Friday, May 27, 2011

style me: "hats, the musical"

when nora and i found this shirt, we looked at each other and knew we had to buy it for the shop. now, i hate to actually say that something we are selling is ugly, but it is. it's one of those pieces of clothing that is so ugly it's cute. and we both happen to love clothing that is so ugly it's cute. i mean, how can you turn down a beautiful silky vintage top that is covered, literally covered, in hats. now, if only we could find a hat that is covered in shirts...a match made in sartorial heaven.

the ugly item to be styled:

it's fabulous, right? it's almost surreal, like if you look at it long enough, a sailboat will pop out. trippy!

i took a close up of the hats, i thought this picture would look amazing framed.

wouldn't it be fantastic if under one of the hats, there was just a creepy lady looking at you?

ok, enough about the hats. i am turning into one of those red hat ladies. when i am old, i shall wear purple...

here's how i styled it. the longer sleeves didn't look great with my broader shoulders, so i bunched them up and tied them with some black ribbon i found at a rummage sale. and the longer length of the shirt would be perfect in the winter with a pair of leggings and knee-high boots, but it's (getting) warmer, so i decided to "summer" it up by knotting it (nora thinks i'm brave for showing a bit of my belly...i don't think you can see enough to actually see the product of two kids, so we cool).

one of my favorite things about this shirt...on the inside, there is a label ironed on that has the name "faith zimmeran" written on it in black marker. i love personal touches like that.

so what do you think? do you like hats? do you like shirts? well then do i have a deal for you!

happy friday, friends!

megan bird


  1. Okay, how on earth did you make that shirt look so cute?!!?!? I actually found myself thinking:
    Ooo, I like that shirt! hahah!!

    PS, I have those shoes!

  2. Wow! The way you styled this really tones down the crazy and makes this really cute. I also love those shorts.

  3. I can't believe you made a hat-print blouse look so damned sexy. ;)

  4. I seriously laughed so hard at "wouldn't it be fantastic if under one of the hats, there was just a creepy lady looking at you?" Awesome. The red shoes and shorts are perfect for the shirt!

  5. I would've bought it too! I'm all for a challenge! You look great and I love the "I shall wear purple" reference. :)

  6. I absolutely love that you style ugly things! For some twisted reason, that really inspires me and makes me want to do the same. I think it looks cute the way you are wearing it. Not to be creepy, but I once had a pink cardigan with a name sewn in, so I figured it had belonged to someone in a nursing home and the name was sewn in so it wouldn't get mixed up in the wash! Who know what history are clothes have had? That's part of the fun of it. Debbie

  7. I agree with Debbie above, I really like slightly off prints like this one. It's so ugly it's awesome! Brilliant. You gals are so creative with yourselves. I would like to do more altering of thrift finds. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Lindsay Living

  8. I love the shirt! Now tell me do you know anybody else with a hat shirt?