Friday, June 24, 2011

frugal feathers: i knew i loved you before i met you

warning, i have a lot of things going on in my head right now, so beware the mishmash post! it's friday, so i'm allowed to have a million-miles-an-hour brain, right?

first off, i want to start off by saying guys are awesome. i don't know if you know how much nora and i appreciate all of you. seriously, i know that sounds cheesy, but it's true. nora and i are constantly forwarding each other comments that have been emailed to us with little notes that just say, "cute" or "how sweet" or "awesome!" cause that's what you all are – cute, sweet and awesome! so i wanted to start off with that. thanks for all of your kind words and advice and quips every day. they really mean a lot to us.

ok, next on my list. do any of you have a mirror like mine? our bathroom mirror is like the snow white mirror. in my bathroom, at any given time, i am the fairest of them all. i have the best self esteem while i'm in my own bathroom. then i get to work, take one look in the fluorescent-lit bathroom mirror and realize that i'm not all that. stupid bathroom mirror, giving me false hope. i mean, it's not like i look in the mirror and see heidi klum, and then i get to work and i'm quasimoto...but there is something about the lighting that doesn't show wrinkles, under-eye bags or puffiness. do you ever wonder what it was like before mirrors were invented? i bet people had the best self-esteem. i also bet they had more important things to worry about than baggy eyes – like saber-tooth tigers and woolly mammoths. ok, enough about that, onto the next round...

i bought this top at a thrift store the other day. i spent a bit more on it that i normally would on a sweatshirt (a whopping $5.99!! curses!). but i love it – the design, the length, the off-the-shoulder 80s look it has – i had to have it. plus, it was hidden in the shorts section that i happened to pass it on my way to the check-out counter. it was meant to be mine. then i saw the label, it's a brand i've never heard of: truly. madly. deeply. i immediately thought of that dumb song (time to get another ditty in your head!) by savage garden. what kind of name is savage garden? i might have to do a little research on how they came up with that name. there is nothing savage about these guys. anyways, long story short, i am truly. madly. deeply. in love with my new sweatshirt.

hey, look at the ground
now look over there
now look at me
yeah, that's right, i'm rocking a two-pony fauxhawk. i'm prepping myself for the go-commando race i'm participating in tomorrow. don't mess with me. you don't want me to get all savage garden on you!

sweatshirt ~ truly. madly. deeply, thrifted, $5.99
pants ~ F21, $17.99
boots ~ can't find a brand on them, thrifted $4.99
earrings ~ F21, $2.99

happy friday, all!!

megan bird


  1. Savage Garden is a reference to Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. It was what either Lestat or Louis called life, or something like that.

    I don't even know why I remember that bit of mid to late 90s trivia.

  2. just love this maxi t shirt!!
    i'm following you by google friends, hope you'll do the same only if you'll like mine :)
    swee italian kisses

    Syriously in Fashion

  3. love the sweater, and love that two pony fauxhawk! as the 'wise' paris hilton would say 'thats hot!' ;-D

  4. the sweat shirt is great, you look rocker chic cool!


  5. That is a pretty rockin' sweater...and the hair is totally completing the rocker chick thing.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. what?!?! those boots were how much!?! Oh my, I love them, and the sweater rocks as well!!

  7. love the top and those boots were a great find too!

  8. Megan I am just catching up on all of yours and Nora's posts. WOWZA!!! I really enjoyed reading about where and how people gain confidence as I read all of the comments too. It's funny because people are all the same and want the same things but we just go about getting it in different ways. I draw from the strength of God, family, friends and coworkers the confidence I need to feel good enough. I had to think about your question before I answered it. I thought all morning and that is the answer that kept coming up for me. I have my down days where I feel fat, old, too old to blog, and ugly. Sometimes I walk past the mirror and make an ugly face just to look better when I am finished making an ugly face. I think to my face could look like that! Our life experiences give us confidence. I love you and your sister and have never met either one of you let alone hear your voice. The 2 of you are trend setters and leaders. You are both gorgeous equally and unique at the same time. Thank you for being such giving, sweet, lovely birds. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo. By the way, I got you beat by 7 years so don't ever tell me that you are old. xoxo

  9. You look are lookin' good!! I love the whole tough girl vibe you've got going on!

    And yep, my work as mirrors like that too. Hate them!

  10. i love that sweater!!! and... i avoid mirrors in public because i never seem to look as good as i do at home... oh well :)

  11. you look awesome! love the hair! and good luck in the race, i checked out the site and it looks like SO much fun!