Friday, June 3, 2011

if i had a hammer, i'd hammer in the morning

a few weeks ago, my daughter had to stay home from school. the little nugget has asthma (well actually, they don't diagnose asthma at her age, so technically, it's called reactive airway disease), and she was having a flare up and needed her nebulizer every couple of hours. she's better now, yay! i'm sure you don't want to read a whole post about her treatment, so i will move on. needless to say, she was sick, i was home, she was sleeping, and i was bored. while i wanted to sit on her bed, hand on her chest as she slept, i knew that just wouldn't cut it, so i decided to get some projects around the house finished.

first up, ugly bed. i bought this bed frame on craigslist for $50. oh, $55 if you add the cost of the ripped tights due to my horrible spill on the icy driveway of the seller. yep, embarrassing, and if you look at any picture of me in a skirt or dress on this blog, you will see the scar on my knee. so, $50 bed frame, $5 tights, $15 scar cream, and $8 worth of spray paint later, we had a new bed frame.

here is the big brass ugliness i started out with:

and here is the finished product:

i have to show a close up of this pillow sham. nora bird's mother-in-law made one for each of us. isn't she the sweetest? i'm not even her daughter-in-law and she thought of me, and took the time to make this. i love it and display it proudly on our bed!

next up, wall collage. i love wall collages. they are all over my house. well, basically i just love to hoard cute pictures, so i have to have wall collages to showcase my finds. the other day, amanda was over and said, "oh i love it that i know where and when you got each of these pictures." i think that means we shop together too much! sorry for the poor quality of this picture. i took it with my phone and didn't realize how bad it was until now. i have also since replaced the sewing kit hanging for a wonderful minnesota embroidery that i recently found at a garage sale!

wait, did someone say wall collage? check out this bad boy...
some might say tacky, i say a-mazing!

i love spray paint. love it. i had a lamp, and some leftover spray paint, so this is what i ended up with.
voila ~ turquoise lamp! (did i also mention i'm a sucker for anything with two birds on it? i'm the yellow bird!)

and last but not least, i found a way to showcase my very favorite fuchsia vintage suitcase.
i love books, i love suitcases..tada!

these are the kinds of things i do when i have a little bit of free time. mostly i sit around and watch law & order reruns, so don't go getting the idea that i am miss sally diy every day. but when i do it, i like to brag a little. so please indulge me!

happy friday, all!!

megan bird


  1. Love that quilt on the end of your bed! ;) Your bed looks amazing! I can't believe how many projects you got done! You are super woman! I want to steal that suitcase. If you see another one, grab it for me! You have inspired me to make my new home even cuter! :)

  2. Hey I LOVE Law and Order Reruns! hahah!!!
    Love the lamp and I looove painting old suitcases! Thanks for hte book idea, that is so clever!

  3. blerg. i need to redecorate. your house is cuter than mine. but i am definitely no sally diy.

  4. Your house is really cute. I like the pillow sham!

  5. Wow, the lamp! I've spray painted my share of goods in my time, but I don't think I'd ever have thought of this! We have this plain, boring old lamp in our living room and now I think I have a refurbishing project in my near future! Any tips?

  6. digging it! I am moving soon, thanks for the inspiration!!

  7. Saucy idea with the vintage suitcase!

  8. Megan, I love this post and I love the peek into your home. I'm the same sort of pick things up here and there, spray paint and move stuff around decorator. My favorite is the two birds pillow, too cute. And it was sweet of your sister's mother-in-law to thing of you. Very sweet. Enjoyed the post. I'm thinking of doing a home post sometime. I have my before pictures but I may work on the after for a while! Have a great weekend. Debbie

  9. This is the kind of home where, when you walk in, you feel instantly welcome and surrounded by good vibes. LOVE the plush mounted "deer".

  10. I share your love for spraypainting random things... I think it might be catching! Im so happy that summer is here because that means garage sale season has begun.. which leads to more random spray painting adventures.
    Anyways, thankyou for your sweet comments on our blog... us sisters have got to stick together :)

  11. helloooo :) thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a very beautiful comment :) it made my day,sorry i took so long to get back to you, I love the pink vintage case of yours,that was a good idea to put books in it :)

  12. Oh my gosh you are SO crafty! That is so awesome! I like the spray painted lamp! I totally know what it is like to be on a! You like can't leave the house for more than a few hours because you got to go breathe that meds in haha. Hope she gets better!

    Ashley Sloan

  13. what a pretty and lovely bedroom. Well done! Love the pillow case. Hope your daughter gets well soon!


  14. Wow, it looks like you had a seriously productive day! I have to admit, I'm kind of in love with the mounted stuffed moose, too :)

  15. i wish i had the patience to re-make things. it seems like so much fun to personalize something and really make it your own. i could start small but spray painting something, but i'm afraid i will also gain an obsession with spray painting things.

    awkwardly chic

  16. Great job on repainting the bed frame.
    You are one hot super momma!

    Btw, Thanks for the comment. I'm following you now;
    #252 follower...followed back?

  17. aww, so cute ideas!!! wonderful job!:)

  18. I love your sweet, colorful style. Whimsical and lovely. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes. sorry about the asthma..that stinks.

  19. i like!!
    love your blog!
    follow you now, follow me back?

  20. awww the rooms look so cute and cozy :)