Tuesday, May 3, 2011

met ball: favorites

i love looking at pictures from the met costume institute gala. i mean, people are at their tip top best here, right? of course, there are a few misguided attempts at high fashion (cough, cough, madonna, cough), but for the most part, everyone looks stunning! here are a few of my favorites from last night.

michelle williams

eva mendes
brooklyn decker
ginnifer goodwin

and what would the best be without the worst?
leighton meester
christina ricci
kirsten dunst
the aforementioned madonna
my worst list was getting too long that i left a few out (naomi campbell for one). i don't want to be known as a negative nelly! i know it's costume, and some of these people took that idea to heart...so good for them!

how about you? who were your favorites? who were your least favorites? oh how i wish i could have been there!!
ps, has anyone ever watched the "put a bird on it" episode of portlandia? every time i see something beautiful with a  bird on it (i.e., michelle william's dress), i think of that skit. it's true, birds make everything cuter (pun maybe intended, arrogance unintended.)

megan bird


  1. I always love Michelle Williams' style. I think she's a fantastic actress too. As for Ginnifer Goodwin, she interests me because we look like we could be sisters. I often find myself cringing at her fashion choices, but not in a mean way, more like an I'm-embarrassed-for-my-sister sort of way. This green dress of hers isn't as awful as some of her other recent red carpet looks. I would do without the midriff-baring, though, if I were in her position. I really like her new short 'do.

  2. good picks- but Iman's would have been on my worst list, not best! ; )

  3. eva is my fave!! she always looks so good..

  4. Picked some goodies here! I thought Madonna finally looks great. It had been a while.

  5. Only Iman could pull off a bronze sequined jumpsuit. Kirsten Dunst is ALWAYS a hot mess. Fergie looks like Bridal Barbie.

  6. loving Eva Mendes and Ginnifer Goodwin's gowns. also Iman has that fabulous jumpsuit!


  7. I hadn't seen these but wow, does Fergie look like she's wearing a wedding dress or what!

  8. Michelle Williams makes me want a pixie cut again!
    My favs of the night were Diane Kruger in Jason Wu and Shalom Harlow in Marchesa (a touch more on the costume side). Sarah Jessica Parker wore my favorite Alexander McQueen of the night, which was appropriate since the party was in his memory/honor.
    My favorite high fashion couple of the night was Tom Brady and Gisele.
    I agree that Fergie was on the worst list for sure, along with Serena Williams.
    Fun post!