Monday, June 27, 2011

inspiration monday: cute as a button

what a weekend! i actually will do a post later with a little photo wrap-up. basically it was filled with fun boot camp races (so much mud, i might have to toss my tennies), a drive to lake city, mn to celebrate waterski days (lake city, birthplace of waterskiing...minnesota is known for more than winters, mosquitos and dumb politicians), tons of fun family time, carnival games and rickety rides, a horrific 80s band (yes, horrific is the perfect word to describe them), lots of beer, and the whole male population of lake city hitting on nora (she is cute as a button {no really, that was a line that one man used on her}!)

there was a lemonade stand at the carnival and sunday morning we were all very dehydrated. nora went to the carnival to get a lemonade ~ you know the kind with the real lemons in it ~ and the man told her there were free refills with her $5 purchase. so a few minutes later, after mimi sucked up the whole cup (hello sugar-high baby), our brother-in-law went down to get a free refill. well, it turns out, only cute girls get free refills, because after they filled the cup back up, they promptly asked matt for $3. they ended up giving it to him for free after all (cause he mentioned that he knew nora).

on to the outfit. the beautiful diane kruger and her easy breezy style...

megan bird:

sweater ~ garage sale
skirt ~ old navy, thrifted
necklace ~ vintage, thrifted
shoes ~ bamboo, dots
belt ~ thrifted
hat ~ rummage sale
earrings ~ F21

nora bird:

vest ~ kimchi blue, UO
dress ~ xhileration, target
hat ~ random store in lacrosse, wi
shoes ~ charles albert, delias
necklace ~ i like you
belt ~ thrifted
button face ~ mom and dad

how were your weekends? do anything fun?

xoxo, megan bird


  1. I love the outfits ladies and look forward to your weekend wrap up! Megan's outfit is really close to the original picture and her sweater and skirt colors are very similar to mine.

    I actually went outside to take pictures for this week and am pretty excited about how things turned out!

  2. Megan the zebra print on your hat is just perfect with the pink top. I love the wash on your skirt which looks super cute. Can I have your necklace? Thanks! Your location is so pretty...where are you? Nora, your vest is really cute belted and paired with the denim dress. I love the color and your hat looks great as a prop and on you. But the star today is MiMi. Linking up later...I have to pull myself together...this work stuff is serious. Dawn xo

  3. I am loving both of these looks. I especially love Nora's vest. I thought it was a scarf at first. So very cute:)


  4. Megan, you nailed the silhouette perfectly! And I like how Nora's shoes are nude and black like the Inspiration Photo. Both very cute looks.

    And as someone with very cute BFFs, I can totally relate to watching the girls get hit on all the time. But yay for getting free stuff for it!

  5. great looks, ladies! Megan, i love that hat! and Nora, that vest is fabulous! thanks for another inspiring monday!

  6. You are both cute as a button! I like both of your hats, and it sounds like a fun weekend.

  7. I seriously love this! You guys look great. My little sister is about to move to the same town as me for the first time in 20 years!!! I can.not.wait!


  8. Cute, the inspiration and both of you! I have that vest that Nora is wearing, except mine is the dark taupe color.

  9. You girls both look adorable, as usual! Nora, that best is spectacular!

  10. Oh, love your outfit Megan. That skirt is so cute and love the colour of your top. I can't believe that about the lemonade though hah, funny. Reminds me there are lemons at home waiting to me made into some berry lemon iced tea.

  11. Megan, I love the zebra hatband. Nora, I love the belted vest. To whom it may concern, I love the carnival shots!!! Debbie

  12. gosh you two are darling! i love how both of you interpreted the look. i keep forgetting to join in on the fun; i think next week will be my week!

    happy monday, ladies!

    awkwardly chic

  13. megan you look so cute in that mini and sweater outfit. So perfect for a fun weekend. I really like nora's pretty lacy vest with the dress outfit.


  14. Both of your outfits are really cute as a button. Megan, your outfit is just as breezy and easy like Dianes, it just looks so comfortable.
    Nora, I do like your vest over the dress and of course your little girl is so adorable.

  15. Megan-I absolutely love that cardigan tucked into the skirt like that...I kind of want to try it immediately :) And that color is pretty fantastic, too...excellent garage sale find!

    Nora-The vest and wedges are adorable. I love the belted vest look!