Thursday, June 2, 2011

curious birds:summer reading

i love to read. my whole family does. my mom has a library of hundreds and hundreds ( i was going to say thousands, but my husband is always telling me that i exaggerate) of books and it just keeps growing. every time she visits a thrift store, garage sale, rummage sale or half price book store, her collection gets bigger. in fact, my sisters and i rarely need to buy a book or visit the library...if we are looking for something to read my mom has usually got it. it is not unusual for us to leave our parent's house after a family dinner with a big bag of leftovers and a big bag of books. and nothing says summer more than laying on the beach (or, in minnesota, on the dock or hammock at the cabin) and digging in to a great novel. 

my husband just finished The Hunger Games series and really enjoyed it. he really wants me to read them now and told me i could likely finish them each in a day or two. so, those are on my summer reading list.

 megan also just lent me The Blessings of the Animals, which she just finished and really enjoyed.

 so, i have a few books to get me through at least the first few days of summer! but i need more! more, i say! which is why my curious birds question to you today has absolutely nothing to do with fashion or beauty or any of that...i want to know what you are reading/have read/are hoping to read this summer. i will be taking all of your suggestions and searching my mom's stacks of books to make up the best summer reading list of all time!!! (no exaggeration, people. this is where it's at).

xoxo, nora bird


  1. Want to join my blogger book club? You could write a blurb about one of those books ;) hint hint

  2. I was smiling cause my husband says I always exaggerate as well.
    I love to read too. Especially stories that take place in another culture or time. I love to loose myself in it. I am picky though. I don't like adventure books or fast reads usually. I like to just read a few chapters and be satisfied. Not the kind that has you up until 3 am cause you had to finish it. I also read classics every 5 books or so. It amazes me how some authors from centuries ago can write stories that we can still relate to today.
    It is just that since I started blogging I haven't had much time. When do you read?

  3. I just read the forgotten garden (see my blog) and it was really good. It's long but a relatively quick read. Recent books I liked too are Water for Elephants, The Tiger's Wife and anything Nora Roberts :)

  4. Freedom by Jonathan Franzen is a great novel for a Minnesota lover. It's quite the saga and mostly set in the Twin Cities.
    I haven't read The Hunger Games yet~ the series is on my list too!

  5. I just picked up a stack of books from the discard pile at the library. Nothing super exciting, mostly mysteries and romances, which are great summer reading.

    As for new books, I just finished Bossypants by Tina Fey, which is amazing. I really want to read the new Sweet Valley Ten Years Later book, and hit up Rob Lowe's autobiography.

  6. I have been wondering if the Hunger Games series is worth reading. I like easy books when I go on vacation.

  7. I just started ready Bicycle Diaries by David Burne. It is a really good read about riding a bike through different cities across the world. Some are devastating (Detroit) some are amazing (Mpls...) anyhow, it is awesome and when I finish, you can borrow it if you want :)

  8. Oh my goodness, the Hunger Games books are absolutely fantastic. They're definitely my favorite series right now. In fact, I recently re-read book 1 and need to get on the rest of them. =)

    I also recently read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo books. They're really good, but not an easy read, with all the Swedish names. Hmmm...what else? I can usually find a fun easy read in the young adult section these days. I think all of my easy reads have come from there lately.

  9. I read the first of the hunger games trilogy in 2 day each and about half way through the 3rd, but just havent had the time to really crack on with it. Hope to be finished soon though. The first 2 are totally engrossing, so I couldnt put them down.
    Oh I read the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series a while ago and they are really great too. I have gotten back into my reading big time recently and am devouring books.
    You should join Good I find it great for keeping track of what im reading, read and want to read next. If someone mentions a book I just add it to my list and when I'm ready to get some more from the library I just log on and see what I have been recommended recently.

  10. Some recent well-loved books: History of Love by Nicole Krauss, Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi, The Magicians by Lev Grossman. So fun!

    You'll love the Hunger games trilogy -- they're so addictive. I was personally a little frustrated with the final book in the series, so I'd love to hear your assessment after you read them all.

    And I second the Good Reads recommendation. It's such a convenient way to find books you'll love.

  11. I loved The Hunger Games. I didn't think I would because I disliked Twilight so intensely, but they were just fabulous and very good, easy summer reads.