirations

megan bird

shorts ~ F21
shirt ~ Delias (from Amanda)
belt ~ from Amanda
earrings ~ F21
bracelet ~ garage sale
shoes ~ $9.88 store

nora bird

shirt and shorts- F21
shoes- qupid, $9.88 store
rings- H&M
bracelets- made by sister izzy

happy monday, all!

the birds


  1. oh! will do this tomorrow! it's 8 pm here and freezing since i don't have heat in my 1-yr-old apartment in sydney~

  2. I love this week's inspiration... such a shame it so flippin' cold here!

  3. Oh thanks for calling me to come out for drunken bike rides...I miss all the fun!!! Sounds like a blast. Megan bird your outfit is so well put together and unexpected with the big checks in your blouse...looks fabulous!!! Nora bird, yours is very similar to Liv's and absolutely an awesome look on you. Have a great week lovely birds... Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  4. I love both of the ways you styled it ;)

  5. Both of you look rockin'. Megan, I've been meaning to ask you about that shade of nail polish you've been wearing lately. What kind is it? I love the way it pops.

  6. Oh my gosh you guys are adorable..where have you been all this time! hahah I am so glad I found you! Loving those shorts..I have some..I just have a couple more lunges to do haha!!!


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  7. sounds like my kind of weekend! Great choice for inspiration as well! :D -C.C.

    ReFashion Statement

  8. i love both of those shorts! I need to get some ASAP!

  9. sounds like my kind of weekend! Great choice for inspiration as well! :D -C.C.

    ReFashion Statement

  10. You both always look fantastic. I especially like Nora's shorts because of the cute buttons.

  11. Liv is always great! love the looks!

    xo-Kayla Marie

  12. Oh my goodness, I can't believe someone was about to drown baby bunnies! How horrible! I'm so glad they were saved.

  13. I'm jealous of your weekend. Sounds like SO much fun!
    You both look great! I love this look!
    And how did I miss your garage sale?? I'm bummed...

  14. Love your versions of this look! Megan, love your gingham top and Nora, those shorts are fabulous!

  15. Lingonberry butter? Hello, delicious!

  16. You two little birds are so cute. I love the buttoned shorts but like the plaid......So that must me I have some diplomacy in me..........Not in this life. Thanks for your sweet comments. You two are fun to get to know!

  17. Awww! Your weekend sounds so fun! I love the looks, both of you are rockin' the shorts, so cute!

  18. I love all the things you found at Forever 21..I hope to be shopping there soon! Both of you look great but I have to say my favorite is the button shorts. Does Liv know where her shorts are? Debbie

  19. i stopped reading at "highlife mimosas" because i was immediately smitten by the idea and couldn't think of anything more delicious than that.

    i'm glad i continued because i loved pretty much everything about that list. it made me want to pack my stuff up and crash at your house for a weekend. it sounds like you had a wonderful time! re-living college is great every now & then . . . just enough to really miss it, but never too often that you want to go back to being an adult.

    awkwardly chic

  20. Wow, that sounds like one fun and amazing weekend. I am jealous. I am actually not sure which one of you wrote that...
    You both look so cute in the outfits.
    Man, I hope our weather cooperates here for the following weeks.

  21. Haha, sounds like the perfect weekend! Specially the drunk biking while attempting butt pictures!!
    An the inspiration pictures are fabulous!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  22. This list is *awesome*. How did I forgot about the key lime shots?! Yum! This shirt looks waaaay better on you than it ever did on me! So glad you found a treasure in my piles and racks! Had such a good time! p.s. I need some high-waisted shorts. Please keep a look out for me, gals.