Thursday, June 30, 2011

curious birds: trying new things


i am not a thrill seeker or a very adventurous person. if you are looking for someone to go skydiving, bungee jumping or cliff diving with, you will not find her here. this has not always been the case. i used to be a tiny bit braver than i am today. even through high school i would ride scary roller coasters and crazy rides. but you will no longer see me in line at the amusement park. i can't even do the ferris wheel. (being stuck at the top of this is one of my worst nightmares. and if you don't believe stomach honestly just dropped going to that website). i am seriously such a wimp when it comes to things like that. i am, however, adventurous is certain ways. if we were at a restaurant and you wanted me to try some crazy new cheese? heck yeah! bring on the fromage. if you were to ask, hey nora, try this crazy awesome hot sauce! my reply would always be, okay! i freakin' love hot sauce! i will almost always be first in line at karaoke (okay, maybe not first. but i will always go right after megan). i long to travel more. i really want to see the world. and i would love to try surfing, white water rafting, mountain biking (on a small mountain), and many other fun and crazy sounding things. i would! i just haven't. but hopefully, someday, i will.

i got to thinking about this the past few days. i have been watching megan's two awesome, amazing and crazy kids this week. they are four and six and they are super adventurous. they will try anything at least once (and usually over and over). seriously, henry can do a back flip. how do you think he figured that out? i love that about kids! it is so awesome. watching my one year old try new things, and navigate her way through life through trial and is simply amazing (and often extremely terrifying for me to witness). but she has to learn, right? obviously with a lot of help from me and jim and all the other wonderful people who are teaching me how and helping me to raise her. we all had to find our way. so, at one point in our lives we were all super adventurous and trying new things every day! crazy to think about, right?

so, my question to you today is...

i went to skyzone the other day with the kiddos. seriously, if there is one near you, check it out. i want to go every day now! that is my most recent one. kind of vanilla, but so much fun!
(sorry so blurry. they wouldn't stop bouncing even for a second)!

 recently, i have also started my own successful business! started a blog! (both of these things, obviously, with megan). had a baby (not with megan...although she has taught me a TON about being an awesome mama!). bought a house (three years ago, but whatever)! flown with a toddler (so scary, people)! anyway, you get the picture. now i want to know...what have you done? what should i try?

as always, i hope you are having a fun and adventure-filled day!!!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. I think the last time I tried something new was when I took up tennis last year...I know it's not especially daring but I was so terrible it was embarrassing so it was a tad daring of me to keep showing up every few days to get gawked at a bit more. But I got better and now I love it!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. I'm usually really tentative about trying new foods haha... I'm always worried it'll taste bad and that I will have wasted my restaurant moneys on an icky meal.

    I have to shamefully say I cannot think of anything new I have done in a long time. However... in about 2-3 weeks I am planning on trying something new. I just can't say what that is ;) Hah.

  3. In March my hub and I took our 3rd trip to Jamaica. We wanted to do an off resort trip but not the typical touristy stuff so we paired up with three other couples, rented a private van and had the driver take us to a school (where we dropped off school supplies), a museum that wasn't open to the public yet (we got a sneak peak), a "locals" jerk stand, a cemetary, and up through the hills where no tour bus had gone before - scarey, big, high hills! It was truly an awesome adventure!

  4. most of my new things come in the form of food and drinks - raw oysters. foie gras. carpaccio. weird beverages. stuff like that. i'm not physically adventurous, and while i'll hike a million miles i am NOT jumping out of a plane.

  5. well last year i got a tattoo, and i swore i'd never get one! it says 'Carpe Diem' LOL :-) My best friend and I got the same thing but in different writing .. kinda cheesy, but I hope it reminds me every day to live life to the fullest!

  6. I am a very cautious person, but I try new things a lot. I like doing something different because it makes me feel alive! :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. The last time I tried something new was enter the blogosphere! This has been a very new experience for me and SO glad to see you make an appearance on the runway!

  8. What a great question to pose. I jumped off a big sail boat in the Pacific ocean without knowing whether or not sharks were nearby. I was really afraid but I just had to do it. Feel the fear but do it anyway. I think that people who give birth are the most courageous ones though. Dawn xoxo

  9. Great question! I just did something new! This weekend I bought clothes that were way out of my comfort zone. It felt great to wear something so different from what I normally wear. Never changing who you are or reinventing yourself is boring....

  10. Thanks for finding my blog. I am always amazed how fearless my kids are, wish i could be like that! The last adventurous thing I did was take a solo trip to ny...

  11. "Had a baby {not with Megan}"- haha, cracking me up!

    I haven't been that adventurous lately, but last summer I backpacked through Europe with my boyfriend. Even just peeing in some of the restrooms I used was an adventure!