Thursday, June 30, 2011

curious birds: trying new things


i am not a thrill seeker or a very adventurous person. if you are looking for someone to go skydiving, bungee jumping or cliff diving with, you will not find her here. this has not always been the case. i used to be a tiny bit braver than i am today. even through high school i would ride scary roller coasters and crazy rides. but you will no longer see me in line at the amusement park. i can't even do the ferris wheel. (being stuck at the top of this is one of my worst nightmares. and if you don't believe stomach honestly just dropped going to that website). i am seriously such a wimp when it comes to things like that. i am, however, adventurous is certain ways. if we were at a restaurant and you wanted me to try some crazy new cheese? heck yeah! bring on the fromage. if you were to ask, hey nora, try this crazy awesome hot sauce! my reply would always be, okay! i freakin' love hot sauce! i will almost always be first in line at karaoke (okay, maybe not first. but i will always go right after megan). i long to travel more. i really want to see the world. and i would love to try surfing, white water rafting, mountain biking (on a small mountain), and many other fun and crazy sounding things. i would! i just haven't. but hopefully, someday, i will.

i got to thinking about this the past few days. i have been watching megan's two awesome, amazing and crazy kids this week. they are four and six and they are super adventurous. they will try anything at least once (and usually over and over). seriously, henry can do a back flip. how do you think he figured that out? i love that about kids! it is so awesome. watching my one year old try new things, and navigate her way through life through trial and is simply amazing (and often extremely terrifying for me to witness). but she has to learn, right? obviously with a lot of help from me and jim and all the other wonderful people who are teaching me how and helping me to raise her. we all had to find our way. so, at one point in our lives we were all super adventurous and trying new things every day! crazy to think about, right?

so, my question to you today is...

i went to skyzone the other day with the kiddos. seriously, if there is one near you, check it out. i want to go every day now! that is my most recent one. kind of vanilla, but so much fun!
(sorry so blurry. they wouldn't stop bouncing even for a second)!

 recently, i have also started my own successful business! started a blog! (both of these things, obviously, with megan). had a baby (not with megan...although she has taught me a TON about being an awesome mama!). bought a house (three years ago, but whatever)! flown with a toddler (so scary, people)! anyway, you get the picture. now i want to know...what have you done? what should i try?

as always, i hope you are having a fun and adventure-filled day!!!

xoxo, nora bird

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

love*birds 6.29.11: the stars and stripes edition

our dog is terrified of fireworks. so much so that we have to give him anti-anxiety pills every fourth of july. the problem is that fireworks aren't just on the fourth; kids are constantly setting off those ones that make the zing and the pop noise. you know what i'm talking about, right? like the sound of a cartoon bomb...immediately followed by some wacky animal with stars surrounding his head. or is that when he gets hit with a frying pan? i get my cartoon sounds confused! anyhow, back to desi (our dog). on such nights that these whipper snapper firecrakers (that's what i've decided to name them) are going off, we either have to give him pills, lock him in the basement where he can't hear anything, or cradle him like a newborn until his shaking subsides. but usually it doesn't. desi will jump on our bed and shake uncontrollably ~ chris and i call this the "quarter in the bed" syndrome.  that's the one not-so-good thing about the fourth of july. but there are oh so many good things. which is why we are dedicating this week's love*birds to all things patriotic!

megan bird's picks:
jeffrey campbells
i bet you didn't think i'd find patriotic jeffrey campbells, right? well i did...i found two! ok, i actually found three, but i didn't like one pair (gasp!!!)

american flag high-waisted shorts
can you think of a better way to say you love the usa than with some vintage high-waisted shorts?

stars and stripes romper
i love a great romper. and this is a great romper. it's stars and stripes without being tacky. i love it!

messenger bag
what's not to love about this bag? it's eco friendly, it's big, it's adorable! and, it's completely handmade. love.

vintage embroidery hoops with ticking
how cute are these? while i'm normally not a huge fan of american folk art sort of items, these really caught my eye. like the romper, they do not scream "i love america!" it's more like a quiet whisper...and i can appreciate that.

nora bird's picks:

i love this dress. the stripes, the shape...this is red, white and blue chic!

you know i love a headband. and this one is just so pretty! love love love.

i never ever thought i would actually like an american flag shirt...but this one is actually pretty cool. i would rock this baby.

this magnet made me smile. so cute!

baby shoes are almost always cute, but i really love these. i would even wear them if they made them in my size!

we hope you are having a happy week! i am already excited for the long weekend and it is only wednesday! if you celebrate it, we wish you a fun and safe fourth of july weekend!

xoxo, the birds

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

i am sitting here trying to think of some fun story or clever quip before i show you the remix, and i am coming up blank. my brain is tired. this weekend was tons of fun...perhaps too much fun. now my brain needs time to recover. what? it's tuesday, you say? yes, my brain needs at least three days recovery time. i should be back up and running by tomorrow! but you didn't come here to listen to me blabber on anyway...let's check out the remix!

this week megan chose this super cute dress/skirt that she got at marshalls. it was the perfect dress for me to wear yesterday. i had mimi, plus megan's lovely kiddos, so this was the perfect dress to throw on and go go go! plus, it was warm and breezy out, which is exactly how i would describe this dress. i just love it. and the bonus??? megan told me i could keep it! what??? i don't know what she is thinking giving me all her cute stuff, but i am most definitely not going to argue or try and talk her out of it. i'll just be thankful for having such a kind and generous (and perhaps a bit crazy) sister.

outfit one: i'm breezy! (any other "friends" fans out there???)

headband- UO
red necklace- two birds
feather necklace and rings- H&M
bracelet- vintage, thrifted
shoes- DbDk fashion, eBay

outfit two:  flirty and skirty

tank- J Crew, garage sale
shoes- Target
necklace- vintage, thrifted
bracelet and belt- Dots
earrings- F21

have a wonderful tuesday!

xoxo, the birds

Monday, June 27, 2011

our weekend in pictures

mean faces for the race
awkward bus kit
the cleanest part of my body (my leg) after the race
see you later, shoes!
hello, tiny beers!
creepy and cool tree swamp
as my kids call it, the festibal
one year, one of these carriages fell off (in another city). i think everyone was ok, but you will never catch me on the zipper!
more carny rides!
feeding the ducks
lake pepin (the widest part of the mississippi)
heart art
leftover popcorn for the ducks
the bad, but oh so fun, band
street style – kelsey (sorry for the bad phone/1 AM photo skills)
street style – vera
bar time, goodnight!!

megan bird

inspiration monday: cute as a button

what a weekend! i actually will do a post later with a little photo wrap-up. basically it was filled with fun boot camp races (so much mud, i might have to toss my tennies), a drive to lake city, mn to celebrate waterski days (lake city, birthplace of waterskiing...minnesota is known for more than winters, mosquitos and dumb politicians), tons of fun family time, carnival games and rickety rides, a horrific 80s band (yes, horrific is the perfect word to describe them), lots of beer, and the whole male population of lake city hitting on nora (she is cute as a button {no really, that was a line that one man used on her}!)

there was a lemonade stand at the carnival and sunday morning we were all very dehydrated. nora went to the carnival to get a lemonade ~ you know the kind with the real lemons in it ~ and the man told her there were free refills with her $5 purchase. so a few minutes later, after mimi sucked up the whole cup (hello sugar-high baby), our brother-in-law went down to get a free refill. well, it turns out, only cute girls get free refills, because after they filled the cup back up, they promptly asked matt for $3. they ended up giving it to him for free after all (cause he mentioned that he knew nora).

on to the outfit. the beautiful diane kruger and her easy breezy style...

megan bird:

sweater ~ garage sale
skirt ~ old navy, thrifted
necklace ~ vintage, thrifted
shoes ~ bamboo, dots
belt ~ thrifted
hat ~ rummage sale
earrings ~ F21

nora bird:

vest ~ kimchi blue, UO
dress ~ xhileration, target
hat ~ random store in lacrosse, wi
shoes ~ charles albert, delias
necklace ~ i like you
belt ~ thrifted
button face ~ mom and dad

how were your weekends? do anything fun?

xoxo, megan bird

Friday, June 24, 2011

new blog header!!! oh, and perhaps some more frugal feathers...

hey, all??? you see up there at the top of our blog. that is our most wonderful new blog header. it was designed for us by the lovely meg of meg-mix. please please please go check out her adorable blog. seriously, what a talent! thank you so much meg!!! the birds absolutely love our new header! yay!!!

okay, i know megan already posted a frugal feathers today. and she looks super adorable, as usual. and, don't tell her, but i will be stealing that sweater from her asap. but i had a few thrifty finds to share with you today, as well. so you get a little dose of both birds today. it's a frugal feathers friday!!! okay, really it is just regular old friday. but that is pretty awesome because fridays totally rule. and so does finding awesome deals...okay, seriously nora...stop talking...

top- LOFT, savers thrift, $4.00
jeans- citizens of humanity, rummage sale, $5.00
shoes- BCBGirls, rummage sale, $4.00
necklace- garage sale, i don't recall the price
tank top- F21

again, we want to give a giant shout out and thank you to meg! you rock!

have a happy weekend, everyone! we will be partying it up in lake city for waterski days. super excited!!! i am sure we will have some fun stories to shared with you upon our return!

xoxo, nora bird