Saturday, May 28, 2011

a new shirt, a few beers and a little indecent exposure

we actually went out last night. it's been a long time since we've been out on a friday night. i had a half day at work, followed by an amazing kindergarten program, followed by some garage saling, followed by a much needed nap...and then out to dinner and drinks it was with some great friends that we have not seen forever.

i got this super cute t-shirt at one of the sales i went to. i love all things minnesota, and when i saw this shirt, i had to have it! i took it home and washed it right away so i could wear it out asap.

and because it is minnesota, i did need to bring a coat, so i threw on my $10 faux-leather jacket before we headed out.

this one was taken with my phone...everyone looks better in the "vintage" tint.

all in all it was an amazing night. we brought our friends to this crap hole in the wall bar and some guy got kicked out for *ahem* whippin' it out twice. yep, unzipped, unbelted and showed the world. we thought it was hilarious.

i hope your weekends are going well!

megan bird


  1. I am in serious love with that shirt! So great, and so true. :)

  2. Megan, I love your look gorgeous and sexy. I miss home so much. I know that sounds crazy but this has been a long 9 days. Love this post...soo funny. I am participating on Monday...yay. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xoxo

  3. you look adorable in this outfit! it's comfy and casual but still fun and fashionable :) and that shirt is awesome!

  4. well those 3 things should always go hand in hand ; )

    awesome look on you lades and wholly wow moment at the bar hey? crazy good times, wishing you a great rest of the weekend too. thanks for your comment, glad you liked the bathing suits. ♥

  5. Oh my! What a night!

    I like that your shirt says, "Bring A Coat". Nothing can be more true.

  6. your shirt made me laugh out loud! i've never been to minnesota. i used to think i was so tough when it came to the weather, but now i'm a big baby. living in california will do that to you!

    awkwardly chic