Tuesday, May 31, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

you know how i told you my baby girl was feeling a bit under the weather? we have had a few sleepless nights at our house this weekend. and yesterday, instead of the bbq we were supposed to attend with my sister in law and her boyfriend, we spent the afternoon in urgent care. it turns out mimi has a really bad ear infection...the worst one the doc had seen all day. poor little baby girl. i feel so bad for her. the doctor told me to expect another sleepless night. luckily he was mostly wrong. she only got up twice last night, and the first time was before i had yet gone to bed. the second time was just to give her some meds (which took some effort! imagine a squirming baby with tightly pursed lips, tears streaming, and her head turning every which direction to avoid said medicine.) and she went right back to sleep. phew! hopefully this means she is beginning to feel better!

anyway, let's talk remix. this week's item is a silence + noise shirt i bought at urban outfitters years ago (2008, if i remember correctly). it wasn't a style i would normally wear, but it was on sale and i thought it was just really cool. perhaps too cool for me as it has been sitting in my closet, unworn, since then. so pathetic. i hate when i do that. i broke it out for the remix to see if i could make it work...and i was also so curious to see how megan might style it. turns out i really like this shirt. it's not really an everyday, throw on and run errands type of item. but i could definitely see it dressed down for a summer bbq with friends or fancied up for girl's night out. i think i will keep it and try and incorporate it into some outfits this summer. and if i don't, it's gone for good. i promise!

outfit one: the right to bare arms

jeans- H&M flary
shoes- charles albert
belt- H&M
necklace- H&M
headband- for love 21
ring- for love 21 

outfit two: give 'em the cold shoulder

shorts- F21
shoes- madden girl, opitz
scarf- garage sale
earrings- F21

i hope you all had a great weekend and are having a happy start to your week!

xoxo, the birds


  1. What a great top. I love both outfit styles, especially the boho feel of the first one.

  2. it's a nice top, glad you took it out for a walk. Hope your little one gets well soon:-)


  3. I hope your little one is feeling better today. Two great outfits, both suit you well.

  4. adorable! love the turban headband!


  5. That is a tricky top but you both did a fabulous job of making it work!

    Sorry to hear about your daughter, I had chronic ear infections as a kid (which eventually led to 5 ear surgeries) so I know how miserable it is! Glad to hear she's diagnosed and on the mend though!

  6. i love that both of you have cute short hairstyles ... the outfits are great! :-)

  7. Sorry that your baby hasn't been feeling well. I hope the meds help her to feel better.

  8. Cute outfits! that top is really cool. I hope your daughter feels better!

  9. So sorry to hear about your little girl. Hope she recovers very quickly. Ear infections are horrible.
    Love that top. I think my favorite was the flared jean pairing.

  10. You look amazing! Both styles look cute and sexy.
    I love your blog, by the way.
    I hope your little girl is feeling better!

  11. it's a really nice top! And I hope your daughter gets better soon, ear infections aren't good for anyone


  12. Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog, just followed you via friendconnect!

  13. What a cute outfit and both outfit styles are great. Hope she is feeling better soon too.

    My fave part of this post is the top with the jeans and those color blocking heels. They are SO chic and look comfortable and nice with the jeens since they're not too high
    Thanks for your sweet comment too

  14. have to say loving the coral sandals! x

  15. Love those flary jeans! Thank you for commenting on my post. I am following your blog now. Follow me back

  16. Great remixing! I should really remix my own closet. It would give me a new way to be creative.


  17. Great outfits, very creative !

    Thanks for visting my blog and leaving a comment ! I hope you keep visiting and FOLLOW my blog as I'm your FOLLOWER now !


  18. love it with the shorts better. =) that strappy sandals is really nice!

  19. Both looks are great and fun! Hope your daughter is feeling better!

  20. Love both looks. I'm obsessed with the hair in the first set and the shoes in the second.

  21. You two birds are very lucky to have each other.
    I think the shirt is great and like it both ways.
    One day when I grow up I am going to wish for a sister...........

  22. Both looks are great but I think the first outfit does the top more justice. Especially that great headband and feather necklace. So boho chic. We wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting our blog. We love that you two birds are sisters as well! Hope that you'll stop by again soon :)
    xo S&O


  24. that shirt is so much fun! i love how both of you styled it, from the hippie chic of the first one to the trendy second outfit.

    i hope your daughter feels better! i'm headed to the doctor on friday for my ears as well. i went swimming a week ago and water snuck in past my earplugs, giving me this wonderful ring in my ear and loss of hearing (how those two conditions coexist, i'll never know).

    thanks for all the love on my blog - i feel so special getting two comments from you ladies a day :). they really make me smile!

    awkwardly chic

  25. that flare looks amazing on you! I love your haircut too, it's so cute.. :)

    sorry about your daughter, hope she got better already..

    thx for dropping by and for your nice comments.. I am following you, follow me back if you like ;)


  26. the top looks very cute on you! i love how you did your hair too. =)

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