Tuesday, May 17, 2011

tuesday remix

tuesday r-r-r-r-r-remix! hey all! i hope you are having a great day so far! let me tell you...i am just loving the spring weather. so so so much. so i wanted to do a few spring-y outfits for you today. nothing crazy or fancy. just cute, everyday outfits. i got this shirt at a thrift store the other day, but it is originally from old navy. i adore stripes and this one called to me from the rack! i love the colors and the capped and sort of puffed sleeves. i love that it is form fitting but not uncomfortably tight. and i love that i will be wearing this shirt all the time! it is so versatile but just a little more fun than a plain basic tee. okay, onto the outfits*!

outfit one: come sail away

shorts- F21
shoes- charles albert
ring- heartbreaker

outfit two: lady

dress- hurley, garage sale
shoes- nine west
necklace- etsy, gift from jim
belt- F21 (taken off a jacket)

outfit three: mister roboto

jeans- F21
shoes- anne michelle
earrings- UO

what do you think? would you wear this shirt and how??? i need ideas since i think i will be wearing it a lot!

*i am not sure why all of my outfit titles are styx songs. the first one sort of worked and so i just went with it...and obviously styx is totally awesome. now you know what a dork i am (although, if you have been reading this blog for a while you probably have already figured that out).

have a great day!!!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. All the outfits look fun,i loved the second one the most ! :) So pretty! :) :D


  2. Love the stripes, charles albert shoes & shorts combo the best.


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  3. Oh I really love the 2nd outfit with the white dress, so pretty! I personally cannot wear stripes to save my life, but I like this.

  4. love those shorts ... i keep seeing those sailor ones, i need to get some pronto!

  5. I love anything with stripes, but the first outfit is especially awesome because of the cute shorts.

  6. I love the outfit names, and I loooove the outfits themselves! Great ideas :)

  7. I totally saw Styx in concert when I was 19, so I am a nerd too... I love the top! The first one is my fave but holy moly do I love the shoes in the last one! It would be fun to try it with a red skirt or a navy skirt with tiny stripes!

  8. those shoes are AMAZING. the gold ones. i love them! and your lush green backyard. green, gold, stripes...i'm in.

  9. I love all of these looks but I'm really drawn to the first one (those shorts are awesome). Also, Styx rules.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. very cute. i'm just jealous you're actually having a spring. lol

  11. I pair it with white pants and a navy blazer! Love those F21 shorts, and the red shoes are super cute! Great score!

  12. I will (garage) sale away with you any day, darlin! So cute!

  13. Cute find! I especially love the first way you styled it...I can picture it so many ways...with super flared jeans, maybe with some yellow...how about with overalls?

  14. A lovely summery look. new follower <3

  15. thanks for your nice comment! I hear ya on the P90X...it hurts so good...so I love/hate it. I do have to put it on mute cause the guy drives me BONKERS! he talks to much.
    anywho...love your blog! so glad you stopped by!


  16. love this! how funny, i did a remix too but with red jeans!

    i love these stripes. i actually like all the looks. those sailor shorts are adorable. and jeans are always a great go-to look. but i think my fave look might be the second one with that awesome white skirt!


  17. TOO cute. I love these little nautical-inspired looks!
    xo Josie

  18. All three outfits are great, I could imagine packing all 3 sets in a suitcase and spending the weekend at a lovely lake with my husband! Dressed for all occasions, perfect.

  19. Love the stripes - and the way you put all the looks together!:)

  20. I loved striped or polka dot tops, they are so versatile!!

    Great looks, you are always super cute!