Friday, June 17, 2011

frugal feathers: when life gives you lemons...

some bastards broke into my car yesterday while i was at work. broke a window to get a cheap-ass gps system. broke a window in the middle of downtown minneapolis, on a high-traffic street. took a cheap-ass gps system, when all the while there was a $100 pair of sunglasses and about $600 worth of tools in the car. thank goodness for idiots, right?

the thing is, this is the third occurrence of theft i have experienced in the last six months. our house got broken into (we think it was an inside job), our front lawn lights got stolen, and now the car. i am starting to wonder if there is a new tlc reality show. a mix between 48 hours and hoarders. did my sisters call tlc and say, "our sister is somewhat of a hoarder...we want to get rid of some of her stuff, but we don't want her to know we called you." and tlc said, "hey, no problem...we're thinking of starting a new show called 'robin(from the)hood', where we steal from people who shop too much and make it look like a break in. it's ok, though, because all the 'stolen' property gets donated to charity." problem solved!

so anyways, the good news is, these idiots only got a (can i say it again?) cheap-ass gps system. they could have got more. the other good news is that window breaks are covered for "free" under our insurance. the really good news is that since we're out a window, i cleaned the whole car out. seriously, we are a messy-car family. i cleaned it all out...vacuumed, wiped, full-on cleaned out. you could feed a small nation with the food i found under the kids' car seats. too much information? are you gagging a little? yep, it was gross.. and now it's clean. so when life gives you lemons....clean your car out.

and thanks to everyone for your well wishes about eva. she is feeling better now!

there you have it...this outfit is 99.9% thrifted. there are two things i never thrift...earrings and undies. i know what you're thinking.....earring and undies are only 0.1% of my outfit? yes, my underwear is that small. not!

earrings ~ f21 $3.80
dress ~ i heart ronson, garage sale, $2.00
shoes ~ jessica simpson, thrifted, $5.99
belt ~ vintage, thrifted, $1.99

eva's dress ~ thrifted, $1.99
eva's shoes ~ garage sale ~ $.50

happy friday!!!!!

megan bird


  1. Oh hon, I am SO sorry to hear that. We've been broken into, cars vandalized and stolen, the whole deal. It is so scary. Glad you're OK. And that you've still got your sunnies. ;)

  2. You look great! That totally sucks about your car. My sister said that people would break into cars if they even saw the suction cup in the window. I'll go beat them up for you. Maybe you need a cider when you get back in town :)

  3. You and Eva look absolutely adorable.

    Sorry to hear about your car being broken into. At least you were able to come out of the experience with a positive attitude!

  4. Damn girl, sorry to hear about your car (and house, and front lawn lights). That really, really sucks.

    On the bright side, that dress looks amazing on you, and the New Kids concert is less than a month away.

  5. Sorry, that's horrid, happened to us too. I need to clean my very messy family car too. Perhaps I should start today... lovely dress and I LOVE a thrifted outfit with that many thrifted components! You go, girl.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    June giveaway

  6. Wow, you found Jessica Simpson shoes at a thrift store?! Lucky! They're gorgeous!

    Major bummer about your car though! And the previous thefts, that's so not cool. At least they didn't take all the other stuff you mentioned. And you do have a clean car now hah. I'm a bit of a messy car person myself (hey, I'm single, nobody else sees in there!) so I know what you mean heh.

  7. maybe this is #3 of the "comes in three" rule and no more theft for you. sure hope so! good thing you could spin a funny story out of it.
    ps. don't tell that new reality show about me.

  8. Boo! That is a whole rash of not good coming your way. So sorry that you've had a bad run of it -- no way to go but up now, right?

  9. Ugh that is the worst. I like to think of my messy car as my 'anti-theft' device. But this prooves me wrong ;P
    That dress is super pretty though!

  10. Omg! That's horrible! So sorry to hear this happened to you, but on a much better note so glad that you weren't in the car, happy that you're safe and able to be here. I love your dress, dear!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Love the black dress. So sorry to hear about what happened, hope you are ok.

  12. oh no thats awful! i'm glad you and your family are okay though :-) ... Love your outfit as always, do you just go to your local thrift store to find goodies??

  13. Ugh, I'm so sorry about your string of thievery. On the upside, this is one of my favorite, favorite outfits that you've posted. I can't believe how much of it is thrifted!

  14. Terrible you are dealing with such a rash of theft! Glad they didn't get the "good stuff"! I hope you didn't clean out the car in that awesomely cute dress!! Those shoes> I almost fell outta my office chair! They are a fabulous thrifty find!
    Thank you for the blog visit!

  15. So sorry to hear about the break-in. Even if they only took a cheap ass GPS system, I know the feeling being robbed from gives you. It sucks.

    Good news? You look fabulous. Love the dress, love the belt, love the shoes.

  16. so sorry to hear about your car. but it seems like you made the most of it by cleaning out your car, that they didn't steal more expensive items, and insurance covers it~ there's a lot more positives than i would have found in this experience.

    and you look great in this outfit. i'm about to link up my inspiration monday!

  17. Sorry to hear about that car break in. I remember feeling violated when I got pick pocketed. What more with what you've been through these 6 months? I mean you know, it is just material goods, but still, it was once yours and to have someone take it is unsettling.

    I love your dress and I cannot believe your shoes are thrifted! It looks great!

  18. ok that does suck but woman you are funny! I enjoyed this read especially with the happy ending. Eva is adorable and you look hot as hello. I don't mind thrifted earring as long as you clean the post with straight up isopropyl alcohol...have a great rest of the weekend darling. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  19. oh honey that's awful. it seems gps are the #1 item stolen. a lot of ppl i know just leave their doors unlocked (if there's nothing valuable) so they won't get a broken window. i can't quite do that! i'm your newest follower, so maybe that might cheer ya up the teeniest bit?

  20. Robin (from the) Hood?! Ha!!

    I'm sorry about the break in. That's just so... violating. Boo.

    On the upside, your dress is an awesome find and your daughter beautiful. :)

  21. I'm so sorry about your car!