Tuesday, May 24, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

okay. i am admitting it. the remix has been overwhelming me as of late. i feel like there is never enough time and never enough clothes in my closet. every monday i had to figure out what three outfits i would be wearing, set up the camera and tripod, take a bunch of photos of each outfit, do outfit changes, upload and edit the photos, and write the post. and this is all while my baby is napping. and honestly, i was running out of clothes. i mean don't get me wrong, i have a ton of clothes. but i just felt like i was using the same pieces over and over and becoming a bit uninspired. it was just becoming not as fun anymore. and i am all about having fun. i feel almost silly even writing this because, i know, people have way worse problems (oh, poor nora, can't find an outfit to wear! boo hoo!). but this was just extra stress that was getting to me. so, of course, megan bird had a great idea (megan bird to the rescue!!!). each week either she or i will pick one item from our wardrobe and we'll both remix it. just one outfit each. so, there will still be a tuesday remix (i really didn't want to stop doing it). and, as a bonus, you will now get to see megan's lovely face and mad styling skills here every week! and i will be a lot less overwhelmed! yay! okay, enough of my babbling. i hope you all enjoy our first edition of the new and improved tuesday remix!!!

this week's item was chosen by megan. it is the cutest little cropped floral blouse, originally from delias but, of course, she thrifted it. i really wanted to keep it the minute i put it on. i loved it. and i would have gotten away with it if it weren't for that meddling megan! she wasn't having it. in fact, when i sent her a text regarding how i would be keeping the blouse she simply ignored me. can you even believe it? i mean, who doesn't let their sister keep their super cute, newly acquired items of clothing??? so lame. okay. for real now. enough of my babbling. i promise. onto the outfits...

outfit one: floral explosion

shirt- H&M
belt- vintage, thrifted
wedges- DbDk fashion, ebay
turquoise ring- H&M

outfit two: romper room

romper - thrifted (originally from target)
necklace - swapped
earrings - hand-me-down (maybe from nora?)
shoes - kohls
belt - amanda's (i will return it, i promise!)

yeah, that's right, megan to the rescue! it's a bird!it's a plane!it's a ...bird! i thought nora was doing a fabulous job at her remixes...i'm not trying to bogart her tuesdays. but i have to say we always had fun with the two birds remixes that we did for the store, so why not keep it up with our own clothes. between the two of our closets, we have plenty. as long as she never chooses a pair of her own pants to remix. cause then you'd have to see me getting super creative. hey look, i'm wearing nora's pants as a belt! no can do. have you seen her???

we hope you all like the remixed remix! and ps, nora might, just might get to keep this shirt!

the birds


  1. wow both outfits are so cute!! i love the first one so much ! the combination of two different floral prints looks amazing!

  2. Blogging can be stressful (albeit self imposed), but if you just consider what your original blogging intention or concept was, it will become easier and more enjoyable. Volume doesn't mean better. Love both looks and the top is so suuweeeeet!

  3. Sometimes blogging can be stressful - but still fun! And I love both these looks, that romper is adorable.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. What a fun idea to change up the remix! I love the top - the kinda '60s print is so pretty! I love the pattern mixing in the first one and that romper is so cute - way to make a strapless romper wearable!

  5. i adore the mixing of prints in that first outfit. WOW! Amazingly pretty!


  6. I love the floral top- usually I don't like much from Delia's, but I suppose I usually look at the store at MOA an don't look at the catalog which probably has tons more! I like the shirt best in the first look!

  7. I like seeing the shirt on both of you, and both looks are great!

  8. Lovin' your remixes - I too have that H&M floral skirt and love it!

  9. I love how those patterns look mixed together and I adore that skirt!

    Meanz (Koi Story)

  10. i love the two distinct styles! what a great idea! the shirt looks completely different in each outfit. thanks for giving me yet another excuse to play in my closet for hours. seriously, there isn't much that's more entertaining than playing dress up!

    awkwardly chic

  11. This is so cool! I love the idea of sisters having regular swap posts. Both looks are cute and creative. Now I want turquoise wedges and a denim romper.

  12. You two are so cute!

  13. what a great post! swipe that shirt while you can - it's really cute! that's what sisters are for ;) my sister and i blog together, too, so we totally understand.

    thanks for visiting us, your blog is lovely!

    -j, your newest follower :)
    sorelle in style

  14. I love both variations... I think the floral on floral was just a great mix of prints and I always think the rompers when dressed up are ultra cool-- though I've always been scared to actually don a romper myself. Something about the call of nature. :)

  15. I like both ways of styling it but I'd never think the do floral with floral... what a crazy but AMAZING pairing.

    xo, alison*elle

  16. Great idea! And i love that romper!

  17. LOVE them both. The floral mixing is perfect!

  18. Stylish, comfy, absolutely fantastic!!

  19. I think I'd want to keep that shirt too, it's adorable!! I love how you've both remixed it--the pattern mixing looks great, and layering it under the romper is such a creative idea! You both rocked it :)

  20. LOVE how you've worn the shirt under the romper! :D


  21. I know that having a blog is supposed to be fun but it can be totally stressful. I completely understand. It feels like an obligation a lot of times. But I think just remixing one item is a great idea and will save you tons of time! You both look adorable!

  22. Love the floral explosion and I adore the remix too, SO gorgeous. You gals have such a knack for putting outfits together -love it, love it all!! xx veronika

  23. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! You're both lovely and have great remixing abilities. :)
    It's amazing how much time it takes to put together an outfit blogpost, isn't it? I'm glad you found a creative way to inspire you! :) I love both outfits!

  24. both outfits are to die for!!!!!!! YOU LOOK SPECTACULAR!!! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :)

    Live. Laugh. Love Thrift.