Friday, May 20, 2011

new loves and old friends: a three-hour tour

i feel a bit like mary ann from gilligan's island in this outfit. she was always my favorite. sure, ginger was a glamorous movie star, but mary ann was not overtly sexy like ginger. she was the girl next door (if you lived on a deserted island) and let's face it, she was super sexy herself. but i don't feel like her because i think i look sexy, i just think the patterns and the colors are reminiscent of something she'd wear. very practical for island living.

i always felt a little sorry for mary ann. she never got a designation in the theme song. there was the professor, the millionaire and the movie star, but she was just plain ol' mary ann. although i guess that's way better than just being the millionaire's wife. do you think the song writers got lazy...what can we say after "the millionaire"? about, "and his wife"? easy peasy. although in the 60s, when this show was on, i guess that was an "appropriate" title. and lovey never really did do anything on that island...she was just a lazy old rich biddy.

but anyways, my outfit. i bought this shirt on a whim at a thrift store for half off. i believe i paid $2 for it. not too shabby. i figure i can wear it all summer with shorts, skirts, leggings. what else can you wear shirts with? (i sound like bubba from forrest can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it.) i'm all over the place today...sorry, it's friday! so this shirt, i love it. i didn't think i would, but i do, so i will be wearing it tons this summer. look for it featured at such places as garage sales, car washes and picnics!

new loves:
skirt/earrings ~ F21
shoes ~ Target
belt ~ thrifted

old friends:
shirt ~ vintage, thrifted

may i recommend a drink for the patio tonight? one part vodka, two parts san pellegrino flavored water (lemon and orange are my faves)...that's's so delicious!
happy friday! 

megan bird


  1. This is a FANTASTIC outfit! I love those colors together and I absolutely adore your little gnome friend in the photo with you, what a gallant gentleman! hahaha!!

  2. I'm really into red bottoms this spring, and your outfit is a perfect example of why! Very Cute.

    ~ Em K

    Is that Essie's Turquoise and caicos on your nails?

  3. What a cute gnome! Thanks for the drink suggestion - I just may try that tonight. I love this outfit - you look like the Fourth of July! (excuse my blatant movie line ripoff)

  4. Hot! seriously. You may now be the bird I
    have a crush on. It changes weekly. hah!
    p.s. can I come over for a drink (or 12)? What a crazy week.

  5. Just lovely. I adore the gingham shirt, looks great with the red skirt. AND that belt is just too fabulous, love, love it!! Happy Friday hun. xx veronika

  6. You are like reverse Mary-Ann (I think she wore a red checkered shirt with navy bottoms)! I love it and I can totally see that shirt working for so many summer outfits! Not a bad way to spend a Jefferson (he's on the $2 bill)

  7. I love the gingham shirt. Mary-Ann was always my favorite.

  8. That outfit makes your legs look so long! Love it!

  9. Love the skirt and that cute little garden gnome! :-)

  10. Oh, I love this look! That shirt was a great buy. Have a great weekend!

  11. i loved mary ann too. you are rocking the mary ann look.

    and thanks a lot. now i have to go to the store to buy those ingredients for that drink. oohlala!

  12. This is so, so cute. Great look!

  13. i liked maryann more than ginger too! and this outfit is fantastic!

  14. I love that shirt! Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!

  15. cute look!

  16. i adore this outfit!!
    and those shoes are perfect. i was very close to buying them!

    much love from New York,